Crimping Tool HPH400 SE
Crimping Tool
Extremely short cycle times, high safety standards,
Proven indent crimp without
electronically adjustable return stroke limitation and
changing dies
continuous crimping without changing dies make the
Electronically adjustable return stroke
HPH400 SE the ideal production tool.
limitation (close up)
Cross section range from 16–400 mm2
The system developed by Novopress enables the
Suitable for virtually all makes of cable
crimping of different cross sections in any order with
lug and connector sleeves
consistent quality. This means continual operational
No additional costs for crimping dies
readiness and safety while saving time. The HPH400 SE
No incorrect crimping due to
is suitable for various makes of cable lug and cross
operator error
sections (copper or aluminium). The smart automatic
Indent crimp type-tested in accordance
compression prevents incorrect crimping due to operator
error. The impression depth is controlled automatically
ensuring an optimal crimping connection.
The HPH400 SE complies with the EU safety requirements for stationary operation with a foot pedal.
with IEC 61238-1
Crimping Tool HPH400 SE
Technical Data
Nominal force
110 kN
Operating pressure max.
700 bar
360 mm (excl. table mount)
200 mm (excl. table mount)
108 mm (excl. table mount)
Net weight
4.0 kg
Crimping range
16 to 400 mm²
(max. insert diameter 42 mm)
Operating temp. range
-10 °C to +50 °C
Sound power level max.
86.5 db(A)
Sound pressure level at
operator’s ear
75.5 db(A)
The new HPH400 SE complies
with the EU requirements for
stationary operation.
We reserve the right to make technical modifications.
Crimping Tool HPH400 SE
Return stroke
adjustment for
fast cycles
Continuous indent
crimping, type-tested
in accordance with
IEC 61238-1
Crimping Tool HPH400 SE
The HPH400 SE hydraulic crimping tool is intended for use
with the Novopress HA11 S high pressure unit, product
number 47465-50.
This compact 700 bar unit provides a certain output
capacity and enables the use of the time-saving return
stroke limitation.
The adjustable return stroke limitation reduces
the cycle time for large quantities of the same
crimping operation.
We reserve the right to make technical modifications.
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The feet on the HPH400 SE ensure secure
positioning when table mounted.
For ergonomic working, the working height
and working position can be adjusted and
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