Zefiro Control and Programmer

Infrared Remote Multi-zone
3. Definition of the programmes (Continued)
Control and Programmer
The ZoneMate remote control is made up of:
An infrared transmission device;
4 control buttons for power, selecting the various functions, and setting
STAND-BY: To turn the remote control off when it is not in use
and increase the autonomy of the batteries.
FUNCTION: To navigate through the various menus and make
the necessary settings.
MODIFY: To set the desired values.
A large multifunction display showing the various types of information;
CHRONO: The display shows the set time and day.
P1-P2: personalised programmes for automatic operation.
COMFORT: Comfortable temperature.
ECO: Energy saving temperature.
06:00 10:00
ANTIFREEZE: Temperature set at 7±3°C
The device is equipped with a wall bracket. The programming takes
place by means of the manual transmission of data and, therefore, it is
not necessary to install the device within the visible range of the
For installation, use the plugs and screws supplied. The holes in the
walls must have a 4 mm diameter and be at least 20 mm deep.
For rapid and simple programming of the device, we suggest following this
1. Setting the time/day
If you wish to set the time and day after having inserted the batteries, or
to modify the previously memorised information:
Press the
key until you are in the "CHRONO" mode, and the
symbol appears in the top left hand corner of the display;
Hold the key down for at least 3" until the "CHRONO" symbol and the
day of the week start to flash;
Use the
keys to define the day of the week (1 = Monday, 7 =
Sunday) and then press ;
Use the and keys to define the time (0-23) and then press ;
Use the and keys to define the minutes (00-59) and then press to
confirm and end the setting process.
The Zefiro remote control allows the user to define, hour by hour, what
room temperature is desired, choosing from 2 values: "COMFORT" and
The values of the “COMFORT” and “ECO” temperatures cannot be
personalised in relation to the chosen programme, the day or the time,
but have a single value. Any variation to them will be indifferently
applied to all programmes, days and hours in which they are used.
To set the two temperature values:
Press the key until you access the "COMFORT" or "ECO" modes and
the corresponding symbol is shown at the top of the display;
Use the
keys to define the desired temperature. The flashing
thermometer icon indicates that the setting is in progress;
Prolonged pressure on the and keys makes it possible to rapidly go
through the values;
After 5” of inactivity the display automatically returns to showing the
“CHRONO” mode.
3. Definition of the programmes
After having set the time, the day and the two reference temperatures, it
is possible to move on to the daily programming.
The device is supplied with 2 preset programmes defined in the
following manner:
06:00 08:00
12:00 14:00
At the end of the definition of the 24 hours of the day, or even in an
intermediate phase if the hours that remain to be defined are already
correctly set, by pressing
you automatically move on to setting the
programme for the following day which, as a preset value, has the
same programme as the day you have just finished setting.
Please note: The programming process starts from the first day of the
week, and for it to be correctly set it is necessary to define all 7 days
of the week.
Warning: As a cautionary measure, the “Off” status does not mean
that the product is entirely off, but that the antifreeze function has been
activated. The display will show the corresponding programme (P1 or
P2) and the corresponding symbol "".
During normal operation, when displaying programmes P1 or P2, the
symbols "COMFORT" or "ECO" are shown on the display in relation to
the setting of the temperature set for the current time. The time, on the
other hand, is shown by means of a flashing rectangular bar at the
bottom of the display.
4. Data transmission and use of the product
2. Adjusting the temperature
= "COMFORT" temperature = "ECO" temperature
The two programmes (P1 and P2), which remain memorised even if
the two batteries go flat, are independent of each other and can be
used, for example, for different areas (living area and sleeping area) or
for different periods (such as autumn and winter). In any case only one
of the 2 programmes can be sent to the apparatus.
To carry out the programming, proceed as follows:
Press the
key until you access P1 or P2 mode, and the
corresponding symbol appears at the top of the display;
Hold the
key down to enter the programme display mode. The
symbol flashes and with the
and keys it is possible to display the
various days so as to check the set programme. To exit the display
mode without modifying the programme press : the
symbol stops
If the programming of one or more days is not satisfactory, do not use
the key, rather hold the
key down until the indicator of the day of
the week starts to flash;
Starting from Monday and the “off” condition for all 24 hours of the
day, it is possible to modify the programme: For each time you press
the key, an hour of operation at the “COMFORT” temperature is set,
while for each time you press the
key, an hour of operation at the
"ECO" temperature is set.
If, for example, you wish to set the “ECO” temperature from 00:00 to
06:00 and from 10:00 to 17:00, and the "COMFORT" temperature from
06:00 to 10:00 and from 17:00 to 24:00, you must proceed as follows:
After having set the time, the day, the temperatures and the desired
operative programme, the remote control is ready for the transmission
of data to the product.
Press the
key to display the "CHRONO" mode or the programme
(P1 or P2) that you wish to send;
Aim the infrared transmitter on the remote control towards the receiver
on the product (located near the operative LED).
Hold the
key down for at least 3" until the data transmission symbol
appears on the display and the product operation LED flashes five
consecutive times.
It is possible to modify the time and day and transmit them to the
product as described at any time.
To modify only the operative temperatures follow what is indicated in
paragraph 2 and then retransmit the desired programme (P1 or P2).
Warning: In the case of a power failure lasting at least 3 consecutive
hours, when the product comes on again you will notice the operative
LED flashing yellow. If you wish to continue to use the remote control
it is necessary to transmit the data to the product again, for both the
current time and day and for the programme (P1 or P2). If the user
does not intervene, the LED will continue to flash and the product will
operate in ECO mode (at a temperature of 3.5° less than the
temperature set on the thermostat).
Note: In the case of a power failure (> 3h) with the mode selector of
the product not set for the remote programming, when the mode
selector is moved to the "PROG" position the operative yellow LED
stops flashing but time, day and program (P1-P2) information should
in any case be resent to the apparatus.
Note: the operative yellow LED flashes if time/day information are
missing. Always remember to transmit programme (P1-P2) even if
previous time/day transmission stops the flashing warning.
Infrared Remote Multi-zone
For use with PLANO & DEKO
Radiant Heaters with advanced Opti Power
Control and Programmer
5. Using the pilot wire
Using the remote control excludes use of the pilot wire. When the
product is purchased it is preset for operation in "PROG" mode,
using the pilot wire, according to the logics illustrated in the
instruction manual for the apparatus.
When the remote control is used for the first time the product is set
to ignore any signal applied using the pilot wire. If you wish to stop
using the remote control, in order to use the pilot wire again, it is
necessary to:
Set the mode selector of the product to the "PROG" function;
Turn the apparatus off using the general switch for at least 3 hours
so that the internal autonomy runs out and the entire system is
reset to the factory settings;
Turn the product on again and make sure that the operative LED is
flashing yellow;
Move the product mode switch to a different position and then
return to the "PROG" mode;
Check that the operative LED has stopped flashing; the product will
start to operate on the basis of the signal applied by the pilot wire
and the setting on the thermostat.
6. Miscellaneous
After having programmed all the devices it is possible to put the
remote control on stand-by so as to reduce the battery
consumption to a minimum and increase the autonomy. After
having pressed the key for 3”, all that will be left on the display is
a small flashing dot. Press the
key again to reactivate the
remote control.
By pressing the
keys simultaneously for at least 3” it is
possible to lock the keypad in order to avoid undesired
modifications to the settings.
If the batteries go flat the device shows the message “batt” on the
Do not use rechargeable batteries: performance levels and
autonomy are not guaranteed.
Conservation of the environment and recycling:
In order to prevent damage to your system during transport, it
has been carefully packed. To contribute to the conservation
of our environment, please dispose of the material used for
packaging in an appropriate manner.
Disposal of used apparatus
Apparatus bearing the mark shown here must not be disposed of
together with urban refuse, but must be collected and disposed of
separately. The disposal of used apparatus must be carried out in a
professional manner, in compliance with current local laws and
regulations on the matter.
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Power Supply
Dimensions (H x L x W)
Operative temperature
Storage temperature
Transmission distance
2 alkali batteries
1.5V type LR03 (AAA)
101 x 68 x 32 mm
0°C +50°C
-20°C +60°C
Max 8 m
radiator has a built-in receiver for easy and immediate connection to
ZoneMate, which requires no additional wiring.
Unit 18 Napier Place, Stephenson Way, Thetford, Norfolk IP24 3RL
 = ECO
00:00 03:00 06:00 09:00 12:00 15:00 18:00 21:00 24:00
00:00 03:00 06:00 09:00 12:00 15:00 18:00 21:00 24:00
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