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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
USE THE CAMERA ON THE PC--removing the card will cause
Installation method
Buttons and Icons
Switch on
Switch off
Loop recording
Emergency recording
Motion detection
Loop recording
Motion Detection
LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System)
FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System)
Plate Stamp
Date Stamp
Record Audio
Screen Saver
Beep Sound
Default Setting
• Please do not install or operate with wet hands.
• Please do not install in a location of high humidity,
Then adjust the angle through turning the lens up/down or
Too much sky affects
pic exposure. Check if
horizontal lines in center
of pic are too curved.
Check all 4 pins are the same. One may
be shorter from one bad batch
inflammable gas, liquid and position that may affect driver
visibility and safety.
LED Color
exposed to extreme heat.
• Please do not use power that exceeds rated voltage.
• Keep children away from products, accessories and package.
• Use only original charging cable. The manufacturer is not
Car Adapter
It has TWO ports (one for
powering another cam or charge
a phone)
liable for damage resulting from the use of other charging
• Please do not disassemble the device and charging cable. Do
not cut charging cable! Damage caused is not covered by
• Please do not press lens forcefully.
• Please do not use sharp object against dashcam or
• Please do not remove Micro SD card during recording and
shutdown process to avoid file damage.
*• It is recommended to use a Class 10, 8 GB or above Micro SD
USB Cable
GPS Mount (optional)
Non-GPS Mount
Mount Detaching String
Installation method
1) Install the Mount
• Please do not turn on motion detection unless your vehicle is
Plug the cigarette adapter into your vehicle's power port; Insert
the USB plug (opposite end of the power) into the USB port on
the camera.
① For GPS versionmount, please insert the USB plug into the USB
port on the mount. cam is OK too. Cam can mount higher then BUT NOT TOO
high as it must slide UP to remove (allow 1cm clearance)
② For non-GPS versionmount, just insert the USB plug into the
USB port on the camera.
① Slide the mount into the slot on the back of camera.
parked. If motion detection is enabled while driving, the camera
may not continuously record. Can only be turned on via Menu which
is inconvenient.
• It is recommended to keep the G-Sensor set to low (default
1. Power ON, not recording
2. Upgrading
Flashing Red
to prevent from booting failure.
Firmware upgrade
• Product function and contents of this manual may be
• The lens should be positioned within the windshield wiper
area to ensure a clear view on rainy days. Check first
• Please do not install device on or near the area where the
Enter Playlist
1. To select the next video
2. To lock/unlock the video
One click can turn off the screen,
once again to turn on the screen
To turn on/off device
1. To select the last video
2. To delete the video
1. To enter the video selected
2. To play/pause the video
One click can enter setting menu
best view.
• Install in a place where it will not be affected by the sun control
• Please do not interrupt power supply during system upgrade
• Install device in a location close to the rearview mirror for the
• It is necessary to format Micro SD card before first use to
PC mode
driver visibility or safety.
airbag operates.
ensure stable read and write. Re-format every 2 months for reliability
Buttons and Icons
• Please do not install device in a location that will interfere with
card (64 GB SD is highest supported type)
Back to previous menu
Power ON, Recording
③ Choose a suitable location for installation and make sure you
have the best view possible. (Check wipers pattern first) On passenger side
Position temporarily with duct tape. Check inside and outside vehicle
for suitability. Take into account 160 degrees diagonal view.
2) Connect to Car Charger
To turn on/off device
One click can start recording
One click can back to recording mode
To select the last feature
To select the next feature
(1) Power
. A small battery keeps settings & will requ. replacing sometimes.
(2) Rec/Left
(5) Mic/Right (6) USB Port
Note: Please do not install device on air bag or within its
working range. The manufacturer is not liable for any injury or
death caused by deployment of air bag.
(9) Card Slot
(3) Menu
(4) Emergency/Confirm
(7) AV Out (8) Reset
One click can lock the file being recorded
(10) USB Port
Recording Mode
Recording Time
Video Resolution
Recording Status
One click can stop recording
Emergency Lock
One click can disable audio recording,(check for mic
once again to enable audio recording icon on screen)
* In highest quality mode it just locks. In lower it creates a file with a few seconds
* 128GB is OK too. Using faster than C10 or U1 achieves nothing. Whatever, it MUST be formatted by FAT32
① Connect device to computer with mini-USB cable.
② Device will automatically turn on and “Mass Storage” will be
with contacts up toward the screen
Insert the Micro SD card into the card slot;| then connect the car
charger to the dashcam's mini USB interface and car cigarette
lighter. Start the engine, then the device will switch on
automatically. to Recording mode.
2)Switch off/on
①Automatic: When the power is turned on, simply turn off the
engine or unplug charging cable to switch it off automatically.
②Manual: Switching the device off manually is required for
vehicle models whose cigar lighter provides continuous power
after the engine is turned off.
③ When the device has a power source, press and hold the power
button switch at least 5 seconds to turn the device off.
④ Press the power button switch for at least 3 seconds to switch
the device on.
3)Loop recording
One click can turn off the screen,
once again to turn on the screen
1)Switch on
7)PC Mode
To enter the feature selected
One click can disable audio recording,
once again to enable audio recording
One click can capture a photo
film (window tint) or any other electronic product to ensure
optimal use. Consider/try Al foil to shade from sun heat.
format necessary warnings.
Consider "Dashcam Viewer" software
changed without further notice.
Copyright (c) 2016,VIOFO Inc., All rights reserved.
• Please do not leave the device inside an airtight vehicle
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
3) Adjust the View Angle
②Remove the paper from 3M sticker.
4)Emergency recording
①Automatic emergency recording
When the G-sensor is activated and a collision occurs, current
footage will be locked automatically to avoid being overwritten
by loop recording.
(Note: Collision sensing feature can be adjusted in settings
under the ”G-sensor” option)
② Manual emergency recording
Pressing the emergency recording button during footage
recording will lock current footage to avoid being overwritten by
loop recording. A "flag" at the point is created. If using resolutions less
than 1440p a file with a few seconds before & after is
5)Motion Detection
When this feature is activated, recording will begin if there is
movement in front of the camera. Once the camera does not
detect movement for 60 seconds, recording will be stopped and
the device will switch to detect mode. The device will record again
ifitwilldetectanewmovement in front of camera.
Have OFF when driving vs poor video.
① Insert Micro SD card into card slot and automatic loop
recording will begin after power is supplied.
② Time frame for each video file is 1/2/3/5/10 menu
③ When there is insufficient space on the Micro SD card, loop
recording will automatically overwrite the old files one by one.
④ Loop recording files are saved in SD card: \DCIM\Movie folder.
① Under video mode, press [
② Using the arrow buttons [
] button to access the playlist.
] to select the desired video
and press the button [ ] to play.
③ Press the menu button to exit.
③ The computer will detect “removable disk”.
④ There will be three folders under DCIM folder:
\Movie (loop recording video files)
\EMR (Emergency recording video file)
\Picture (Video snapshot)
⑤ Copy file needed to computer drive.
When you're talking something secret in your car, you just need to
press the "Mic" button once to avoid the audio recorded by the
dash camera.
9)Firmware upgrade Read download instructions file too. It may differ.
① Download current firmware, unzip the file. Drag/drop or
copy/paste the bin file to root directory of the Micro SD card.
② Insert Micro SD card into device card slot after the file transfer
is complete.
③ Plug into a power source and turn the device on.
④ LED indicator starts flashing for indication of upgrade.
⑤ Device will reboot automatically after upgrade is completed.
⑥Access version option in the menu to check if the most current
version is presented.
• FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System) : When your
• Resolution: Setting video resolution of footage recorded,
• Before using the micro SD card for upgrading the firmware, it is
necessary to format it by the device to ensure stable writing and
reading. Format MUST be FAT32.
before & after and puts it in a "prevent overwrite" folder
2560x1440P 30fps, 2304x1296P 30fps, 1920x1080P 60fps,
1920x1080P 30fps, 1280x720P 120fps, 1280x720P 60fps,
1280x720P 30fpsare available for selection.
Loop recording: Off/1/2/3/5/10 minutes. 3 is best
EV: Adjust the value of the EV(Exposure Value) to obtain better
recording results under different light sources. Range is from -2.0
up to +2.0. Default is set at 0.0.
WDR: Enable/disable WDR(WideDynamicRange) LEAVE ON
Time-lapse: Recordvideointimelapsemode. Off
Motion Detection: When this feature is activated, recording
will begin if there is movement in front of the camera. Once the
camera does not detect movement for 60 seconds, recording will
be stopped and the device will switch to detect mode. The
device will record again if it will detect a new movement in front
of camera. OFF
GPS: Turns on/off GPS tracking. If disabled, your camera will no
longer measure yourspeed and position norsynchronize the
time/date with the atomic clock. On
(only available when connect withGPS signal)
Please use “Dashcam Viewer” to playback videos and to visualize
yourposition and speed on your computer.
G-sensor: The G-sensor measures shock forces. Thesettings
from “low to high” determine theamount of force needed to lock
the file frombeing overwritten. We recommend set it to low.
LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) : When your
vehicle is moving out of its lane on Highways, LDWS warns you
by making alarm sound. OFF
• Do not unplug or power down the device during the system
upgrade to prevent the booting from failing.
SD Card
Press the Menu button during video mode to access the
To access Menu turn off recording first via Record>Menu
Navigate with <REC & MIC>. Yellow button
= ENTER. MUST do via cam (not desktop)
Motion Detection a.k.a. "Parking mode".Can only be set via menu.
Do not leave on or recordings may be poor.
vehicle is getting closer to the front vehicle, FCWS warns you by
the alarm sound.
Plate Stamp: Imprints a customized set of 6 digits to the
recorded video. Useful to add license plates or identifying
features. On
Date Stamp: Imprints the time and date on the recorded video.
Record Audio: Turns on and off the microphone. This can also
be changed during recording by pressing the microphone
]. On
Screen Saver: Turns off the screen after the set time. 15 seconds
LED: Turns on/off LED light.
Date/Time: Setting system date/time.
Time Zone: Sets the current time zone for GPStimeanddate
calibration, note the time zone must be manually adjusted for
daylight savings.
Language: Set the language display of system to English,
Traditional Chinese, and French.
Beep Sound: Turns on or off all notification sounds. On
Frequency: Adjusts the camera’s frequency setting to minimize
flickering and banding in the recorded video. 50HZ
Format : The operation will delete all data in Micro SD card. (
Note: Once you format the card, all information will be deleted
and cannot be restored. Make sure to back up all files before this
step. ) OK (to do format) or Cancel
Format Warning: Setstheformatwarningdays. 60 days *
Default Setting: Restore device to factory settings.
Version : Check the current firmware version of the device.
* It is wise to format SD cards regularly. Backup files to PC first.
Use the Menu format method which is convenient and avoids having
to remove the card.
Transcend Ultimate U1 or Samsung EVO "best" Format in the camera via cam menu.