Power Amplifier Solutions
Power Amplifier Solutions
High Power Amplifiers, Drivers and Power Amplifier Subsystems
API Technologies is a leading manufacturer of high performance RF and microwave GaN, GaAs, MESFET, E-pHEMT, LDMOS,
Class A, Class AB, Class C, broadband, hybrid, fully-modifiable power amplifier modules, drivers, and subsystems. API’s diverse
lineup of power amplifier solutions include broadband models covering DC to 26 GHz in a small, low profile package. Using
advanced semiconductor technologies for broader bandwidths, along with proprietary design techniques, our power
amplifiers deliver exceptional performance up to 1,000 watts and output power to 500 watts.
Working closely with leading edge semiconductor suppliers, API Technologies exploits the benefits of innovative
semiconductor technologies, paving the way toward increased power density and complexity while reducing the overall size
of the amplifier. This translates to power amplifier solutions that are both reliable and smaller, lighter, and more efficient.
Experts at Vertical Integration
Through commitment to technical innovation and
engineering, full product life-cycle involvement, and vertical
integration capabilities, our standard and custom-designed
high-reliability solutions are designed to address the most
complex needs of military and commercial customers.
Complex Designs. Small Footprint.
API engineers optimize package configurations to address
challenging thermal and environmental conditions, meeting
the end customer’s system level integration needs in the
smallest footprint possible.
Features & Core Competencies
RF Jamming
Broad Pulsed Power Capabilities
Built-in User Control Interfaces
High Input Protection Circuity
Thermal Temperature Compensating Circuits
Fault Monitoring
In-house Thin and Thick Film Fabrication
In-house Chip & Wire (Hybrid) Technology
SMT Manufacturing
Void Free Die Attach Process
Thermal Simulation
Built-in Monitoring
Linear & Non-linear Simulations
In-house SAW Fabrication
In-house Laser Sealing
Precision Machining
Unique packaging options: modules, pallets,
surface mount and drop-in
Power Amplifiers Reaching Next Levels of Integration
From Gain Blocks, Drivers and Single-Function Modules to Fully Integrated High Power Amplifier
Assemblies and Subsystems Designs
Multi-Function Power Amplifier Subsystems
Integrated LNA, Filtering, Switching Functions
Integrated Power Supplies & Cooling Features
Digital Control Capabilities
Rack Mount Sub-Assembly and Chassis Design
GaN-Based Solid State Power Amplifier Technology
Power Amplifier Modules
Broadband Jamming & EW Solutions
GaN Solid State Pulsed Power
TWT Amplifier Replacement
Radar & Communications Applications
Wireless & Co-Site Solutions
Power Amplifier Drivers & Gain Blocks
Multi-Stage Amplifier Solutions
Internal Voltage Regulation
Radar and Jammer Applications
Balanced Output Stage
Filtered Input
GaN-Based Standard Designs
Reduced Size & Weight
Improved Performance
Cost Savings
Integrating multiple RF and function
components in a single housing reduces
package housing size and weight while
optimizing heat transfer.
Improvements to overall system
performance across the block diagram
as the result of the optimization of
integrated components.
Reductions in overall material costs across
the supply chain and improvements
to accuracy and repeatability through
manufacturing process controls.
Diverse Power Amplifier + Component Integration Capabilities
API Technologies Components
Integration Applications
Small Signal Linear Amplifiers
Power Amplifier Driver Stages
Harmonic and Spurious Suppression of Power Amplifiers
Switches and Phase Shifters
Beam Steering of Electronically Steerable Array Radars
Couplers, Detectors and Digital Circuitry
Built-In Test and Smart Biasing Capabilities of Power Amplifiers
High Power Amplifier Modules, Assemblies and Subsystems
Narrow, Broadband and Band-Specific. Rack Mount Solutions and Custom Module Assemblies.
At API Technologies, our high performance power amplifier modules,
assemblies and subsystem solutions are designed with strict attention
to efficiency and reliability, utilizing the latest GaN, LDMOS and GaAsFET
technologies. Our diverse product line features low noise figure designs,
custom band configurations, rack mount and custom housings, and
integration capabilities with a wide range of high performance RF and
microwave components.
Utilizing in-house chip and wire (hybrid), thin film, and SMT technology, our integrated
power amplifier solutions are available as standard or custom designs in operating frequencies
up to 26 GHz with output levels from 500mW to 1 kW, ideal for communications, jamming,
electronic warfare, aerospace and industrial applications.
Pulsed Power Amplifiers
GaN-Based Solid State Pulsed Power Amplifiers. Expanded Pulsing Capabilities.
API’s line of Gallium Nitride (GaN) Power Amplifiers utilize pulsed, solid
state power amplifier technology and include designs that operate with
output power levels up to 1,000 watts and frequencies to 18 GHz.
These power amplifiers serve as cost-effective replacements for traveling
wave tube (TWT) amplifiers and offer longer life, better efficiencies and
reduced size and weight than their TWT counterparts.
Power Amplifier Drivers & Gain Blocks
Excellent Linearity, Low Noise, Standard and Configurable Models Availble Off-the-Shelf
Designed to support various system requirements, API’s drivers and gain
blocks are packaged in a variety of configurations designed to meet
customer-specific applications.
3 Stage Amplifier w/ Internal Voltage Regulation
Includes Class A, and Class AB Linear Amplifiers
Balanced Output Stage
Filtered Input (18 dB/Octave Filter Roll-off )
Latest GaN , GaAs, LDMOS Technologies
Frequency ranges within 1 MHz - 26 GHz
Transistor die - extended operating temperature range, -55C to +125C
Reliability Through Testing & Quality Assurance
Prior to delivery, API Technologies performs 100% electrical testing
on all power amplifiers to confirm compliance with the customer’s
specification requirements.
Our quality management system is compliant with ISO-9001:2008 and
periodically audited by our registrar. Additionally, API Technologies
also offers military and high reliability commercial environmental
Comprehensive Testing Capabilities
Conversion Gain
Spurious Testing
Vibration and Shock
IP2, IP3, and IP2H
Current Draw
Noise Figure
Windowed Gain Ripple
Compression Tests
Linearity Testing
LO Leakage Testing
Image Rejection
Group Delay
Temperature Cycling
Our thick and thin film amplifiers are designed and tested to meet
the reliability and testing requirements of MIL-PRF-38534 and the
screening requirements of MIL-STD-883.
API Power Amplifier Applications
Electronic Warfare
Broadband Jamming
Pulsed Radar
Military Communications
Digital Control
Satellite Links
Test Equipment
Test Sets
Automated Metering Infrastructure
API’s Complete Line of Amplifier Solutions
Standard, Configurable and Fully-Customizable Amplifier Products & Solutions
High Linearity Amplifiers
• Second order intercept performance as high as +113 dBm
Automatic Gain Control Amps
• Frequency ranges from 100 MHz to 2000 MHz
Ultra Low Phase Noise Amplifiers
• Low phase noise performance as low as -181 kHz at 10 kHz
RF Limiting Amplifiers
• High input power ranges; Hermetic packaging
Surface Mount Amplifiers
• High volume packaged amplifiers at reduced costs
Low Noise Amplifiers
• Low noise figure performance as low as 0.8 dB
High Frequency Amplifiers
• Small size; Internal voltage regulators
• Configurable without NRE
Filtered GPS LNAs
• COTS-based; Noise figure of 1.8 dB typical
API Technologies Corp. is a trusted provider of RF, microwave, microelectronics, and security solutions for high-reliability applications.
The company designs, develops, and manufactures electronic components, modules, systems and products for technically
demanding defense, commercial/industrial and aerospace applications. API Technologies’ customers include many leading Fortune
500 companies, as well as a majority of NATO governments. While API was founded in 1981, our heritage brands have served the
demanding, hi-rel marketplace for more than 60 years. API Technologies trades on the NASDAQ under the symbol ATNY.
RF, Microwave & Microelectronics
API Technologies Corp.
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