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(SIJII'I'IlIUlANIlAN IlIlSt:lJIl VIlIIlf:l.ll I)
Howe and Howe Technologies, Inc.
661 Main st. Waterboro, ME 04087
PHONE: (207) 247-2777 FAX: (207) 247-2755
NRV-I /SRV-I or Nuclear Response Vehicle \ /Subterranean Rescue Vehicle I is the world's
first mid-size UGV designed specifically to operate in extreme subterranean environments
and other hazardous situations. Extremely modular in design, NRV-\/SRV-I can be
modified to carryout many different jobs where the environment may be deemed too
hazardous for direct human contact. At only 32 inches wide and possessing a draw bar
pulling capacity of 1,300Ibs, SRV-I is capable of not only fitting into tight places but also
pulling a downed human to safety. Whether it is in a mine shaft or a Nuclear power plant or
on the battle Field, NRV-I/SRV-I can be set up to include; Fire Suppression System,
Robotic Arm, PTZ Flir vision system, HD Optics, and even an RWS. Howe and Howe
Technologies, Inc: world leaders in robotic development, spent thousands of hours on
NRV-I/SRV-I's modularity design to ensure its extreme capability in all environments with
a wide range of applications. In short, NRV-I/SRV-I is a simple very powerful robotic
platform developed to offer its users many different configurations for a multitude of tasks.
NRV-I/SRV-I is the world's most robust mid-size robot with the capability to get the job
done safely and save countless lives.
NRV -l/SRV -1 Specifications:
65" (Length) x 34" (W;dtll) x 30" (He;ght)
Weight: 1056.2
Vehicle Characteristics/Capabilities:
Max Speed: 6- 12 mph (set to Customers request)
Clearance: 6"
Ground Pressure: 1.5 psi
=-- -
Length of Track Ground Contact: 42"
Side Slope : 45 degrees
Forward Slope: 50 degrees
Vertical wal l: 12"
Stairs: Yes
Draw Bar Pull: 1,3001bs
Fuel: Di esel
Power plant: IOhp air cooled Diesel
Zero Tum : Yes
Water forwarding: 2 feet
Extreme Environment Waler Proofin g: Yes
NRV-IISRV -I Modes of Operation:
1- Pe lican Brief Style Control Console with
integrated PS 2 Remote for Vehicle Movement
and Robotic Aml Manipulation.
1- Encrypted Spread Spcctmrn High Powered
RtF Contro l Radio System
1- Fiber Optic Control System and up to 5 miles
of Extreme En vironment Fiber Optics Cable.
NRV-IISRV-I Applications:
- Nuclear Power Pl an ts
- Eanh Quakes
- Tsunami s
- Hurricane
- Force Protection and Surveillance
- Man-Made and Natuml Disasters
- Airports
-Industrial Factories
- Poli ce SWAT
- Fire and Rescue
NRV-l/SRV-l Optional Attachments:
- Closed Loop High Torque Robotic Arm
- Environmental Sensing Equipment
- Ansul Fire Suppress ion System
- Remote Weapons Station
- FUR PTZ Camera
- High Water Forwarding Snorkel
- HDOptic
- Fiber Optics Reel
- Radiological Sensing Equipment
- High Powered RF Radios
Closed Loop High Torque Robotic Ann
Remote Weapons Station
FLJ R PTZ Camera
An sul Fi re Suppression System
NRv-I /SRV-1 Control Box
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