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CP315 dw / CM315 z
A4 Colour Printers
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DocuPrint CP315 dw / CM315 z
A4 Colour Printers
Made for the Cloud
Introducing the next generation printing products from Fuji Xerox
– stylish design meets high performance, delivering amazing print
quality with a host of advanced features such as cloud services
gateway and mobile connectivity.
Made for the Cloud
Cloud Service Hub –
print from, scan to; your cloud service
Introducing Cloud Service Hub from Fuji Xerox. Now you have
the power to print various types of file formats, such as Microsoft
Office, stored in your linked cloud services, or send scanned data
to the cloud – simply and securely.
Cloud Service Hub gives you:
Single Sign-On Access. Cloud Service Hub gives you Single
Sign-On access to all your linked cloud services.
Cross-searching. Allows you to easily search for a file across all
your linked cloud services.
Driverless Printing. Cloud Service Hub will convert your files,
such as MS Office, without the need to install drivers for hasle-free
Cloud Service Hub
with listed
Cloud Services
File Search
Note: The DocuPrint CP315 dw and CM315 z are shipped with 6 months promotional Cloud Service Hub (CSH), 1 user license for access to listed cloud services (Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive).
CSH online registration starts from 1 December 2016 and ends on 31 March 2018. CSH is available for DocuPrint CP315 dw via the Fuji Xerox Print Utility. The Fuji Xerox Print Utility can be downloaded
from the App Store or Google Play™. *Scanning to CSH only available with the DocuPrint CM315 z
DocuPrint CP315 dw
DocuPrint CM315 z
Up to 28 pages per minute printing
Standard paper capacity – 300 sheets
Automatic 2-sided printing
Print resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi
Memory Capacity 512MB
Network ready, Wireless Network, USB 2.0
Fast processing speed with ARM Core 733MHz
Same print features as CP315 dw plus
Copy, Scan Fax function
Memory Capacity 1GB
ID Card copy feature
4.3” colour touch panel
Scan to FTP / Email / SMB / USB storage device
Embedded Fax (33.6Kbps) and PC DirectFAX
Keep a step ahead
Powerful and clever features that will increase
productivity to keep you ahead of the game.
Print Fast. Don’t wait
However demanding your professional printing needs, the
DocuPrint CP315 dw / CM315 z delivers great results – fast.
Save time by printing even complex documents at speeds of up to
28 pages per minute helping you to work faster, be more flexible
and more productive.
Save time with customisable 4.3” touch panel
Simplify your work processes with the innovative 4.3” colour
touch screen display on the DocuPrint CM315 z.
It features bright, colourful icons and intuitive ‘click-drag’
navigation for optimal ease-of-use. Organise your most commonly
used functions so they are easy to access.
Make your daily work processes a breeze by creating your own
custom ‘app’, which allows you to convert complex processes into
a simplified command you can access with a click of a button,
giving you quick access to frequently used and complex functions.
The built-in USB port makes walk-up functionality simple, allowing
you to print and scan to and from a USB memory stick without the
need of a PC.
Mobility for Business
Connect your way. Latest generation
technology allows your business more ways to
share documents than ever before.
AirPrint and Google Cloud Print ready
AirPrint™ and Google Cloud Print™ enables you to print directly from your
mobile device without the need to download mobile apps or to install
print drivers. Perfect for people on the move.
Mopria™ Alliance Certification
The DocuPrint CP315 dw / CM315 z are Mopria Alliance certified,
making it possible for Android users to easily print documents using their
smartphone and tablet devices. Mopria Print Service can be downloaded
for free from Google Play™ Store (Android™ 4.4 or later).
NFC Enabled
Wi-Fi Direct
The DocuPrint CP315 dw / CM315 z offers built-in Near
Field Communication (NFC) technology. With your NFC
enabled devices, you just tap to install, print or scan.*
The DocuPrint CP315 dw / CM315 z are Wi-Fi Direct
enabled allowing devices to connect and print easily
without requiring a wireless access point.
Make an impression
Class-leading technology delivers amazing print
quality in a stylish compact design.
New CCSLED Technology with IReCT
Newly developed CCSLED (Current Confinement Self-Scanning
Light Emitting Device) & STYLS (Set-Type ThYristor Logic SLED)
technology allows high-resolution output at 1200 x 2400 dpi
quality, whilst achieving compactness and power-saving benefits.
Lower running costs
and emissions
Clever technology helping to reduce running
costs and it’s footprint on the environment
High yield, lower costs
High-yield toner cartridges allow longer periods of uninterrupted
productivity, reducing your total cost of operation.
Save with Super EA-ECO Toner
600 x 600 dp i
Jagged line
Conventional technology
Primary scanning direction
SLED technology
Smooth line
scanning direction
1,200 x 2,400 dpi
IReCT (Image Registration Control Technology) ensures each
printed colour is corrected by digitally processed 2400 dpi
high-resolution data, ensuring improved registration accuracy
and ultra-precision image reproduction.
The newly developed Super EA-Eco Toner applies a new
polyester resin that dramatically effects the viscosity of the toner
with changes in temperature. This enables Super EA-Eco Toner to
achieve 10-15ºC lower fusing temperature than standard toner,
reducing power consumption by up to 20%, and reducing CO2
emissions by up to 35%. That means bigger savings for you and
a greener planet for us all.
Certified energy efficient
The DocuPrint CP315 dw / CM315 z carry the international
Energy Star label. Energy Star is a voluntary labelling program
designed to identify and promote energy efficient products
that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Drum unit
LED print head
Colour misregistration sensor
Gradation control in secondary scanning direction enables smoother
reproduction of black lines and character outlines. This feature is especially
effective on the lines in low angles. The result is smoother, sharper image
Manage your print costs
Control and manage colour usage
with Auditron
Registered User A
Can print up to
10,000 pages in
Registered User B
Can print up to
10,000 pages in
colour and
With Auditron, you can define user usage limits for colour printing.
This makes it easier to track, analyse and manage print expenses.
Only monochrome
printing is possible for
non registered users
Normal User D
Reference account
report for each
registered user
Administrator C
Secure printing made easy
Powerful security features makes the DocuPrint
CP315 dw / CM315 z perfect additions to any
multi-user environment
Secure communication
For users in today’s business environment, security is paramount.
The DocuPrint CP315 dw / CM315 z is equipped with advanced
technology designed to safeguard your business critical data against
potential attack from multiple points of access.
Confidential printing
Advanced security features, such as Secure Print, allows you to set a
password on your print job which means that the data is encrypted
for transmission and is hidden from prying eyes by only printing when
a password is entered on the control panel. Perfect for workgroup
environments, this means that your confidential documents won’t end
up in the wrong hands.
Built-in security features such as IPV6, IPsec, Secure HTTPs (SSL)
and SNMPV3 delivers required security to keep your confidential
data safe.
Real document security is easy with SecurePrint
Print your document using
the Secure Print option
and define a password
Select the document from
the Secure Print menu
Enter your password to
print your document
The document is released
from the Secure Print queue
Flexible options to
suit your needs
The DocuPrint CP315 dw / CM315 z
gives you flexible options to suit your
work environment
4.3" Colour Touch Panel* with easy to use
Direct USB Scan*
Duplex Automatic Document Feeder *
Easy to change toner
50-sheet bypass tray
250-sheet standard feeder
Optional 550-sheet feeder
Optional cabinet
The optional cabinet frees up table space and
provides extra storage for consumables
External standard Wi-Fi Dongle
*Available on the CM315 z
Your document is
printed securely
Scan Function
Print Speed
Duplex Print Speed
Print Resolution
(ISO 17629)
Warm-up time
Maximum Duty Cycle
Memory (Standard)
Duplex Automatic
Document Feeder
Two-sided printing,
copying, scanning
Supported OS
DocuPrint CP315 dw
DocuPrint CM315 z
Up to 28 ppm (A4), Up to 30 ppm (Letter) monochrome and colour
Up to 18 ppm (A4), Up to 19 ppm (Letter) monochrome and colour
1200 x 2400 dpi (Fuji Xerox Imaging Technology)
Less than 9.2 seconds for colour
Less than 8.2 seconds for monochrome
Within 20 seconds
Within 38 seconds
52,000 pages/month
ARM Core 733MHz
PCL6, PCL5e, Postscript® 3 Compatible
50 sheets
Ethernet (standard): TCP/IP (IPv4/IPv6, LPD, IPP, IPPS, SMB, Port9100, WSD*,
Bonjour (mDNS), LDAP, LDAPS, Kerberos, DNS, DDNS, SNTP, FTP
IEEE 802.11b/802.11g/802.11n * WSD stands for Web Services on Devices.
Ethernet (1000BASE-T/100BASE-TX/10BASE-T), USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed),
Wireless (IEE802.11b/802.11g/802.11n)
PCL6 Driver: Windows® 10 (32bit), Windows® 10 (64bit), Windows® 8.1
(32bit), Windows® 8.1 (64bit), Windows® 7 (32bit), Windows® 7 (64bit), Windows Vista® (32bit), Windows Vista® (64bit), Windows Server® 2012 R2 (64bit),
Windows Server® 2012 (64bit), Windows Server® 2008 R2 (64bit), Windows
Server® 2008 (32bit), Windows Server® 2008 (64bit), Citrix XenApp 7.6
Postscript® 3 Compatible: Windows® 10 (32bit), Windows® 10 (64bit),
Windows® 8.1 (32bit), Windows® 8.1 (64bit), Windows® 8 (32bit), Windows®
8 (64bit), Windows® 7 (32bit), Windows® 7 (64bit), Windows Vista® (32bit),
Windows Vista® (64bit), Windows Server® 2012 R2 (64bit), Windows Server®
2012 (64bit), Windows Server® 2008 R2 (64bit), Windows Server® 2008 (32bit),
Windows Server® 2008 (64bit), OS X 10.11 El Capitan, OS X 10.10 Yosemite, OS X
10.9 Mavericks, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Citrix XenApp 7.6
Linux PDF driver provided, supported OS as follows: Redhat Enterprise Linux 7
Desktop, Redhat Enterprise Linux 6 Desktop, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 12, SUSE
Linux Enterprise Desktop 11, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
A4/B5/A5/A6, Letter/Legal/Folio/Executive/COM10,
Monarch, DL, C5, 十六開(Taiwan)
、十六開(PRC), Postcard(4x6), Postcard(5x7),
Custom Size (Width 76.2 to 215.9mm, Length: 148 to 355.6mm)
Width: 76.2 to 215.9mm (3” to 8.5”)
Length: 127 to 355.6mm (5” to 14”)
Width: 76.2 to 215.9mm (3” to 8.5”)
Length: 190.5 to 355.6mm (7.5” to 14”)
Standard Tray
Input Paper Size*
550-sheet Feeder
Input Paper Weight
(All trays)
60 to 220gsm
Bypass Tray: 50 Sheets; Standard Feeder: 250 sheets;
Optional Feeder: 550 sheets; Maximum: 850 Sheets
150 sheets face-down
420 x 480 x 347 mm
420 x 503 x 500 mm
Media Input Capacity
Media Output Capacity
Dimensions (WxDxH)
(without toner cartridges)
Power Support*
Power Consumption*
Noise Levels
110 to 127V ±10%; 50Hz ±3Hz, 60Hz ±3Hz
220 to 240V 0Hz ±10%; 50Hz ±3Hz, 60Hz ±3Hz
Max 1,320 w or less Max 1,210w or less]
Max 1,320w or less
Low 15 w or less
Low 15 w or less
Low 23w or less
Sleep 1.2w or less Sleep 1.2w or less
Sleep 1.5w or less
Standby: 4.30dB(A); During operation: 6.94dB(A)
Copy Function
DocuPrint CP315 dw
DocuPrint CM315 z
Continuous Copy
Speed (A4)
28 sheets (A4) Colour, Monochrome
Copy Resolution
up to 600 x 600 dpi
9.9 secs monochrome / 12.1 secs colour
Reduction / Enlargement
25% – 400%
Continuous Copy
Up to 99 pages
Copy Features
2-in-1 copy, ID card copy, 2 sided copy
DocuPrint CP315 dw
DocuPrint CM315 z
CIS 1path 2sided scan
Scan Speed
Monochrome: 33 ipm, Colour: 14ipm
(Simplex, A4 size,
Colour 200dpi, from ADF)
Maximum Scanning
Guarantee Area
Platen: 216mm x 297mm
ADF: 215.9mm x 356mm
Scan Optical Resolution
Up to 600 x 600 dpi
Scan Destinations
Scan to Email,
Scan to Network (FTP/SMB),
Scan to USB Memory
Scan to PC
DocuPrint CP315 dw
DocuPrint CM315 z
Fax Function
Memory Capacity
Fax Resolution
Up to 400 x 400 dpi
Transmission Mode
ITU-T Super G3/ G3 ECM/G3
Address book
Transmit: PC DirectFAX,
Broadcast, Delay/Schedule, Forward
Receive: Secure, Remote, Polling,
Fax Forward to email
Fax Features
DocuPrint CP315 dw
DocuPrint CM315 z
550-sheet feeder
Black Toner
(up to 3,000 pages)
DocuPrint CP315 dw
DocuPrint CM315 z
Cyan Toner
(up to 3,000 pages)
Magenta Toner
(up to 3,000 pages)
Yellow Toner
(up to 3,000 pages)
High-capacity Black
Toner (up to 6,000 pages)
High-capacity Cyan
Toner (up to 6,000 pages)
High-capacity Magenta
Toner (up to 6,000 pages)
High-capacity Yellow
Toner (up to 6,000 pages)
Drum Black
(up to 50,000 pages)
Drum Cyan
(up to 50,000 pages)
Drum Magenta
(up to 50,000 pages)
Drum Yellow
(up to 50,000 pages)
Waste Toner Cartridge
(up to 30,000 pages)
* Declared yield in accordance with ISO / IEC 19798 / 24712. Yield may vary depending on image, area, coverage and print mode
(job length, media size, media type and orientation). Printer is shipped with one set of starter toner cartridge with average yield of
3,000 pages and up to 50,000 pages for drum cartridges.
Other company names or product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of each company. ’Wi-Fi Direct’ is a mark [or a registered mark] of the Wi-Fi
Alliance, AirPrint and the AirPrint logo are trademarks of Apple Inc. Google Cloud Print is a trademark of Google Inc.
Reproduction Prohibitions Please note that reproduction of the following is prohibited by law:
maps, cinematographic works, drawings, photographic works, etc.) is not permitted unless the reproduction is for the purpose of personal use, family use
or other similar uses within a limited circle.
For Your Safety
Before using the product, read the Instruction Manual carefully
for proper use. Use the product with the power source and voltage
electronic shock may result in the case of a failure or short circuit.
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in Japan and/or other countries.
The information is as of July 2016. MARS5696
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