Hitachi Simple Modular Storage 100 Solution for Microsoft Windows

Hitachi Simple Modular Storage 100
Solution for Microsoft® Windows 2003 and
Windows 2008 iSCSI SAN Environments
Hitachi Simple Modular Storage 100 is a simple and reliable storage solution
for small and medium businesses (SMBs) that offers enterprise-class
features and data protection capabilities for Microsoft® Windows 2003
and Windows 2008 SAN attached servers.
Hitachi Simple Modular
Storage 100 — Enterprise-level
Benefits for SMBs
Feature Highlights
Storage area network (SAN) solutions offer
more common in higher priced and more
many advantages, including economic ben-
complex storage solutions, including:
efits of consolidated, self-managing storage,
more familiar IT infrastructure and excellent
integration with Microsoft Windows server
environments. With Hitachi Simple Modular
Storage 100, Hitachi Data Systems offers
an easy-to-deploy iSCSI SAN solution with
uncompromised reliability and performance
for Microsoft Windows environments.
Hitachi Simple Modular Storage 100 has
Storage 100 offers storage with no single
point of failure. In simple terms, this means
that multiple things can go wrong and business stays up and running. If one controller
is unavailable, all data volumes are still
available via a second controller. And what
happens if a drive fails? No problem. Simple
Modular Storage makes use of RAID-6
smaller organizations enterprise-class
technology for nondisruptive operation. In a
storage flexibility and reliability without
RAID-6 configuration, any two drives can fail
the costs and complexity associated with
at the same time — a highly unlikely event —
traditional SANs. This cost-effective platform
and you still have not lost data.
operation of the storage system is largely
hands off. Simple Modular Storage 100 is
designed to run for years without disruption.
Organizations can spend valuable resources
on managing, securing and growing
business without the cost or complexity
associated with disparate storage systems
management on servers.
Hitachi Data Systems and its Hitachi
TrueNorth Channel Partners offer industry
leading technology to help organizations
of all sizes meet their unique requirements
for business continuity, regulatory compliance and data recovery. Together,
we provide cost-effective storage products and solutions that leverage world
renowned Hitachi global R&D resources
to deliver performance, availability and
scalability — supporting business
critical applications and strengthening
competitive advantage.
High Availability. Hitachi Simple Modular
Hitachi Simple Modular Storage 100 gives
can be installed in minutes. After setup,
Business Solutions
powerful, enterprise-class features that are
Leading Edge Performance. The active symmetrical controllers design, 2GB cache size
and SAS drive support unique features that
make this platform a workhorse for business
critical applications. Some of the demonstrated performance capabilities include:
Supports in excess of 1,000 average
Microsoft Exchange 2003 users (2,000
average users for Exchange 2007)
Outperforms the competition by 60 percent
with cache read in excess of 51,000 per
second (compared to Dell/EMC AX 150i)
Sustains 226MB/sec of sequential write
bandwidth with a dual controller system
compared to Network Appliance Store
Vault S500 80MB/sec throughput, which
yields a 275 percent improvement
Built-in Data Protection. Data protection
tasks are simplified with point-and-click,
graphical user interface (GUI)–based Hitachi
Copy-on-Write Snapshot and Hitachi
Hitachi Data Systems
ShadowImage® Replication software. Copyon-Write Snapshot software is included with
Business Benefits
Simple Modular Storage 100 (dual controller
models) to enable fast replication of volume
changes via point-in-time snapshots without
impacting host server performance.
Hitachi Simple Modular Storage 100 significantly reduces the burden of backup and
restore administration, making high-performance data protection a reality for SMBs
and remote site environments. In addition, the economical platform provides radically
For more complex copy/restore operations,
simplified installation and management, Microsoft Windows–friendly integration and
optional ShadowImage Replication software
ease of iSCSI-based SAN setup, which result in:
provides a nondisruptive way to create multiple
Maximized infrastructure investments through centralization of resources
Effective backup and restore operations with shorter backup windows
ing data RAID-protected and fully recoverable.
High availability for critical data
ShadowImage is fully integrated with Microsoft
Elimination of the need for dedicated storage staff
Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to provide
Economical management of significantly more data capacity
full volume disk-based copies of any volume
within Simple Modular Storage 100 while keep-
snapshot capability. There is no need to shut
down any Microsoft VSS compliant application
RAID-6 configurations allow any two drives to
such as Microsoft Exchange or SQL Server for
with a simple and secure automigration fea-
fail without losing data. The Storage Navigator
ture. Should you need additional capacity,
Modular 2 program will notify you that a drive
just install another Simple Modular Storage
has malfunctioned and direct you to contact
unit and attach it to the existing system. The
the support center, which will send a replace-
patented automigration feature automatically
ment. Once it arrives, just plug the new
copies data to the new unit.
either backup or restore. An off-host backup can
be enabled without impacting the host server
or traffic on the LAN leveraging the Microsoft
VSS technology integration. The backup host
can access the snapshot through the iSCSI
network to back up to tape. Other Microsoft
VSS compliant applications including Symantec
BackupExec can also leverage this feature.
disk into one of the two repair slots on the
device — no need to remove the faulty disk.
The system automatically rebuilds the RAID
group. Should you ever need to replace the
SAS or SATA II HDD Support. A Serial
Attached SCSI (SAS) interface helps improve
storage performance and enable continuous
access to disks, even if an internal link fails.
Hitachi Simple Data Recovery1 software is
entire unit, just install the new Simple Modular
also available, as an option, for asynchronous
Storage system in place, plug it in, point and
remote replication between Simple Modular
click the easy-to-use, automated copy soft-
Storage devices at separate locations using
ware, and data is copied from the old storage
an IP network. No other storage solution on
system to the new one.
the SMB market offers enterprise-class
Simple Upgrades1. Upgrading to higher
You won’t find this next generation of SCSI
capacity or performance is straightforward
technology in comparable products.
storage data protection features.
Simple Modular Storage supports 146GB
750GB SATA II or 1TB SATA II drives.
Any workload can be hosted economically.
Easy Setup and Quick Installation. Simple
Modular Storage 100 ships with easy-to-follow
instructions similar to the instructions that ship
with personal computers. It can be installed
in minutes. The easy-to-use Hitachi Storage
Navigator Modular 2 program, a wizard-based
tool, provides guidance through the initial setup
and configuration with an intuitive interface
for easy navigation and simplified storage
management. Storage Navigator Modular 2
software can be quickly installed on any server
running Microsoft Windows 2003 and other
operating systems and applications. No
storage expertise is required!
Simple Maintenance. Should a disk drive
ever fail, Simple Modular Storage 100 will
continue to operate as if nothing happened.
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