IGEL Technology
Why you should choose IGEL thin or zero clients
• IGEL is the largest independent thin client manufacturer in the
• IGEL’s sole focus is thin and zero clients, with its own R&D
department and its own assembly plant
• IGEL products are sold to more than 15,000 customers in over
50 countries by over 1,000 certified Authorized IGEL Partners
(AIPs) and 3,000 resellers
• IGEL partners with industry leaders like Citrix, VMware,
Microsoft and Red Hat to ensure the most up-to-date technology
and trustworthy security
• IGEL offers high product availability with production capacity
of over 50,000 devices per month and devices that are shipped out
within 48 hours of ordering
• Dependability: private ownership and 20 years of successful
growth ensure a stable, dependable investment for IGEL customers
and partners
• Universal Desktop (UD) strategy: IGEL thin clients are vendor
agnostic, providing support for a wide variety of tools, clients
and protocols that are easily managed by powerful remote
management software
• Hardware: future-proof design—powerful, efficient, deployable in
a wide range of work environments; hardware warranty—5 years
at no extra cost (UD2/3/5)
• Software: future-proof thanks to guaranteed firmware updates
(up to 3 years after end-of-life: (UD 2/3/5/9/10) and continuing
development of IGEL’s Universal Management Suite (UMS)
• IZ Solutions Strategy: zero clients specifically optimized for Citrix
HDX, Microsoft Remote Desktop Service (RDS)/RemoteFX, and
Vmware Horizon View
Best price / performance ratio
• Free included: full version of the industry-leading thin client
remote management solution IGEL Universal Management Suite
(UMS)  minimal administration, maintenance and support costs,
“Zero Touch Deployment”
• Minimum cost: IGEL Linux for all UD series
• Appliance Mode for virtual desktops (Citrix, VMware, Red Hat):
fast registration, “one-click” configuration
• User experience and multimedia: more performance through
client-side caching and rendering, multimedia redirection, systemon-chip design including DSP for multimedia acceleration with
Citrix HDX and Microsoft RemoteFX
• Full support of peripherals, including dual monitors, up to
three serial ports, up to six USB ports, hidden anti-theft USB port,
USB-to-parallel adapter and audio in/out jacks, depending on the
• Expandable for WLAN capability and additional serial and parallel
ports via connectivity foot accessories
• Small footprint and flexible design: thin client can be positioned
vertically or horizontally or mounted on the back of a monitor with
a VESA bracket
• Protection from theft and tampering: options for Kensington
lock slot, integrated smartcard reader, secure VESA mount and
anti-theft USB foot available
• Two operating systems: IGEL Linux (LX) and Microsoft Windows
Embedded Standard 7 (W7)
• Adaptable to any environment: support for Citrix XenApp and
XenDesktop; Microsoft RemoteApp, Remote Desktop Services
and VDI; Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Desktops (RHEV-D);
VMware Horizon View; and many more
• Continuous integration of the latest software clients, tools
and protocols including Citrix Receiver and HDX, VMware Horizon
View Clients, Microsoft RemoteFX, SPICE etc.
• Direct access to cloud services via Web browser, JAVA and .NET
• Direct/native access to legacy host environments: support for
IBM iSeries client and SAP GUI (Windows 7)
• Digital dictation: broadest support for solutions from Philips,
Grundig and Olympus
• Efficient printing and printer management: local printing with
print-server function, ThinPrint support and optimized printing from
IBM mainframes
• IGEL Universal MultiDisplay: combine up to four devices into one
workstation with up to eight screens
• Multi-user workstations: “Shared WorkPlace” allows userbased device configuration for organizations with shift or roaming
• Special drivers and tools: installation with custom partition
feature (LX) or partial updates
• Integrated industry solutions: e.g., offline point-of-sale solutions
for retail, ability to connect special keyboards, including card
readers for the financial and healthcare sectors
• Industry-specific support from specialized consultants and
support staff
• Fast rollouts: Advance domain preparation/.csv file for importing
MAC addresses directly into the IGEL management tool
• Inventory Support: labeling / numbering of devices according to
customer specifications
• Customization of Firmware for Specific Projects
• On-Site Training on the IGEL UMS: roll-out, management, etc.
• Free Device Evaluation, Free Support
• Industry-Leading Software (IGEL UMS): centralized
management of IGEL UD thin clients, earlier IGEL thin client
models, and select third-party thin clients and PCs
• Multi-client-capable, profile-based remote management with
links to Active Directory zero-touch deployment
• Easy, intuitive GUI exactly depicts the local thin client setup 1:1
• 100 Percent of Thin Client Features Remotely Configurable
(IGEL Linux)
• Firmware updates: fail-safe process, even in the event of power
or network failure
• Bandwidth-efficient: buddy and partial updates prevent network
• Automated processes: schedule firmware updates, asset
management, and device on/off/restart/wake from sleep
• Quick and easy installation in less than twenty minutes,
including database installation
• High-availability feature, which includes load balancing and failsafe rollouts, available
• Two-factor authentication via smartcard or USB tokens with
support for PKI and SSO
• Broad support for security standards, protocols and various VPN
• Certificate-based and SSL-encrypted remote management
• Anti-theft protection with options for Kensington lock slots and
VESA brackets
• Anti-theft USB port in connectivity foot, ideal for offline POS or
WLAN adapters
Environmental and Climate Protection
• Exceptionally Low Climate Impact (Frauenhofer UMSICHT Study
2008 and 2011)
• Compliance with Important Standards: Energy Star, RoHS,
Reach, WEEE, etc.
• Multiple Energy-Saving Features: PowerManagement in
Windows and Linux, Shut-down / Wake-on LAN, Sleep Mode /
Stand-by in Appliance Mode
• Environmental Management According to DIN ISO 14001
• Soft Migration with IGEL’s Universal Desktop Converter
Software (UDC): delay of investment in client hardware
replacement, avoidance of electronic waste
• OS Standardization of PCs (x86) and select
third-party thin clients enables centralized, remote
device management (IGEL UMS)
• Simple Replacement: use of converted devices up
to the point of device failure, then replacement with
IGEL hardware (the exchange takes only a couple
of minutes)
• Five Different Roll-Out Options, including over
the network
• Cost Effective: single UDC software licenses
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