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Philips Food Processor
750 W Motor for Powerful Processing
This Philips Food Processor offers a powerful motor with 2 speeds and pulse, providing power and
control to prepare all your favourite recipes.
PowerChop Technology for Superior Chopping Performance
PowerChop technology is a combination of blade shape, cutting angle and inner bowl that provides a
superior chopping result for both soft and hard ingredients. It is also perfect for making purées and mixing
your cake batters!
Accessories to Easily Perform 28+ Functions
The dishwasher safe accessories are a kneading tool to mix and knead batter and dough. A stainless steel
chopping knife to prepare meat and vegetables. Various disc inserts to handle shredding and grating.
Break resistant blender of 1-l for blending, crushing and stirring different ingredients. An emulsifying
disc to prepare food such as whipped cream and mayonnaise. A chopper mill to grind coffee beans for
Up to 5 Portions In One Go
The generous 2.1-l bowl (1.5-l working capacity) enables you to blend up to 5 portions of soup in one go.
Break Resistant Jar
1.75-l (1 l working capacity) break resistant jar makes up to 5 smoothie portions.
Colour-coded Accessory and Speed Combinations
Match the colour of the speed with the colour of the accessory for optimised results.
Form-Fitting Couplings and Tools for Easy Assembly
This Philips food processor is designed to be very easy to assemble. Its parts simply click together thanks
to the clever form fitting design of the accessories.
Disc Inserts to Slice, Shred and Granulate
Simply select the right disc insert (slicing, shredding, granulating) to prepare your favourite food and
click it on the disc holder.
Sturdy Base Stands Stable, Even During Kneading
Sturdy base stands stable, even during kneading
2 Speed Settings and Pulse For Maximum Control
For best results, use the low speed setting (speed 1) to whip cream, beat eggs, create pastries and bread
dough. The higher speed setting (speed 2) is well suited to chop onions and meats, blend soups and
smoothies or shred, slice, grate or rasp vegetables.
Dishwasher-Safe Accessories
Technical Specifications
Blender Jar
Disc insert: granulating
Disc insert: shredding(coarse)
Disc insert: shredding(fine)
Disc insert: slicing(coarse)
Disc insert: slicing(fine)
Emulsifying disc
Grinder mill
Kneading tool
Stainless steel S-blade
Technical specifications
750 W
220-240 V
50–60 Hz
Lid and bowl detection, mechanical 1.5 sec brake
Design specifications
Oyster metallic
General specifications
2+ pulse
Cord length
1 m
Product size (LxWxH)
210x210x368 mm
Blender jar size
1.75 L
Blender jar working capacity
1.0 L
Bowl capacity
2.1 l
Bowl max working capacity
1.5L (dry/liquid)
Bowl max working capacity.
500g (Flour)
Grinder mill capacity
250 ml
RPM-Blender&Grinder Mill(max)
Up to 21000 rpm
RPM-Blender&Grinder Mill(min)
Up to 16500 rpm
Up to 1900 rpm
Up to 1500 rpm
€119.99 €99.99 exclusive online price
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