Duskin House Cleaning
Cleaning agents,
equipment & tools
uniquely developed by
Duskin will make a
Duskin will make a difference.
the launching
of ServiceMaster in
1971, we have provided
high-quality cleaning
service. We deliver
the cleanliness you
Our Professional
Heavy duty stains that only professional cleaners can remove.
Let the professional
cleaning service handle it!
t is
e cabine
Inside th ly cleaned
Proprie gent
Prior to cleaning, a protective plastic sheet will be placed.
Air-Conditioner Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Prior to cleaning, protective plastic sheet will be spread out to protect the surrounding wall or
floor. In addition to the filter cleaning, hard-to-reach mold/mildew and dust accumulated in the
air-conditioner will be removed with high pressure cleaning.
Heavy duty soil or stains will be removed by
cleaning agent best suited to the material.
Wall mounted type
width less than 120 cm
Standard price
First one
Two in together
Third one and
every additional one
One equipped with
filter self-cleaning device
(or other functions such as side fans)
12,960 yen
(tax included)
21,600 yen
(tax included)
10,800 yen
(tax included)
23,760 yen
(tax included)
antibacterial coating
The coating s effect will last for a year
because of proprietary antibacterial and
mold protective agent. *1 (results of Duskin survey)
Standard price
Standard price for optional service
Antibacterial coating
for a wall mount
6 tatami
mats size
Wool or
2,160 yen
*1 The length of effectiveness varies depending
*Service will be provided regardless of the
on whether the area is subject to heavy use.
air-conditioner’s manufacturer date and model.
(We may not be able to provide service to air-conditioner that does not work properly.)
15 tatami
mats size
20 tatami
mats size
(tax included)
*This amount will be added to the cleaning charge.
10 tatami
mats size
per tatami
mats size
8,262 yen+
(tax included)
13,725 yen+
(tax included)
19,423 yen+
(tax included)
25,168 yen+
(tax included)
2,566 yen+
(tax included)
* One time service charge starts from 10,800 yen (tax included)
The prices listed here may vary with franchisees.
See reverse side for more services.
Professional cleaning technique will clean everything, even various heavy duty stains.
Range Hood Cleaning
Kitchen Cleaning
Remove typical kitchen soils and stains, including burn,
grease and slimy stains, and make your kitchen
sparkling clean.
Standard price
One kitchen
17,280 yen (tax included)
Width: Under 3m
Thorough cleaning by dismantling the
parts of the range hood. Remove
persistent greasy dirt.
Standard price
One range hood
*This service does not include cleaning of inside the range hood.
(ventilation fan with range hood)
Included in this service: Storage surface, lighting above the sink (excluding ceiling area lighting), switch plate, cooking
equipment, grill drawer surface, counter top, faucet, sink (drain, garbage container), sink front (wall, inner window), range
hood surface, floor, base board.
Bathroom Cleaning
Cleaning up stains in
bathtub, on faucets,
and mold on the wall
and ceiling.
Lavatory Cleaning
Standard price
One bathroom
Under 4m2,
Height: Under 2.4m
(tax included)
Included in this service: Lighting equipment, surface of ventilating hole,
bathtub, bathtub cover, ceiling, wall surface, floor surface, window (inside
only), metals including faucets, door, mirror, drain, small items.
Standard price
Mold-prevention coating Under 4 m2
* This amount will be
added to cleaning charge. Additional m
4,320 yen (tax
2,160 yen (tax
Remove gray stains
in the washbasin and
dullness of mirror.
One machine
(tax included)
7,918 yen+ (tax included)
13,119 yen+ (tax included)
18,306 yen+ (tax included)
23,522 yen+ (tax included)
Single sofa
Triple sofa
Single sofa
Triple sofa
3,564 yen+ (tax included)
8,229 yen+ (tax included)
2,592 yen+ (tax included)
5,184 yen+ (tax included)
House-Wide Service
We offer comprehensive house cleaning service which
meets needs and satisfies budget-price of customers.
25,920 yen+
Standard price for condominiums
2LDK/3DK (60m2) 3LDK/4DK (80m2) 4LDK/5DK (100m2)
(tax included)
Windowpane, Sash & Wire Door Cleaning
Wash out stain including rain & sand dust stains to make your window and sash clean.
Under 0.5 - 1 m2
6 tatami
mats size
10 tatami
mats size
15 tatami
mats size
20 tatami
mats size
Included in this service: Kitchen, range hood (ventilation fan with range hood),
bathroom, lavatory, toilet, windowpane, sash, wire door, Dusting (ceiling, wall,
lightning), Vacuuming, Wiping (tatami mat, switch plate, door)
(tax included)
(tax included)
Wood or
vinyl floor
* The price is applicable to the medium level odor (level three in six-stage odor intensity method).
Under 0.5 - 1 m2
(tax included)
Standard price
(tax included)
Standard price
Wire door
Standard price
One toilet
Furniture Cleaning
Ozone removes unpleasant odor and sterilizes the room.
1,555 yen+
* This amount will be
added to cleaning charge.
Remove stain from cloth upholstery furniture using
proprietary cleaning agent.
Ozone Deodorization Sterilization Service
Pane & sash
Optional Soil-prevention coating
Standard price
*1 Specification of Sumitomo 3M product. To reject more than 90% of infrared light, heat rejection & UV blocking type (Nano
80S) is used for our service. The installation service is available from a minimum order of 2 square meters. *Depending on the
conditions of the window panes, cleaning may be necessary before installation. In such case, we will consult with you before the
installation service since a separate cleaning charge may be necessary. *There are cases where we cannot provide this service
because of the condition and materials of glass panes.
Standard price
(tax included)
Included in this service: Lighting equipment, surface of ventilation outlet,
windows (inside only), ceiling, wall, paper holder, surface of toilet tank and
faucet, toilet seat, toilet-bidet nozzle, toilet pot, base board, door.
Floor Cleaning
Window Film Installation Service
Room of cubic measurement:
30-60 m3 6 -12 tatami mat size
Standard price
One wash
Remove stain and wax to make sparkling clean.
Heat rejection and UV ray blocking type film rejects 99% of
ultraviolet and 90% of infra-red ray coming through the
window, while allowing the visible light in to keep the natural
brightness in your room. The heat reduction effect helps to save
energy costs.
per m2
(tax included)
Remove yellowish
Standard price
stains in toilet bowl
and urinary and finish One
Under 2m
(tax included)
with sanitizer.
* One time service charge starts from 10,800 yen (tax included) The prices listed here may vary with franchisees.
*When a dryer has to be removed for cleaning, an additional 2,268 yen (tax included) will be charged. *An additional 2,160 yen
(tax included) for cleaning a washing machine that is equipped with a dryer (dehumidifier type). *We may not be able to provide
service to certain type of washing machines with dryer drum.
Standard price
Under 4m2
* This amount will be
added to cleaning charge.
Mold/mildew inside of washing machine is thoroughly
removed by soaking the tub in detergent and using specifically
designed electric brush.
Standard price
Standard price
One lavatory
Optional Soil-prevention coating
(tax included)
Toilet Cleaning
Included in this service: Cabinet surface, wash stand lighting (excluding
ceiling area lighting), open cabinet, wash bowl, faucet, mirror, small items
including soap container, window (inside only), door, surface of washing
machine & dryer, floor, base board.
Full Automatic Washing Machine
Cleaning with Disinfectants
Heat rejection & UV ray
blocking type (Nano80S)
Width: Under 95cm
777 yen+
(tax included)
yen 109,080 yen
(tax included)
(tax included)
Standard price for detached houses
2LDK/3DK (70m2) 3LDK/4DK (90m2) 4LDK/5DK (110m2)
yen 110,160 yen 120,960 yen
(tax included)
(tax included)
(tax included)
*The price listed above is standard. Please contact us for detailed services and prices.
*One time service charge starts from 10,800 yen (tax included) The prices listed here may vary with franchisees.
Our price quotation is free. Please call us.
Duskin Franchise Chain
*8% consumption tax is included in the prices listed above. *The price listed here are standard charges.
The service price may differ due to models, materials or your requirements. The price quotation is provided
prior to the service. *There are some situation where a desired service is not available. *A parking space for our
service vehicle should be provided by customers. If it is not provided, we will use a nearby parking facility, and the
actual parking cost will be charged. *The consumption tax is included in the price listed above. *Please note that the
service details may be changed or that the service may be discontinued without advance notice.
We accept credit cards. Some franchisees do not accept
credit cards for certain services. Please contact us for detail.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
As stated in our agreement,
we promise to deliver quality services that
meet customer satisfaction.
Home Service Business Group
Duskin Co., Ltd.
1-33 Toyotsu-cho, Suita-shi,
Osaka 564-0051
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