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Title: Upgrading RIMHood Stops-Body Information Bulletin
Utilimaster attempts to provide information that is accurate, complete, and useful. All information contained in
this document is based on the latest product information available at the time ofpublication. However, because
ofthe Utilimaster policy ofcontinual product improvement, Utilimaster reserves the right to amend the informa­
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1.0 Introduction
SITUATION: If you fmd excessive wear on the front bottom RIM hood stops ofan Aeromaster van, you
may retrofit the four rubber hood stops with two larger hood stops.
AFFECTED UNITS: Vehicles with RIM hoods.
CORRECTION: Remove old hood stops, install new ones, and adjust the hood alignment. See Section 5.0
for complete procedure-read all the instructions before beginning the procedure.
TO ORDER PARTS: See Section 3.0 for complete ordering instructions.
2.0 Tools and Parts
2.1 Parts
(1) Kit RIM Hood Bumper Stops 2.5 OD (PIN 23002147SK) which includes:
(4) Washer 5116 Flat (PIN 11000160)
(2) Nut Lock Wx 5116-18 2-WayFlange Gr 5 Zinc (PIN 11600238)
(2) Bolt Hex 5116-18 x 1-1/4" Gr 8 Zinc (PIN 11307024)
(2) Spacer Steel .34 ID x .40 OD x 1.5" Zinc (PIN 11600905)
(2) Rubber Bumper 2.50 Diameter x 1.00 (PIN 05705702)
Upgrading RIM Hood Stops
(2) Self-tapping Pan-head Torx Screw 1/4-20 x 3/4" (PIN 1l300177)
(4) Washer #10 (PIN 11000185)
(4) Bolt (Machine Screw) Stainless Steel #10-24 x 3/4" (PIN 11600897)
(4) Nut Lock Stainless Steel #10-24 (PIN 11600678)
(4) Nut Lock Wxd 5/16-18 2-Way Or 5 Zinc (PIN 11000040)
2.2 Tools
Safety glasses
Drill with 5116" bit
Phillips screwdriver (or screw gtm with Phillips bit)
Torx® screwdriver (or screw gun with TorX® bit)
Standard box and open end wrench set
Standard socket set
Torque wrench with ft·lb increments
3.0 Ordering Parts
To order the kit for this vehicle, gather the following information:
Model and year of vehicle.
Chassis VIN or Utilimaster Body Serial Number.
• Mileage at time of failure.
• Complete shipping address.
Description ofthe necessary parts (RIM Hood Bumper Stops Repair Kit 2.5 OD, PIN
Then contact Utilimaster Customer Service by one ofthe following methods:
• Call 800-237-7806 (or 219--862-3219) and ask for a Parts Department representative.
• Fax your order with the above information to 219-862-7637.
Mail or express service to the following address: Utilimaster Corporation Attn: Parts Department 65528 State Road 19 P.O. Box 585 Wakarusa, IN 46573-0585 NOTE: See the service page ofthe Utilimaster web site (
complete information about finding VIN and body serial numbers, ordering parts, and
filing warranty claims.
NOTE: When phoning Utilimaster, be aware that our
219 telephone area code is changing to 574 in
January 2002. The 800 numbers will be unaffected.
Body Information Bulletin
4.0 Safety Cons iderations
The following list contains general WARMNGS that you should follow when you
service a vehicle.
Always wear safety glasses for eye protection. Be sure that the ignition switch is always in the OFF position and the parking brake is set. Do not smoke while working on the vehicle. To avoid injury, always remove rings, watches, loose-hangingjewelry, and loose clothing before beginning to work on a vehicle. Keep yourself and clothing away from moving pru.ts. Tie long hair securely behind your head. Some electric fans may engage even when the engine is not running. 5.0 Procedure NOTE: Read all instructions before starting.
1. Release the hood hold-down straps, open the hood,
and secure the hold-open device.
Illustration 5-1 Existing Configuration
Upgrading RIM Hood Stops
2. Remove the four rubber hood stops. (See
illustration 5-1 and 5-2.)
3. If there is a set screw, it needs to be removed.
(See Illustration 5-1.)
4. Loosen both mount brackets. (See Illustration
5. Directly below each hood strap catch, locate
the center ofthe hood support (9/16" from the
back edge ofthe hood support). (See Illustra­
6. Using a 5/16" bit, drill two holes through the
bottom ofthe hood support. (See Illustration
Illustration 5-2 Remove Existing Hood Stops
Illustration 5-3 Loosen Mount Brackets
Illustration 5-4 Center with Strap Catch
Body Information Bulletin
Illustration 5-5 Drill Holes
7. Attach one 2-112" rubber bumper (PIN 05705702)
to the hood support with two washers (PIN
11 000160), a spacer (PIN 11600905), a 5116-18 x
1-1/4" bolt (PIN 11307024), and a 5116-18 flange
locknut (PIN 11600238). (See illustrations 5-6 and
5-7.) For each hood stop, the spacer goes through
the bumper, washers are on both sides ofthe
bumper, the bolt goes through the spacer, and (after
inserting the bolt through the hood support) the
locknut goes on the end of the bolt. Repeat for the
other side.
8. Torque the nuts to 5-7 ft-l b.
9. Remove the two bolts holding each mOill1t to the
bumper, and discard the locknuts. (See illustration
Hex Bolt
Illustration 5-6 Attach Replacement Bumpers
---- ---- -----Hood Stop
(Rubber Bumper)
- ....- .....
.......... _..... ..... r - - - - - - - - i
...r---""Bolts, Nuts,
& Washers
Set Screw
lllustration 5-7 Hood Stop in Place
Upgrading RIM Hood Stops
10. Place each mmmt in a vice and drill out the rivets
attaching the hold-down strap to the mount.
11. Reverse the hold-down strap so that the rubber
knob faces away from the grill. (Compare
Illustration 5-1 with 5-7.)
12. Reattach the hold-down strap to each mount with
the stainless steel 10-24 x 3/4" bolt (PIN
11600897), washer (PIN 11000185), and nut (PI
N 11600678).
13. Reattach the mOlmts to the bumper, using new
locknuts (PIN 11000040). Torque the 5/16"
locknutsto 14-18 ft·lb.
14. Adjust the mount supports so that the stops are
flat against the top surface and so that there is
also an equal spacing in the gap between the
quarter panel and the fender. (See Illustration 5­
7 through 5-10.) Pushing the mount up or down
along the vertical slot adjusts the gap between the
quarter panel and the fender (pushing the mOlmt
up increases the gap at the bottom). Pushing the
mount sideways along the horizontal slots adjusts
the alignment ofthe mOlmt and the hood stop.
15 . Secure the location after all adjustments have·
been made by drilling a new 7/32" (.218") hole
behind the adjustrnent slot and securing with the
self-tapping pan-head Torx® screw (PIN
11300177). This will act as aset screw. (See
lllustration 5-7.)
Illustration 5-8 Poor Alignment
Illustration 5-9 Good Alignment
Illustration 5-10 Proper Hood and Quarter Panel Gap
Body Information Bulletin