serial-B1 9010

CardMan® Desktop
We smart you up.
serial-B1 9010
Smart Cards are increasingly being used for applications such as Payments (e.g. Mondex, Visa-Cash,
Amex, GeldKarte), Home-Banking, smartcard
based Authentification (SingleSignOn), Digital Signature
Internet-Security, e-commerce, PKI-Tokens,
Healthcards, Loyalty etc.
Microsoft Windows” logo.Please ask for latest information for specific application approvals.
The usage within an application is based on standardized interfaces like PC/SC, OCF (Opencard
Framework) or CT-API. Native support also allows for
non-standard environments usage.
OMNIKEY’s CardMan product-family facilitates the
use of Smart Cards with PCs, Notebooks, Servers,
Personal Organizers and Set-Top-Boxes.
Generally drivers are available for:
Windows 95 and 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000
and Linux.
CardMan is designed to meet all major standards
like PC/SC, ISO 7816, GSM 11.11, Home Banking
Computer Interface (HBCI), the PC-99 Specification
and many more.
CardMan is designed as an OEM-product. The technology is also available as Chip-Sets etc.
CardMan was the world’s first Smart Card Reader
to be certified by Microsoft with the “Designed for
Intelligent Smart Card Reader
in compact housing
serial-B1 9010
Cable length
Power supply
Card Contacting Unit
Card power supply
Status Indicator
RS 232 (= serial COM Port)
180 cm
from PS/2 keyboard interface
100 000 insertion cycles
60 mA
LED green/red/yellow
(yellow at secure PIN entry)
Transmission Speed
with PC: 9 600 – 115 200 Baud
with Card: 9 600 – 38 400 Baud
T= 0, T=1, T=14
2wire, 3wire, I2C, phonecardsDrivers
PC/SC for Windows 95, 98, NT,
Operating Systems
CT- API for Windows 9 x TM, NT 4TM,
2000TM, SUN Solaris 2.5.1,
LINUX 2.029
Kryptographic secure download
Conform to
ISO 7816-2/-3, B1, healthcards,
Interface-specification for ec-card with Chip
(EMV ’96, Version 3.0), ITSEC-E2
Operating Temperature Class 3.1, 0 – 50 °C
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