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CuroCell Cirrus 2.0
Product Code: ALCMA1100
Pain therapy pressure care system
CuroCell Cirrus 2.0 is used as an aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure
ulcers up to category 4 (0-180 kg) and category 2 (181-230 kg), and for pain
therapy. It is a replacement system ideal for all healthcare environments.
CuroCell Cirrus 2.0 combines air with a soft foam surface and provides high user
comfort and pressure redistribution. The unique wave like alternating process is
particularly suitable for pain therapy. The added heel function offers an even
better protection by relieving pressure on the heels.
The silent and easy to use CuroCell Cirrus pump with four different settings;
alternating, static, alternating + seat inflation and stati...
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• Alternating pressure on soft foam surface
• Cable holder
• Digital and easy to use pump
• Easy handling and cleaning
• Heel slope, for pressure relief of heels
• Hygienic cover with welded seams
• Rapid deflation of the mattress
• Silent and energy-saving pump
• Soft, elastic, vapour permeable hygienic cover
• Sound and light alarm for low pressure
• Sound and light alarm for power failure
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• Static function with automatic return
• Transport function
Evac Cover
• A cover with protected zipper on all sides, divisible (top and bottom part). Functional handles for evacuation, moving and transport. Colour
grey/black. Evac is a mattress cover with a built-in function for evacuation of bed-bound users. In case of fire or other emergency, there is no time
to think about what to do next. Therefore, it is very important that the safety equipment, as well as the evacuation procedures, are well planned
and known in advance. The Evac cover is equipped with three handles on the head and foot end. On the sides, there are handles with Velcro
straps. These straps are to be used to fixate the user to the mattress before commencing the evacuation. The straps are folded in the protective
pockets on the side of the mattress with the ends sticking out to ensure that they are easy to pull out. Note: When using the Evac function, the
maximum user weight is 130kg
• Type: Alternating pressure mattress
• Available in multiple widths
• Height: 21 cm
• Function: Prevention & treatment up to and including category 4
• Recommended user weight: 0-180 kg (category 4) & 180-230 kg (category 2)
• Fire: EN 597-1, -2
• Power supply: 230 V/50 Hz
• Noise level of pump: 27 dBA
• Warranty: 2 years
• Cleaning of cover: Wipe with cleaning agent and/or disinfectants. Machine wash max 95° C, tumble drying
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