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Underwater Digital Cinema Imaging
Following the success of Gates DEEP RED housing, DEEP EPIC is the next
generation of underwater digital cinema imaging. Support for a wide
range of PL and SLR glass, external monitor, adjustable grips at
fingertip focus / iris / zoom controls, and adjustable buoyancy / trim
are carried forward. DEEP EPIC is also smaller and lighter than its big
brother DEEP RED and includes the REDMOTE Controller, providing
comprehensive camera control via the RDCC™ REDMOTE™. And
Gates Precision Ports mean no-compromises image quality.
Reaching the far corners of the globe, Gates housings are tasked with
high profile broadcast and cinema productions. Professionals know that
failure is not an option, so they never take a chance…. they take a
Durable, "Bulletproof"
machined aluminum, black
type III 'hard' anodize finish,
and sealed with a nickelacetate process.
Reliable Fingertip
Controls are 100%
Mechanical -- no sticky
buttons, faulty electronics or
dead batteries!
External Monitor Case
is standard for the 5.6” LCD
from RED (LCD not
Complete Control of
camera functions via the new
REDMOTE™ Controller.
Flexible Lens Support.
From primes to macro, DEEP
EPIC is designed to
accommodate a wide variety
of lenses.
2-Year Warranty. Only
Gates offers a 2-year
renewable warranty on all
Buoyancy and Trim.
Add / remove trim weights
for ideal balance -- just the
way you like it.
Adjustable Handles for
perfect grip and convenient
access to controls.
Precision Ports™ means
clarity, sharpness and no
vignetting (cutoff dark
corners) to spoil your
Seal Check is included with
every DEEP EPIC and assures
housing integrity before
entering the water.
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* Controls (All Mechanical)
* Power
* Record/Standby
* Zoom
* Focus
* Iris
* REDMOTE Controller (all functions)
* Assignable Buttons 1/2
* Dimensions
* Basic Shell (transport size w/8” dome / PE286)
* 19.7" L x 11.5" H x 11.9" W ”
* 50 cm x 29.2 cm x 30.2 cm
* Fully Assembled (+monitor, handles, 8” dome, PE286)
* 19.7" L x 17.7" H x 16.5" W ”
* 50 cm x 49.5 cm x 41.9 cm
* Included Items
* External LCD Monitor shell only (LCD not included)
* Gates Seal Check system
* Pelican Case
* Tool & O-Ring Kit
* Construction
* Machined Aluminum, Type III ‘Hard’ Anodize
finish. Stainless steel hardware.
* Weight in Air
* Weight in Water
* Slightly negative and adjustable
* Depth Rating
* 450 feet / 137 meters
* Batteries
* REDBRICK™ or Dual/Quad REDVOLT™ Module
* Warranty
* 2 Years Renewable
* RED Items Required
* RDCC™ EPIC Camera
* RDCC™ 5.6” LCD or 5” Touch LCD
* RED BRICK™ or Dual / Quad REDVOLT Module
* LENS of choice (see below)
Standard Port SP80
Optical dome is field
replaceable. Acrylic and A/R
coated glass versions
Flat Port FP80
A simple flat element good
for macro work with
diopters. Element is field
A Sub Aqua Imaging design,
the VL-24 LED lights are
Gates tough. A wide, even
beam burns for 75 minutes
@ full power / 6000 lumens
and 2.5 hours @ ½ power /
2500 lumens. Tungsten and
Daylight colors available.
HD-SDI Surface Feed,
Water Alarm, Tripod Mount,
Submersible Mic, Comm
input (OTS compatible), and
more. Customizations
• RED 18-50 • Angenieux Optimo 15-40, 16-42 • Arri Ultra Primes 8R, 10,12,14
• Arri Master Prime 14mm • Cooke S4 10mm • Arri Master Prime 16,18
Don’t Take a Chance….Take a Gates!
13685 Stowe Dr. Suite A • Poway, CA • 92064 • (858) 391-0052 • Fax (858) 391-0053 •