OPMI PROergo The smart solution for dentistry

The smart solution for dentistry
We make it visible.
The moment you see a hidden detail reveal a visible success.
This is the moment we work for.
Endodontics picture courtesy of:
Dr. Wolfgang Gaensler, Illertissen, Germany
Comfort and information
A Carl Zeiss microscope enables greater precision and
efficiency. Key benefits include:
You can only treat what you can see. Optics from Carl Zeiss
allow visualization of detail and fine structures, enabling you
to enhance the quality of your diagnosis and treatment.
Utilizing OPMI® PROergo during treatment facilitates a
comfortable working position. The ergonomic design
helps prevent back and neck pain, as well as more
serious spine disorders.
Clever design
Integrated video cameras make it possible to present the
OPMI PROergo combines optical quality with working and
clinical treatment – before, during or after the procedure.
operating comfort to deliver an intelligently designed
High-quality diagnostic images and videos allow you to
product. From the cables to the control console, Carl Zeiss
demonstrate the recommended course of action to your
has integrated each part for convenient operation and a
patients during treatment planning sessions.
clean, sleek appearance.
When you select your Carl Zeiss microscope you also benefit
from the years of experience and optical expertise that come
with the name Carl Zeiss.
See more – treat more
OPMI PROergo from Carl Zeiss enables you to view otherwise
difficult-to-see regions. The coaxial illumination puts light
where it is needed. Even root canals are effectively illuminated
and imaged.
Endodontics picture courtesy of:
Dr. Bijan Vahedi, Augsburg, Germany
Improved comfort – improved work
By providing you with a comfortable, upright position for your
The 180° tiltable tube allows you to work in comfort in a
work, OPMI PROergo helps prevent the quick onset of fatigue
variety of positions and on difficult-to-reach areas. Your back
as well as neck and back problems.
will thank you – particularly during longer procedures.
OPMI PROergo provides comfort and a smooth treatment
The Free Float Magnetic System offers effortless
routine with the following three functions:
maneuvering and smooth, precise positioning. The microscope
is always where you want it.
The motorized Varioskop® adjusts to your seated position.
Focus the treatment area with the push of a button and
without moving the microscope or changing your working
The tiltable tube 180° allows you to
work in comfort
An ergonomic breakthrough
The Foldable Tube f170/f260* combines brilliant apochromatic
Work ergonomically by reducing or increasing the distance
optics and a unique design for maximum visualization flexibility.
to the required treatment field thanks to the patented
It allows dentists a wide range of comfortable working positions,
multi-link design.
magnification potential and positioning ergonomics – even at
extreme treatment approach angles.
The Foldable Tube f170/f260 allows an almost
unlimited variety of working positions, providing optimal
ergonomics and personalized positioning throughout each
Greater comfort
treatment. With its long reach, this highly flexible system easily
The Foldable Tube f170/f260 introduces a new level of comfort:
accommodates different ergonomics of the operator and
different positions of the patient.
Rotate the tube conveniently without moving the microscope
head using the integrated 360° rotation function. No need for
external rotating adapters while also reducing build height.
1.), 2.) 3.) Easily adjust angle, length and height as needed 4.) Relaxed working position as eye level is higher than arm posture
Greater detail
Instantly yield a 50% magnification gain for delicate and
detailed procedures with the integrated PROMAG™ function.
Choose between optimum magnification and maximum
field of view with a quick turn of the knob.
PROMAG for additional 50% detail
magnification. Endodontics picture
courtesy of: Dr. Bijan Vahedi, Augsburg,
* f170: focal length of 170 mm like the tiltable tube
f260: focal length of 260 mm provides additional 50 % magnification (PROMAG)
Better communication – better patient compliance
Patients often have difficulty understanding diagnoses,
Furthermore, the MediLive® systems offer solutions for
courses of treatment and outcomes. Having the ability to
archiving and processing digital images and videos, which
communicate with your patients using clear images and
can be utilized in many different ways. They can be used
video footage illustrating your clinical concerns is extremely
to present cases and clinical outcomes to colleagues or
valuable for treatment acceptance and compliance. A
document treatment for referrers.
picture is worth a thousand words.
In short: OPMI PROergo creates added value – for your
OPMI PROergo provides visualization and documentation
patients, for your office and for you.
solutions that enable you to illustrate your work – before,
during and after the procedure. The video cameras and
camera adapters for OPMI PROergo allow you to document
the diagnostic results and treatment stages in digital
quality and convincingly demonstrate the accuracy of
Endodontics picture courtesy of:
the recommended procedure.
Dr. Rino Burkhardt, Zurich, Switzerland
Welcome to your practice
Integrated light guide
and cable
No hanging cables to
interfere with your work.
What you see when looking at OPMI PROergo is a
microscope with a sleek, attractive design that matches
the overall image of any practice.
What you do not see is the heart and soul of the instrument
– the technology that drives it. The cables, light source,
light guide, video camera and control console have all been
completely integrated into the microscope. There are
no exposed cables or external modules and instruments to
interfere with your work.
The integrated product design reflects the high quality of
the optics, and is part of the many functions that Carl Zeiss
delivers with OPMI PROergo.
Integrated MediLive
Primo video camera
Featuring a freeze function
to capture still shots and
a rotatable video image
function for upright
viewing which enables
better communication with
both patients and staff
during treatment.
Integrated light source
and backup lamp module
Whether you choose halogen
or xenon illumination, there
are no extra boxes to affix to
the microscope.
Integrated control
With a large LCD display
and intuitive user menus,
it is possible to program
individual default settings
to meet your practice
Quality and convenience
in one
Carl Zeiss is known around the world for the high quality
Integrated light source
of its optics. A major feature in the production of Carl Zeiss
You have the choice of
optics is the apochromatic coating, which corrects for all
halogen or xenon illumina-
three wavelengths of the visible spectrum. This ensures that
tion. Xenon has a light
there are no chromatic aberrations and enhances image
temperature characteristic
resolution, contrast and depth perception.
of natural daylight. Both
illumination systems present
The high quality of OPMI PROergo goes beyond the optics.
homogenous, high-contrast
You will also enjoy high operating comfort and convenience.
illumination of the treatment
field. Perhaps the most
striking feature is the integra­
ted backup lamp module
that can be changed with
the push of a button.
No treatment interruptions.
Control console
Default settings such as
light, zoom or magnification
can be personalized and
stored for various users,
making clinical transitions
quick and easy.
Ergonomically designed
handgrips with
function keys
Control the focus and zoom
and set the other configurable function buttons
to operate brightness,
SpeedFokus® or image freeze.
Wide-field eyepieces
180° tiltable
Motorized Varioskop
Motorized zoom
(12.5x or 10x)
binocular tube
Focus the treatment field
Continuous magnification.
Large visual field with
For an ergonomically correct,
at the push of a button
The brightness setting
3D, stereoscopic image.
upright seated position
without having to move the
adjusts automatically as
Special diopter settings also
even with extreme
microscope or change your
you increase or decrease
make them suitable for
microscope positions.
working position.
magnification levels.
eyeglass wearers.
Welcome to the
state of weightlessness
Regardless of the model you select – floor stand, wall or
ceiling mount – the free float magnetic system enables you
to smoothly and easily position the microscope where you
want it with ease.
Free Float Magnetic System
You can unlock the magnetic brakes with the push of a
button on the handgrip. You can then easily maneuver the
OPMI PROergo into the desired working position. The system
locks back into place once the button is released. It’s that
Manual focusing is a thing of the past. Carl Zeiss believes
your hands have more important things to do during
treatment. A press of a button is all that is needed to focus
the microscope. SpeedFokus is an option available upon
Even more possibilities
OPMI PROergo is a system of almost unlimited possibilities.
The configuration is tailored to the respective treatment or
specific requirement. The available accessories and varying
models of OPMI PROergo are as easy and intuitive to use as
the microscope itself.
Ergonomic design and operating comfort
Foldable Tube f170/f260
Angled optics and
Foot control panel
With PROMAG for 50%
tube dovetail
Configurable functions allow
more magnification.
For work on difficult-to-
you to free up your hands.
reach areas.
Digital visualization
MediLive Primo
Trio 610
Integrated 1 CCD
External 3 CCD
video camera.
HD camera.
Optics and illumination
Orange filter
Xenon or halogen
Double iris diaphragm
Stereo co-observation
Prevents premature curing of
Increases depth of field.
composite materials.
Complete with integrated
Your assistant can follow the
backup lamp module.
procedure live.
Autofocus and
Free Float Magnetic
Sterilizable caps and
VisionGuard® Drape
handgrip drapes
Helps ensure sterile
Fast, automatic focusing.
Smooth movement at the
Conduce asepsis.
work environment.
push of a button.
SLR camera adapter.
Adapter for digital cameras.
Adapter for digital
OPMI PROergo by the numbers
OPMI PROergo microscope system
Magnification system
Motorized zoom system; with apochromatic 1:6 ratio; magnification factor Y = 0.4x–2.4x
- Foldable Tube f170/f260, including PROMAG® function for additional 50% magnification
and integrated rotate function (optional)
- 0°–180° tiltable binocular tube
12.5x and 10x wide-field eyepieces
Magnification range
Example with AA 300 mm and 12.5x eyepiece
Magnification: 2.3x up to 14x
Field-of-view diameter: 75 to 16 mm
Focusing system
- Continuous motorized focusing via Varioskop; focusing range of 200–415 mm
- SpeedFokus (optional)
Additional optics
- Angled optics with tube dovetail (optional)
- Double iris diaphragm to increase the depth of field (optional)
Operating concept
- Free Float Magnetic System
- LCD display with user guidance
- Handgrip buttons for zoom and focus and freely programmable function keys
- Foot control panel for zoom and focus (optional)
Camera systems (optional)
Integrated MediLive Primo 1 CD video camera
- Functioning and ready to use at any time
- Freeze function for still shots
- Continuous image rotation
- Specific user settings
- Video standard: PAL/NTSC
- Ports: Y/C (S-Video), VBS (composite)
Accessories to attach external cameras
Splitter: Angled optics documentation port, optional with tube dovetail
- Beam splitter 20 with documentation port
- Beam splitter 50 with documentation port
-Video lenses with C-mount interface for the attachment of external video cameras
- Lenses to attach external digital still cameras
Illumination system
- Integrated coaxial cold-light illumination
- Adjust brightness via the handgrip buttons
- Swing-in illumination diaphragms
- Orange filter for composite materials
- Integrated 12 V 100 W halogen illumination with 2 halogen reflector lamps in the quick-change module
- Integrated 12 V 180 W xenon illumination with daylight characteristic including 2 xenon lamps in the quick-change module (optional)
Splash protection for the objective lens
- High-quality cover lens with good optical quality, easy to change
- Reflection-free vision through slanted arrangement of the lens
VisionGuard drapes for sterile work
Electrical data
Rated voltage
115 V ~ (100…125 V ~ ± 10%)
230 V ~ (220…240 V ~ ± 10%)
Current consumption
115 V ~ max. 10 A
230 V ~ max. 8 A
Rated frequency
50...60 Hz
Automatic circuit breaker
Electrical outlets
- Surgical microscope
- Remote socket for an external signal of a maximum of 24 V/0.5 A
OPMI PROergo technical data
Suspension system
S7 carrier system for user-friendly
- Max. capacity 14 kg
operation of OPMI PROergo
S7 floor stand
- Mobile solutions for the practice
- Dimensions: 640 x 640 mm
- Weight: approx. 177 kg
S7 wall mount
- The space-saving alternative
for small rooms
Short arm: approx. 68 kg
Long arm: approx. 69 kg
S7 ceiling mount
- Creates free space around
the treatment chair
- Weight: approx. 80 kg
S7 Centro mount for
- For space-saving integration
support system KaVo CENTRO
into the office
- Weight: approx. 53 kg
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