• for SENSEO® coffee machines
• 4 descaling cycles
• reduces limescale
• Extra Value pack
Sensational freshly brewed coffee!
Descaler for all SENSEO® coffee machines
SENSEO® Descaler HD7012/00 removes limescale from your SENSEO® coffee
machine so that you can fully enjoy the fresh taste of SENSEO® coffee. Regular descaling
prolongs the life of your SENSEO® coffee machine.
Quick and easy decalcification
• The best formula for easy decalcification
Longer lifetime
• 4 descaling procedures
• Specially developed for SENSEO®
• Descaler for all SENSEO® machines
for SENSEO® coffee machines 4 descaling cycles, reduces limescale, Extra Value pack
Technical specifications
• Ingredients: 100% citric acid
• Applications: 4 descaling cycles
• Contents: 8 sachets, each 50g
Weight and dimensions
• Weight of product: 0.4 kg
• Dimensions of product (WxDxH): 100 x 80 x
150 mm
Country of origin
• Made in: Netherlands
Issue date 2017-03-22
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