ReadSoft Online from Lexmark – accounts payable

Product Summary
ReadSoft Online from Lexmark –
accounts payable processing in the cloud
ReadSoft Online from Lexmark is your answer for easy and flexible
automatic data capture and workflow for supplier invoices.
Recognized as highly accurate and flexible, the cloud-based solution
seamlessly integrates with a variety of ERP and other target systems.
Technical Specifications
}} E-mail attachments to customer-specific addresses
ReadSoft Online from Lexmark incorporates advanced technology,
refined business logic and country-specific knowledge to efficiently
capture data – both header and line items – from supplier invoices.
Documents received must pass an initial assessment, which verifies
that an identifiable sender exists and the quality of the documents is
adequate for data capture.
Invoices are initially scanned, uploaded or e-mailed directly into
ReadSoft Online. Verification is performed either by the end user, or
provided as a service. After verification, invoices are automatically
routed to a user-friendly approval workflow. The images of invoices
and their corresponding data are sent to the receiving application.
}} Improves data accuracy. When ReadSoft Online from Lexmark
verification service is used, errors from data entry are reduced
}} Upload through ReadSoft Online from Lexmark
}} Upload through the ReadSoft Online from Lexmark web
user interface
Supported file formats
JPEG, JPG, PDF version 1.3 to 1.7. PNG, TIFF, TIF. All invoice
images must have a resolution of 300 dpi and a minimum
height of at least 1,000 pixels.
Captured fields
Approximately 10 fields are captured per document.
Examples of captured fields include invoice number, invoice
date, total amount and net amount
Accepted invoice origin
significantly. The guaranteed minimum data capture accuracy level
is 98.5%. When applying the “four eyes principle,” a 99.9% accuracy
level is achievable. The minimum data capture accuracy is 80%.
}} Improves profitability. Reduces processing costs by eliminating
manual keying and manual verification.
}} Available 24/7. Access via the cloud ensures invoice automation
is available anywhere you have an internet connection.
}} Reduces IT requirements. Implementation is fast and requires
no hardware or software investments. No time-consuming
maintenance, upgrades or updates.
}} Gain improved financial controls. The solution offers access to
instant, highly accurate financial statements. Tighter control also
means no fraudulent invoices are paid, and no invoice is paid
twice. Instantly access any invoice.
}} Improve supplier relationships. Faster invoice processing eliminates
late-payment penalties and early payment discounts are
• Australia
• Belgium
• Canada
• Chile
• Czech
• Denmark
• France
• Germany
• Italy
• Mexico
• Norway
• Poland
• Portugal
• Sweden
• Switzerland
• Great
• New
• Spain
• The
Product Summary
Technical specifications
Character Sets
ReadSoft Online from Lexmark’s web-application makes
• Bulgarian
• Czech
• Chinese,
• Danish
• Dutch
• English
• Estonian
• Finnish
• French
• German
• Greek
• Hebrew
• Hungarian
• Icelandic
• Italian
• Japanese
• Korean
• Latvian
• Lithuanian
• Norwegian
• Polish
• Portuguese
• Belgian
• Chinese,
• Romanian
• Russian
• Spanish
• Swedish
• Ukrainian
• Vietnamese
• Serbian,
• Thai
• Slovenian
• Turkish
use of Microsoft technology called Silverlight. This requires
installation of a corresponding web-browser plug-in. This
is done automatically if not already installed. An internet
connection of at least 2 Mbit is recommended for a good
user experience.
Deployment environment
ReadSoft Online from Lexmark runs on Windows
Azure and is developed based on the Windows Azure
Platform capabilities for cloud computing. The Windows
Azure platform enables building, hosting and scaling
applications in Microsoft data centers in a most efficient
way, and provides highly secure global data storage.
User responsibilities
ReadSoft Online from Lexmark users are responsible
for all third party software and equipment (scanner,
Scanning requirements and conditions
web browser, firewalls, etc.). Expectations are these
}} Color mode: Color, gray scale and bitonal images are supported.
are correctly installed and configured to allow traffic to
}} Scanning mode: Simplex and duplex scanning is supported. Any
blank pages are removed. Invoices scanned with any scanning
application are saved on a local drive and securely uploaded to
ReadSoft Online from Lexmark.
ReadSoft Online from Lexmark domains, and users are
able to send e-mail (if applicable). Users must comply with
technical specifications for ReadSoft Online from Lexmark,
such as accepted file formats, agreed-sorting orders, etc.
Screen resolution
}} 1280 X 1024 recommended
Supported internet browsers
}} Internet Explorer 8 and 9
}} Mozilla Firefox
}} Google Chrome
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