Battery Powered Personal Neck Loop
Battery Powered Personal Neck Loop
The Crescendo 20/5 plus system is an easy to use amplifying system for use with a hearing aid. With one
simple volume control the user's volume can be easily varied without affecting others. An "in-built" microphone
makes the system ideal for general conversation where trailing wires can be a nuisance. A 3-position tone
control allows you to boost the high or low frequencies to suit your needs.
The neck loop is for use with hearing aids that have the "T" (Loop pickup) facility.
The Crescendo 20/5 plus is supplied ready to use with an alkaline battery and neck loop
Instructions for use
Switch the two position microphone switch on the side to <Int> to use the
"in-built" microphone.
Plug the neck loop into the socket marked <Phones>. Place the neck loop around your neck. Switch your
hearing aid to the "T" or "MT" position
Turn the Crescendo's volume control clockwise until the desired headset volume is reached. Remember to
switch off the amplifier when not in use by turning the knob fully anti-clockwise, when a "click" will be felt.
The amplifier is fitted with a 3 position switched Tone control on the side. In the <High> position the amplifier
will emphasise the higher frequency range and in the <Low> position the lower frequency range. In the <Norm>
position the high or low frequencies are not emphasised.
During use of the neck loop you may find that as you move your head the sound level goes up and down. This
is found with some hearing aids that have a very directional loop pickup. Wearing the neck loop "off the
shoulder or putting the neck loop on the back of the chair on which you are sitting may reduce this effect. If you
are using a body worn aid the best signal will be received when the plastic moulding is placed on or near the
aid itself.
Battery Changing
To change the battery in the amplifier, turn it over and whilst pressing down, slide the battery cover in the
direction of the arrow. The old battery can now be removed by turning the unit over and tapping gently. Unclip
the connector from the battery. Fit a new battery making sure that the wires are tucked out of the way. Slide the
battery cover into place. Battery type: Alkaline PP3, MN1604, or equivalent. We would suggest that batteries
are bought from a reputable shop with a reasonable turnover to ensure "fresh" stock. The Crescendo 20 plus
must be fitted with an alkaline battery.
Problems and Cures
No Sound
Neck loop in wrong socket – change round.
Battery exhausted - fit new battery
Microphone switch in wrong position – set to <Int>
to use the "in built' microphone.
Low or distorted sound
Battery almost exhausted -fit new battery.
Neck loop too close to neck - move
towards shoulders away from neck.
Buzz or squeal after short time
Battery almost exhausted, system will seem OK
when first switched on - fit new battery
Crackling or Sound goes on & off
Dirty plug - clean plug. Faulty leads – wiggle
lead by plug to find faulty lead, replace lead.
Tinny or muffled sound
Tone control in wrong position - switch to another position
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