CM2410 datasheet
Mobeye GSM Fire Alarm Communicator CM2410. Security. Anywhere, anytime.
Mobeye CM2410 GSM Fire Alarm Communicator
Battery-operated GSM communicator
for Ei Electronics smoke & heat detectors
The Mobeye GSM communicator CM2410 is the appropriate
module for several Ei Electronics smoke and heat detectors.
The combination enables that detection of smoke or overheating
results in the sound of a local siren and a notification by GSM to the
self-defined contact persons, without the need for additional cables
or telephone lines.
Due to the low power design the GSM communicator runs on a set
of batteries for more than a year. The Mobeye GSM Smoke
Detector (CM2400) combines the Ei Electronics Ei605TYC smoke
detector and the Mobeye GSM fire communicator CM2410.
The complete GSM smoke detector is easy to install and ready to
use. The alarm notification consists of an SMS text message and/or
telephone call. A SIM card of any provider could be used.
• simple to install
• no external power needed
• integrated GSM communicator
Typical applications are places where traditional smoke detectors do not suffice and where -next to a local
siren- a notification per telephone is advised, such as void property, care situations and homes with elderly,
shacks, storage locations, server rooms, holiday houses, boats, mobile homes or for temporary situations.
Accessory for Ei Electronics smoke and heat detectors
The CM2410 can be combined with the Ei605C and Ei605TYC smoke detectors and the Ei603C and
Ei603TYC heat detectors. Equipped with the CM2410 these detectors can be used standalone or
interconnected with other detectors in a cabled or wireless network, while only one is equipped with
the GSM module. The other detectors in the network can be any detector in the
600- and 650-series, including the Ei650C. When the CM2410 is applied as standalone unit, without other detectors in a network, it can also be combined with the
Ei650C, Ei650iC, Ei650W or Ei650iW.
Mobeye Internet Portal & SIM service
Connection with the Mobeye Internet Portal using a Mobeye SIM card is
optional and unlocks many more features, such as programming via internet.
The "keep-alive" monitor provides additional security by monitoring the
communication. If test messages were not sent in time, a warning is sent.
Mobeye GSM fire alarm communicator Technical data
GSM communicator
• Mobeye CM2410 GSM fire alarm communicator
• Quad band EGSM 900/1800 - 850/1900 MHz
• ETSI RED 2014/53/EU, 73/23/EEC, IEC/EN 50130
• PIN code security for configuration
• Via SMS text message:
• telephone numbers (max. 5)
• identification and alarm texts
• frequency of test messages
(Alarm) messages
• SMS and/or call upon detecting the presence smoke
• SMS at low batteries
• SMS test messages (“keep alive”)
• In a wireless or wired network of Ei detectors, only one (Ei605C, Ei605TYC, Ei603C or Ei603TYC) needs to
be equipped with a CM2410. Upon an alarm, the sirens of all modules sound and alarm messages are sent
via GSM
• Diameter: 12 cm, height: 3,8 cm (2,8 cm height increase)
Mobeye Internet Portal
• The CM2410 can be connected with the Mobeye Internet Portal for extra features such as programming,
forwarding (alarm) notifications, monitoring of test reports and a historical log
Ambient temperature
• 0˚ C ... 40˚ C
Power supply
• GSM module: 2x CR123 (lifetime > 1 year)1
1) in case of 1 SMS/day, depending on environmental temperature
About Mobeye
The company Mobeye is specialized in high quality GSM-based alarm and telemetry technology. Mobeye
products are characterised by configuration flexibility, user friendliness and an extremely low power
consumption. Mobeye aims to design and market products that contribute to a safer world for its
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5216 JX ‘s-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands
telephone +31(0)73 - 78 50 858
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