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Installation Guide
Speaker Ceiling Mount
MultMount-3RDX-18 provides a wide range of speaker aiming positions and
adapts to standard off-the-shelf schedule 40 ½” NPT threaded steel pipe. This
allows the speaker to be positioned as close or as far away from the ceiling as
desired. The speaker mount employs two standard mounting hole patterns,
the 2” x 4-1/4” and the 2-3/4” x 5”. The ceiling mounting plate adapts to most
overhead structures, including ceiling trusses, beams, Unistrut and other
structural components.
Note to installers
Due to the wide variety of wall structures, materials and mounting
methods, these instructions assume that the installing contractor will
exercise proper judgment in selecting the mounting area and hardware.
As a guide, the installation, when complete should be capable of
supporting 5 to 10 times the actual applied load. Also, always use a back
up safety system such as a safety cable.
To assure a trouble free installation, read through and follow these
instructions carefully before beginning. If you have doubts about
the integrity of the structure you are mounting to or you are not
sure about the proper hardware to use, consult a structural and/or
hardware specialist.
Be sure that all of the following items are included in this kit before proceeding:
1 pc Speaker Adapter Assembly
1 pc Instruction sheet
Note: Screws and washers to attach speaker to adapter plate are not included
Step 1: A ½ NPT pipe should already been installed from the ceiling before
proceeding to attach the MM-3RDX-18 (Figure 1).
Step 2: Attach MM-3RDX-18 to 1/2 NPT pipe, then lock with set screw
(Figure 1).
Figure 1
Figure 2
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Step 3: Secure speaker to the speaker adapter plate
Pull a sufficient length of signal wire and safety cable to reach the speaker’s
terminal block and safety cable anchor point. Align the speaker’s four
mounting points with the mount’s matching hole pattern. Use the speaker
manufacturer’s recommended fasteners; tighten fasteners permanently
through the mount and into the speaker cabinet (Figure 2).
Figure 3
Installation Guide
Speaker Ceiling Mount
Step 4: Setting the Tilt Angle
Loosen the 3/8” side hex bolts of the speaker adapter plate if it’s tightened.
Then aim the speaker at the desired tilt angle. Fully tighten the 3/8” side
hex bolts, (one is right hand and the other is a left hand thread). Tighten the
right hand threaded hex bolt clockwise and counter-clockwise for the left
hand threaded hex bolt (Figure 3). Do not release the weight of the speaker
until the side hex bolts have been fully tightened. To re-adjust the tilt angle,
loosen the side bolts, reset the tit angle then fully re-tighten the side bolts.
Do not attempt to change the tilt angle while the side bolts are
tightened down.
Step 5: Setting the Roll Angle
To adjust the roll angle, loosen the 1/2” and 3/8” hex head bolts. Swing the
speaker/lower mount assembly left or right to the desired angle. Then fully
tighten the 1/2” hex head bolt first, then the 3/8” hex head bolt (Figure 4).
Step 6: Connect signal wire to the speaker terminals and secure the safety
cable to the speaker (Figure 5).
Figure 4
Figure 5
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WARNING: Mounting and/or suspension loudspeakers requires experienced
professionals. Improperly installed loudspeakers can result in property
damage, personal injury and/or liability to the installing contractor.
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