Defining the Evolution
The Aurora Platform
Solutions for Headends and Hubs
Chassis Excellence Realized Innovative Future-Proof Chassis
Supports up to 16 full-depth or 32 half-depth modules
in a 13” deep 3RU chassis
All slots are identical to support any configuration
Passive mid-plane design for front or rear module
insertion with complete inter-module communication
and power for easier deployment, monitoring and servicing
Accepts both active and passive modules in the same chassis to increase functional density
Rugged Power Supplies with Integrated Chassis Monitoring
Single or fully redundant, load-sharing, dual hot-swappable power supplies
support 110/220 VAC or -48 VDC operation
Up to 250 watts of power per power module
Easy setup, monitoring, and control of active chassis modules using the power supply front panel display, or a local PC connected to the front panel RS232 craft port, or remotely monitor and control via an Ethernet network with the CX3002 Communications Module
Immediate detection of active module alarms without polling or traps
Intelligent Network Management Modules
CX3002 Communications Modules
Integrated software for remote monitoring and management of active modules
in the chassis, nodes and network, including CX3002 support for Web browser GUI.
One module per chassis and up to eight modules concatenated in a daisy-chain
“Zero-slot” module that slides into the rear of a power supply for increased
rack module capacity
NI3030 Network Interface Module
Locally or remotely monitor and manage every active device in Aurora’s fiber network
Fast Ethernet model that enables termination of up to 16 ports per module and
multiplexing of local traffic into a 2.125 Gbps optical transport port using industry
standard SFPs
Flexible, Powerful, Reliable
Revolutionary, Patented Backplate System
Active modules mate with associated backplate to ensure a fast, tool-less interconnection (optical, RF and power)
Backplates are easily pre-cabled to simplify installation
Modules are hot-swapable without disconnecting cables or fibers
Highly Reliable, Integrated Mux/Demux Backplates
Enables multiplexing of multiple DWDM transmitters, transponders, and forward receivers
“Zero-slot” design allows mux and demux backplates to share chassis slots occupied
by transmitters and receivers
Eliminates up to 80% of patch cord requirements
Enables hot-swapping of transmitters, transponders and forward receivers without
disconnecting and reconnecting cables
Available in groups of four channels and can be cascaded for up to 40 total channels
Broad Line of Active and Passive Modules
Over 200 transmitter models for 1550 nm broadcast (BC), DWDM narrowcast (NC), Full Spectrum, 1310 nm and the industry’s first multi-wavelength O-band transmitters
High performance optical amplifiers (EDFAs) in single or dual amplifiers per-module configurations, including models featuring gain flattening
Optical switches with fast switching speeds that support voice applications
Legacy systems supported by analog return receivers
Digital return transmitters and receivers for headend consolidation
Ethernet transport switches, data aggregators and network interface modules
Industry’s largest selection of optical passives: couplers, splitters, filters and
Aurora’s Chassis System Value
5400 Betsy Ross Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Voice: +1-408-235-7000
Fax: +1-408-845-9043
Aurora Networks offers the leading scalable, reliable, and highest capacity-per-fiber optical transport system
on the market today. Multiple patents have been awarded for our revolutionary chassis, backplates, and
combiners. Armed with these advantages, Aurora consistently supplies creative, cost-effective design
solutions that provide higher capacity per subscriber and greater flexibility while using significantly fewer
components (increasing reliability and lowering OpEx) than competing solutions.
Solutions and Applications
Aurora’s Chassis System is the most robust, highly flexible, and powerful platform for implementing all of
today’s optical transport architectures, and the future-proof chassis system can be quickly reconfigured to
support service expansion or topology redeployment.
Customers have selected and deployed the Aurora Chassis System for numerous applications:
Traditional HFC
RFoG/Fiber to the Premises
Fiber Deep
VOD Transport
Headend Consolidation
Business Services Over Native Ethernet
Node Segmentation
Virtual Hub Solutions
Powerful, User-Friendly Network Management Software
All active modules in Aurora’s chassis and nodes may be monitored and managed with Aurora’s Opti-Trace™
software applications or any standard SNMP-compliant management package.
Manage the active modules in your network locally or remotely
Diagnose and localize ingress
Balance RF and optical levels, and test redundant optical paths
Review past module performance and localize fault conditions
E-mail alarm events
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