ricoh pj wx4152n/ pj wx4152ni

Business Projection System
PJ WX4152N/
Short Throw
Wall or
brightness up to
3,500 lm
Present with confidence, without distractions
Use the RICOH PJ WX4152N and PJ WX4152NI (PJ 4152 Series) to ensure nothing gets between what’s on your
mind and what’s on the big screen. Place the ultra-short throw projector within inches of the display surface and
showcase crisp, compelling high-quality presentations, videos, images and more at up to 80 inches diagonally
without shadows, glare or other distortions. Use innovative 360-degree projection to project downward onto
floors or tables, sideways, or onto smoked glass surfaces to give every member of your audience the best view
every time. Take advantage of its lightweight, portable design and wired or wireless connectivity to bring your
best ideas closer to your audience wherever they are. You can even use it to transform static presentations on
conventional screens into interactive collaborations to enhance your message in real time.
Find clarity right in front of you
Make your presentation the center of attention for every audience in every
room — even those where space is at a premium. Place the PJ 4152 Series
just inches away from any flat surface for large high-definition displays
featuring 1280 x 800 WXGA resolution. Take advantage of 3,500 lumens
and dynamic contrast ratios up to 13,000:1 and share brighter images with
sharper contrasts between light and dark colors even when presenting
in conference rooms with excessive ambient lighting or in sunlit atriums,
cafeterias, classrooms and more. Your audience will see — and hear —
the presentation as intended with lifelike reproduction. Choose from
multiple audio modes and customize the sound of your presentation to
accommodate each presentation, room or audience.
Add your own dynamic touch
The best ideas evolve over time. Enhance yours with feedback taken directly
from your audience during your next presentation. With the PJ WX4152NI,
you can use a wireless digital pen with tracking functions and automatic
calibration to turn your projection into an interactive whiteboard. Add clearly
legible annotations and feedback or highlight specific details on images
and schematics with incredible ease and accuracy. Share your presentation
with multiple audiences in multiple locations to encourage collaboration
in classrooms, boardrooms and other locations. Up to 20 RICOH Interactive
Whiteboards and/or Interactive Projectors can be connected to display
your presentation in real time, so you can share critical information
simultaneously with more people — without delay or travel expenses. You
can even use a RICOH Unified Communication System to project images of
the audience in each location to simplify interaction between participants.
Bring ideas closer to the audience
Find new ways to get attention
You may not know when the next big idea will arrive, but at least
you’ll know where to look for it. You can grab critical information
from almost any source, including networked Macs and PCs, as well
as Windows and Android smartphones and tablets. When you use
the PJ 4152 Series with Miracast, you can share images, photos, videos
and more wirelessly, in real time, from your personal Microsoft or
Android device without cumbersome cables or network connections.
Any participant can transfer images from a personal mobile device
to the big screen, so everybody can see the most recent and relevant
information up close. Sometimes, you may not have a computer or
mobile device readily available. No problem. Simply save files to a USB
memory drive and plug it into the projector to begin your presentation.
Make convenience look easy
Don’t wait for your audience to come to you. Take your next big idea
to them. Use the lightweight PJ 4152 Series at training sessions,
seminars, trade shows, impromptu meetings and even promotional
events — whether you’re in a conference room, laboratory or even a
hallway. Take advantage of 360-degree projection to adjust to your
surroundings, and present in any direction, without distorting images
on the screen. Best of all, you can do it all yourself, without IT support.
Use the convenient handheld remote control to access key features
and menus at any time during your presentation. Or, use Ricoh’s Web
Image Monitor and embedded utility software to control administrative
tasks remotely. You can even program the device to power on or off
automatically so you can run your presentation to audiences whether
you’re there or not.
Give your audience a better look
You can make your message more memorable by making it clearer.
Project images in more than one billion colors and two million pixels
at 16:10 aspect ratio (widescreen) with proven Digital Light Processing
(DLP) technology. Use intuitive controls to fine-tune images so you
can impress audiences whether you’re sharing blueprints, 3D movies,
images or even lesson plans. Or, let the PJ 4152 Series do it for you.
It can detect keystone distortion and balance images automatically to
ensure the best projection every time. The projector even adjusts for
the color of the presentation surface, manipulating colors on screen
so they’re always bright and colorful. The device doesn’t need to cool
down, so you can take it with you as soon as you’re ready.