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Dependable performance for
demanding print environments.
Nonstop printing for mission-critical
Designed to meet the unique needs of data centers, service bureaus,
digital printers and other production print specialists, the SAVIN®
Pro 907/1107/1357 black & white laser printers provide a powerful
combination of speed, reliability and operational efficiency. Rely on
these systems for the uninterrupted performance you need to handle
peak volume more easily, improve redundancy and meet tight deadlines
for extremely large jobs.
Main Power |
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Piper Tray Status
Login/Logout | Monit ! tat
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BX 1184 1111X 1755 X 8455 X B84 Xx 1184X 11
| and adjust settings with
| me | min | нон | o | | we | we the tilting Super VGA
| Program Tray Pasir Settings | Current paper settirgs of selected trav can be programmed. Operation Panel, a
Selection 10.4-inch color LCD
| Recall. Charge Tres Paper Settings | | Paper Color Settings touch screen
| Primer info [| Comment Waiting Job List
| Print Check Sample
Counter — User Tools Tray Paper Setting Clear Modes Energy Saver
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Enter — Clear | 8 |
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Production-Class Reliability
Expect these workhorse printers to deliver
maximum uptime and zero-defect results for
mission-critical documents, especially under
intense time pressure.
* Handle peak production times for bank
statements, invoices, bills, purchase
orders, packing lists, order confirmations
and other documents.
* Count on superior reliability over the long
term, driven by design enhancements to
the drum and other components.
e Clear multiple-sheet feeds before they
compromise efficiency, using an ultrasonic
sensor that improves detection, especially
for preprinted and coated stock.
* Accept more jobs that require thin (40
g/m?) or thick (300 g/m? media. The Air
Assist feature, on the DLT/LCT, helps
ensure error-free handling for a wide range
of stocks.
e Maximize uptime with Trained Customer
Replaceable Units. Trained users can
replace these parts quickly and easily, so
there is no need for a service call.
Highly Productive
Rely on these printers for the power and
flexibility you need to ensure high-
performance results in a wide range of
production printing applications.
e Maximize throughput with a robust, 1.7
GHz/1.4 GHz twin-CPU print controller that
supports variable data printing, Web-based
job management, mixplex jobs and other
critical requirements for smooth
production printing.
e Print extremely large jobs easily and
efficiently, including file sizes that exceed
2 (GB, or single jobs that contain up to
100,000 pages.
e Personalize individual packages with
stapling or other finishing touches in
one continuous job with accurate subset
e Improve processing speed with an
enhanced memory architecture, including
1 GB RAM standard and two 160 GB
Hard Drives.
e Meet demanding deadlines with print
speeds of 90, 110 and 135 pages-per-
minute, and deliver high image quality
with print resolutions up to 1200 dpi.
e Eliminate the need to pause jobs and reload
media trays, especially during high-volume
runs. These printers provide a virtually
limitless media supply.
Versatile Media Handling
Take on a wider variety of jobs and maintain
high productivity with flexible media support
and precision inline finishing.
e Process high-volume jobs without
interruption using the High Capacity
Stacker, which stacks up to 5,250 sheets.
Connect two in tandem for 10,250-Sheet
capacity. A roll-away cart makes it easy to
transport output for nearline finishing.
e Add booklet printing to your repertoire
using a high-performance finisher with
100-Sheet stapling in two positions, 20-
Sheet saddle-stitching, trimming and hole
punching at speeds up to 135 pages-per-
minute with accurate registration.
Air Assist Drawer
Support a wider range of media stocks—from very thin to very thick
— with high reliability, using the controlled airflow of the Air Assist
Note: Available on DLT/LCT
Multi-Folding Unit
Let your customers choose from a complete line of folding
options with the versatile Multi-Folding Unit.
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Pro 907/1107/1357 B/W Laser Printer
* Give customers even more options with a new Multi-Folding Unit that offers six High-Capacity Stacking
patterns, including Z-Fold, Half-Fold, Letter Fold-in, Letter Fold-out, Double Parallel Stack up to 10,000 sheets with two High Capacity
Fold and Gate-Fold. Stacker units in tandem, then use the roll-away cart
e Differentiate from your competitors with support for a wider variety of media sizes for efficient offloading.
(up to 13" x 19.2") and stocks (up to 300 g/m?).
Powerful Document Security
These printers include a complete line of security features to protect the integrity of , | A
sensitive customer documents and other confidential data. | | 2
e Confirm each operator's identity before they access the printer, using internal and i | |
external authentication with options for both Windows and LDAP
* Control which print features authorized users can select with access restriction.
e Protect data from interception, analysis and tampering with encrypted transmission >” "
supported by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. e = y
User-Friendly Operation
Minimize user intervention during high-volume print runs with a simple design that
ensures fast, easy operation in challenging environments.
Meet the needs of security-conscious customers with lockable Large Capacity Trays. Lai
e Monitor print job status of the current job with the Super VGA Operation Panel's
large graphics, intuitive menus and tilting screen for convenient viewing. The Total Green Office Solution
e Make it easy for any user to reload media with easy grip handles on all media trays. Savin continues its long-standing
e Perform administrative tasks remotely with Web Image Monitor and Web Interface, a © commitment to developing office
utility that allows you to check supply levels, change print queues and adjust settings. oye solutions with environmentally friendly
e Report usage meter data automatically with the Savin @Remote Intelligent Remot = A sinh,
oport usage meter da au о a vay © а eMOTE INteligent Remote Fm saving features, without compromising
Management System, which facilitates remote device management. ductivi
Note: The Savin Pro 1107/1357 is Energy Star qualified.
FD5000 Multi-Folding Unit: Meet a wide range of folding requirements with the versatile
Multi-Folding Unit.
TR5020 Booklet Trimmer (optional),
SR5020 Booklet Finisher (optional):
Create professional booklets with your
choice of two-position stapling, saddle-
stitching, trimming and hole punching.
DU5000 Decurl Unit: The Decurl Unit helps reduce the risk of curling for higher
throughput and accurate stacking.
RT5030 LT Large Capacity Trays: Customize the printer with
your choice of Large Capacity Trays for feeding all types and
sizes of documents.
=: BY5000 Multi
J Bypass Tray
| y 4 E “а
= EHI Pew me ía ga
= = = i 7 о
O 5.
SR5000 Finisher (optional/not shown): Staple up to 100 sheets in multiple positions with
a 3,000-Sheet Finisher.
SK5010 High Capacity Stacker (optional/not shown): Accept high-volume finishing jobs
without hesitation. This stacker holds up to 5,250 sheets and can be connected to a second
stacker to hold up to 10,250 sheets.
CI5010 Cover Interposer (optional/not shown): Energize black & white documents
with preprinted color covers or color insert sheets. Each tray holds up to 200 sheets, up
to 13" x 19.2" in size.
RTS5040 DLT Large Capacity Trays (optional/not shown): Customize the system with
your choice of Large Capacity Trays for feeding all types and sizes of documents,
including media sizes up to 13" x 19.2".
Decurl Unit
Curled sheets can be an issue for high-volume printing. The
Decurl Unit helps reduce the risk of curling for higher through-
put and accurate stacking.
Modular Design
All systems feature Trained Customer Replaceable Units, which
trained operators can replace quickly to maximize uptime with-
out calling for service.
Media Weights Trays 1,2, 3: 14 |b. Bond —
80 Ib. Cover (52-216 g/m)
LT LCT Trays 4, 5: 14 Ib. Bond —
80 Ib. Cover (52-216 g/m”)
LT LCT Tray 6: 14 Ib. Bond —
90 Ib. Cover (52-163 g/m?)
DLT LCT Trays 4, 6: 14 Ib. Bond —
95 Ib. Cover (52-256 g/m”)
DLT LCT Tray 5: 11 Ib. Bond —
100 Ib. Cover (40-300 g/m”)
3,000 sheets
Tray 1: 2 x 1,000-Sheet Tray
Tray 2: 1 x 500-Sheet Tray
Tray 3: 1 x 500-Sheet Tray
208 — 240V, 50/60 Hz, 20A
Automatic Duplex
standard Media Capacity
Power Requirements
(dedicated outlet)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 41.3" x 33.9" x 39" (includes
decurl unit)
Weight 705 Ibs.
Dual Controller
Controller #1
CPU Intel Pentium M 1.4 GHz
Memory 512 MB standard
HDD Capacity 160 GB
Standard Connectivity 100Base-TX/10Base-T Ethernet,
1000Base-T Ethernet
Network Protocol TCPAP
Controller #2
CPU Freescale MC7448 1.7 GHz
Memory 1GB
HDD Capacity 160 GB
Print Speed Pro 907: 90 pages-per-minute
Pro 1107: 110 pages-per-minute
Pro 1357: 135 pages-per-minute
Resolution 300, 600, & 1200 dpi
Drivers PCLXL, PCL5e, Adobe® PostScript®
3", Genuine IPDS (optional)
Fonts PCL: True Type Font 80
PS3: 136
standard Connectivity (2) 1000Base-T/100Base-TX/
10Base-1 Ethemet
{One is used to connect Dual
Controller), IEEE 1284
Operating System Windows 2000, Server 2003,
Server 2008, XP, Vista
Mac OS X 10.5 or later
Network Protocol TCPAP, AppleTalk (Bonjour not
DUS000 Decurl Unit
Dimensions (WxDxH) 6.7" x 28.7" x 39"
Weight 66 Ibs.
Power Consumption From mainframe
Decur Function Pressure Adjustment: 5 steps
Curl Type: Back curl/Face curl
Purge Function 10 sheets
AT5030 LT Large Capacity Tray (Optional)
Media Sizes Supported 55" x85" to 9" x12"
Media Capacity 1,000 sheets (Tray 4)
1,000 sheets (Tray 5)
2 550 sheets (Tray 6)
Bringing Savin Value to Your Organization
Savin technology offers a diverse portfolio of solutions to help your organization
stay competitive and move ahead. Let Savin show you how to empower your business
to improve critical procasses, Keep information secure, ensure compliance and promote
environmental sustainability while reducing the total cost of ownership.
Pro 907/1107/1357 SPECIFICATIONS
Media Weights 14 Ib. Bond — 80 Ib. Cover (Tray 4/5)
14 Ib. Bond — 90 Ib. Index (Tray 6)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 21.2" x 28.7" x 38.6"
Weight 194 Ibs.
TK5010 DLT/A3 Tray Kit* (Optional)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 19.5" x21" x 6.9"
Weight 22 Ibs.
Media Sizes Supported 8.5" x11", 85" x 14",
11" x 17"
Media Capacity 1,000 sheets
“This option is put on the Tandem LCT in Tray 1 of base unit
and can feed DLT or A3 media
RT5040 DLT Large Capacity Tray (Optional)
Media Sizes Supported 5.5" x 8.5" to 13" x 19,2"
Media Capacity 1,000 sheets (Tray 4)
2,000 sheets (Tray 5)
1,000 sheets (Tray 6)
Media Weights 14 Ib. Bond — 95 |b. Cover
(Tray 4/6)
11 Ib. Bond — 100 Ib. Cover
(Tray 5)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 38" x 28.7" x 38.6"
SR5000 3,000-Sheet Finisher with 100-Sheet Stapler
Media Weights Proof Tray: 16 Ib. Bond —
80 Ib. Cover (52-216 gsm)
Shift Tray: 14 Ib. Bond —
100 Ib. Cover (52-300 gsm)
(257-300 gsm simplex only)
Z-Folding: 18 — 20 Ib. Bond
Shift Tray 3,000 sheets (8.5" x 11")
1,500 sheets (8.5" x 14"11" x 17")
1,000 sheets (13" x 19.2")
Proof Tray 500 sheets (8.5" x 11" or smaller)
250 sheets (8.5" x 14" or larger)
Staple Capacity 100 sheets (letter, based on
20 Ib. Bond)
Hole Punching (Optional) — 2or3 holes
Dimensions (WxDxH) 31.5" x 28.7" x 38.6"
Weight 165 Ibs.
CI5010 Cover Interposer (Optional)
Media Sizes Supported 5.5" x 8.5" to 13" x 19,2"
Media Capacity 2 x 200 sheets
Media Weights 17 — 58 Ib. Bond/110 Ib. Index
(64-216 gsm)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 27.9" x 28.7" x 50"
Weight 99.2 |bs.
BY5000 Multi Bypass Tray (Optional)
Media Capacity 500 sheets (based on 8.5" x 11")
Media Sizes Supported 5.5" x 8.5" to 12" x 18" (RT5030)
5.5" x 85" to 13" x 19.2"
PUS000 Punch Unit (Optional)
Punch Type 2 or 3 holes (user-selectable)
Weights Punched 16 Ib. Bond — 90 Ib. Index
SR5020 Booklet Finisher (Optional)
Media Sizes Supported Up to 13" x 19.2" (max.)
Media Weights Proof Tray: 16 — 40 Ib. Bond,
50 — 80 Ib. Cover,
90 — 110 Ib. Index
(without Z-Folding)
Shift Tray: 14 Ib. Bond,
100 Ib. Cover (without Z-Folding),
18 — 28 Ib. Bond (Z-Folding)
Savin Free Dednck Place, West Caktwell, MI 07006
SAMIN® 15 à regslged Trademark of Ricoh Amencas Corporabor, AI ея
trademarks are Ihe property of thear respective owners, Print speed may be
affected by network, application or PC perfomance Speafications and extemal
appearances are subject Io change witout nolce. Products ane shown with
optional lealures,
Stacking Capacity Proof Tray: 250 sheets (8.5" x 11"
or smaller)
50 sheets (8.5" x 14" or larger)
shift Tray: 2,500 sheets
(8.5" x 11" LEF)
1,500 sheets (8.5" x 11"
SEF, 11" x 17" SEF)
1,000 sheets (13" x 19.2"
or smaller)
500 sheets (5.5" x 8.5" LER)
100 sheets (5.5" x 8.5" SEF)
30 sheets (Z-Folding media)
100 sheets (based on 8.5" x 11",
80 g/m’)
50 sheets (based on 8.5" x 14",
11" x 17", 80 g/m)
Media Size: 8.5" x 11" —
13" x 19,2"
Media Weight: 18 — 24 Ib. Bond
Staple Position: Center 2 positions
Staple Capacity: 20 sheets
(18 — 20 Ib. Bond),
15 sheets (20 — 24 Ib. Bond)
Hole Punching (Optional) — 2 or 3 holes
TR5020 Booklet Trimmer (Optional)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 43.9" x 35" x 21.9"
Weight 152 lbs.
Power Consumption 120V, 60Hz
Inmming Type One side edge
Inmming Capacity 40 sheets after folding
Media Sizes Supported 5.5" x 85" — 13" x 19.2"
Stacker Full Detection Yes
SK5010 High Capacity Stacker (Optional)
Staple Capacity
Dimensions (WxDxH) 35.4" x 38.6" x 28.7"
Weight Stacker: 265 Ibs.
Cart: 33 lbs.
Power Consumption 120V, 60Hz
Media Sizes Supported Proof Tray & Shift Tray:
Upto 13" x 19.2"
Media Weight 14 Ib. — 100 Ib. Cover
Stack Capacity Proof Tray: 250 sheets
Shift Tray: 5,000 sheets (output
jogger standard)
Roll Away Cart Yes (includes one cart, additional
cart is available)
FD5000 Multi-Folding (Optional)
Copy Dimensions (WxDxH) 18.3" x 28.7" x 38.6"
Power Consumption 120Y, 60HZ
Folding Patterns /-Fold, Half-Fold/Print inside, Half-
Fold/Print outside, Letter Fold-
in/Print inside, Letter Fold-in/Print
outside, Letter Fold-out, Double
Parallel/Print inside, Double
Parallel/Print outside, Gate-Fold/
Print inside, Gate-Fold/Print outside
Media Sizes Supported 8.5" x 11° - 13° x 19.2"
Authentication (Windows, LDAP, Basic)
Secure Socket Layer Support
Network Protocol On/Off
PDF Password
Driver Encryption Key (M Driver)
Data Overwnte Secunty System
For maximum performance and yield, we recommend
using genuine Savin parts and supplies.
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