Offering 128 QAM channels from a single card
HydraQAM is a 128 channel, high density PCIe QAM modulator card offering compelling
value on a per QAM basis while providing a path to full CCAP densities, DVB-C2, and
DOCSIS 3.1. Our modulator design has exceptionally low power per channel and optimal
thermal efficiencies to reduce the challenges of implementing our card into your solutions.
The design is a small form factor PCIe card, ready to fit in many existing products and ideal
for CMTS, CCAP, and video EdgeQAM products.
The core of the HydraQAM is an FPGA firmware based design, allowing flexibility
for future upgrades and improvements. Advanced DSP algorithms enable us to offer a
wideband RF signal that fills the entire cable spectrum up to 1GHz. Each QAM channel has
individual channel gain and frequency agility. This provides the flexibility to turn off individual channels entirely or set them to a unique power level or specific frequency. This
functionality enables the card to easily integrate into legacy networks and accommodate
existing traffic.
The modulator card supports up to 128 North American J.83 Annex B QAM or 96 European
J.83 Annex A (DVB-C) QAM channels. The modulator card complies with DOCSIS DRFI RF
specifications. And most compelling, the platform is based on a flexible architecture that
can support existing standards like NTSC and PAL, or future standards like DVB-C2 and
DOCSIS 3.1 through firmware upgrades. This enables equipment providers and operators
to future proof their investments.
Our modulator design is scalable to higher channel counts to meet CCAP specifications. It
is also scalable to lower channel densities offering the ultimate in individual channel frequency
agility. We are a flexible business partner able to customize our design for you and provide a
service that meets your needs whether that’s an OEM product, embedded card, or a
reference design and logic core.
For more information please contact:
Dan Coode
Business Manager, Cable Network Products
Phone: (306) 933-1624
Modulation Output:
• RF Range:
Sp e c i f i c a t i o n s
• ITU J.83 Modulation:
• Channel Agility:
• DRFI (I10) Compliant
46MHz to 1,006MHz
Annex A / B / C Support
QAM Constellations: 64, 256
Symbol Rate: 5.0 to 6.952 Msym/s
6MHz (128 channels), 8MHz (96 channels)
Each channel is individually tunable in frequency
Each channel can be individually turned off
Each channel has individual power gain control
Symbol rate and constellation set in blocks of 16
• RF Output Power per Channel:
# of Channels
Per Channel
52 dBmV
49 dBmV
• RF Ouput:
• Input Data:
• Management Port:
• Reference Clock:
• Typical Power:
• Input Power:
• Temperature Range:
• Size:
F-connector (75 ohms)
52 dBmV
57 dBmV
56 dBmV
55 dBmV
CX4 connection
10GigE Multicast / Unicast UDP/IP
52 dBmV
42 dBmV
38 dBmV
34 dBmV
Remote interface (API)
All software and firmware can be remotely upgraded
10 MHz/10.24 MHz SMB connector
0°C to +40°C
4” x 10”
Also available in a chassis.
** All specifications subject to change without notice. **
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