Halo Reach Manual - Mr. Campbell Rocks

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6/23/2010 4:16:52
WARNING Before playing this game, read the Xbox 360® console and
accessory manuals for important safety and health information. Keep all manuals for
future reference. For replacement console and accessory manuals, visit
Welcome to noble team
█ MSSG: Received
█ Authenticate: < S-312
Important Health Warning About Playing Video Games
Photosensitive Seizures
A very small percentage of people may experience a seizure when exposed to
certain visual images, including flashing lights or patterns that may appear in
video games. Even people who have no history of seizures or epilepsy may have an
undiagnosed condition that can cause these “photosensitive epileptic seizures” while
watching video games.
These seizures may have a variety of symptoms, including lightheadedness, altered
vision, eye or face twitching, jerking or shaking of arms or legs, disorientation,
confusion, or momentary loss of awareness. Seizures may also cause loss of
consciousness or convulsions that can lead to injury from falling down or striking
nearby objects.
Immediately stop playing and consult a doctor if you experience any of these
symptoms. Parents should watch for or ask their children about the above
symptoms—children and teenagers are more likely than adults to experience these
seizures. The risk of photosensitive epileptic seizures may be reduced by taking the
following precautions: Sit farther from the screen; use a smaller screen; play in a
well-lit room; and do not play when you are drowsy or fatigued.
Subject: Reassignment
I commend you for the exemplary manner in which you’ve conducted
your duties while serving with ONI/SectionTHREE/Beta-5.
You were chosen not only because of your initiative, discipline,
and ingenuity, but also for your skill as a pilot. All of these were
demonstrated admirably during your counter-insurgency operations
on Mamore [13.04 - 10.05.2552].
I’m glad to have NOBLE’s action element back up to full strength and
look forward to having you on the team.
If you or any of your relatives have a history of seizures or epilepsy, consult a doctor
before playing.
Urban Holland
Colonel, USW
NOBLE, Commanding Officer
ESRB Game Ratings
The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) ratings are designed to provide
consumers, especially parents, with concise, impartial guidance about the ageappropriateness and content of computer and video games. This information can
help consumers make informed purchase decisions about which games they deem
suitable for their children and families.
ESRB ratings have two equal parts:
Rating Symbols suggest age appropriateness for the game. These symbols
appear on the front of virtually every game box available for retail sale or rental
in the United States and Canada.
Content Descriptors indicate elements in a game that may have triggered a
particular rating and/or may be of interest or concern. The descriptors appear
on the back of the box next to the rating symbol.
For more information, visit www.esrb.org.
X167939401MNL.indd 1-1
█ PSA; Condensed SF Manual [FM 7-28]
█ Authenticate: < |
Fm 7-28
Heads-UpDisplays....................... 2–5
Ordnance....................... 6–10
CovenantSpecies....................... 11
GameControls....................... 12–13
TheMultiplayerExperience....................... 14–25
6/23/2010 4:16:56 PM
Heads-up displays
> spartan Hud
Your Spartan III MJOLNIR armor is
equipped with a full helmet that, in
addition to offering unsurpassed
protection from ballistic and energy
projectiles, carries a sophisticated,
tactical heads-up display (HUD).
The HUD not only shows your current
loadout of grenades, weapons, and
ammunition, it also provides real-time
monitoring of two important biometrics:
shield strength and body health. While
your shield is fully rechargeable, it
does not make you invulnerable;
significant injuries may be too grave to
allow full recovery in the short term,
so monitoring both shield and health
status is imperative.
1 > Grenade inventory
Press B to cycle through grenades.
Pull ] to throw the selected grenade.
2 > compass
Displays your current directional heading.
3 > shield and Health meters
Display your defensive shield strength and base body health.
4 > Weapons and ammunition
Displays available weapons and ammunition, with the active weapon icon
below (and larger than) the secondary weapon icon. Press Y to swap
weapons. To pick up ammunition, walk over to ammunition crates (Campaign
and Firefight) or over a weapon of the same type (all game modes).
5 > campaign scoring
Displays the game clock, current score multiplier, and scoreboard.
6 > challenge progression
Displays progress toward one of the many mode-spanning challenges.
X167939401MNL.indd 2-3
7 > Fireteam members
Displays the names and status of any non-NOBLE UNSC personnel currently
accompanying you.
8 > motion tracker
Displays locations of any nearby friendly (yellow) and hostile (red) units, as well
as their elevation relative to your position. Also indicates nearby vehicles (in gray
if not in use).
9 > armor ability icon
Indicates any currently equipped armor ability.
10 > credit acquisition
Displays Credits earned for in-game actions.
6/23/2010 4:17:06 PM
Heads-up displays (contd)
> Falcon Hud
1 > pitch indicator
Displays your current degree of pitch.
2 > current objective
Indicates the location of and distance to your current objective.
3 > altimeter
Displays your current altitude above sea level.
4 > altitude lock
Indicates that the current altitude is locked and being automatically maintained.
> sabre Hud
1 > current Weapon
Indicates your current selected weapons system. Press Y to swap weapons.
2 > Vehicle Health
Displays your vehicle condition and shield status.
3 > target locking reticle
Indicates targets which have been, or are in the process of being, acquired.
4 > target marker
Identifies potential targets in your immediate area.
5 > thruster Heat indicator
Commandeered vehicles also interface with your HUD,
relaying key information about controls and combat.
Indicates current thruster heat level; safeties will automatically disengage
6 > pitch and roll indicators
Display your current degrees of pitch and roll.
7 > current target marker
Indicates the direction toward the engaged target.
X167939401MNL.indd 4-5
6/23/2010 4:17:18 PM
SRS99—Sniper Rifle
5x, 10x zoom; small magazine; AM rated.*
M41SSR MAV/AW—Rocket Launcher
1.8x zoom; tracks flying targets; AOE.†
M247H HMG—Machine Gun
Heavy; limited ammo.
M9 HE/DP—Frag Grenade
Bounceable; deflected by Jackal shield;
H-165 FOM—Target Locator
2x, 4x zoom; very low ROF.**
T51 DER/1—Plasma Repeater
Very effective against shields; hold X to
vent waste heat (can be interrupted).
X167939401MNL.indd 6-7
T33 LAAW—Fuel Rod Gun
2.5x zoom; AOE.†
T52 GML/E—Plasma Launcher
2.5x zoom; very effective against shields;
tracks targets; hold trigger to increase
number of projectiles (max. 4); AOE.†
T52 DESW—Plasma Cannon
Very effective against shields; heavy; limited
Rate of fire.
T52 SAR—Focus Rifle
3.5x, 9.5x zoom; overheats.
Area of effect.
T1 APG—Plasma Grenade
Sticks to target; deflected by Jackal shield;
Electromagnetic pulse.
Optimal Range
Effective Range
T33 GML—Needler
Six projectiles to cause S-C††; semi-guided;
projectiles deflected by Jackal shield; high
T2 EW/H—Gravity Hammer
Melee weapon; AOE.†
T1 EW/S—Energy Sword
Melee weapon.
Anti-materiel rated; particularly useful against delicate equipment—like brains.
T25 C—Spike Rifle
Short, controlled bursts are most effective;
only issued to Brute shock troopers; high
T50 DER/H—Concussion Rifle
Small magazine; AOE.†
T31 R—Needle Rifle
2x zoom; three projectiles to cause S-C††;
semi-guided; projectiles deflected by Jackal
shield; AM rated.*
T25 DER—Plasma Rifle
Very effective against shields; overheats;
high ROF.**
M6 G/GNR—Spartan Laser
2.5x zoom; 2.5 sec. charge up.
M319 GL—Grenade Launcher
Hold trigger for alt. fuse: manual detonate/
EMP‡; knocks out shields; temporarily
disables most vehicles; projectile is
bounceable; AOE.†
T25 DEP—Plasma Pistol
Hold trigger for alt. fire: overcharge; semiguided; knocks out shields; temporarily
disables most vehicles; overheats; AOE.†
M392 DMR—Designated Marksman
3x zoom. AM rated.*
M45 TS—Shotgun
Most effective at close range; small
2x zoom; AM rated.*
MA37—Assault Rifle
Short, controlled bursts are most
effective; high ROF.**
Information regarding UNSC/Covenant weapons may
also be accessed by pressing  while in the field.
Super-combine: projectiles react explosively in unshielded targets.
6/23/2010 4:17:37 PM
ordnance (contd)
> VeHicles—unsc
> VeHicles—coVenant
M274 ULATV—Mongoose
Unarmored vehicle used
primarily by couriers.
Crew 1+1 (1 driver, 1 passenger)
T-32 RAV—Ghost
Primary reconnaissance/
rapid attack vehicle; very little
protection for pilot.
Crew 1 (1 pilot)
M12 FAV—Warthog
Lightly armored force
application vehicle; highly
maneuverable, extremely
versatile platform.
Crew 2+1 (1 driver, 1 gunner, 1
T-48 LAGC—Revenant
Lightly armored mobile artillery;
open vehicle affords very little
protection to crew.
Crew 1+1 (1 pilot, 1 passenger)
M808 MBT—Scorpion
Primary armored fighting
vehicle; requires support on
today’s high-speed battlefield.
Crew 1+1 (1 commander, 1 machine
gunner)—can accommodate up to 4
T-26 AGC—Wraith
Primary armored fighting
vehicle for ground forces; blind
spot/relatively weak rear armor.
Crew 1+1 (1 pilot, 1 plasma cannon
T-47 UHAP—Scarab
Recent intelligence suggests
this is not a fighting vehicle, but
an ultra-heavy infantry unit.
Crew 1+5 (1 pilot, 5 defenders)—can
accommodate 12 defenders
Armament UH-144A: M638 20mm
auto-cannon, 2 x M460 40mm AGL;
UH-144S: M638 20mm auto-cannon, 2
x M247H 12.7mm HMG
T-28 TC—Spirit
Primary troop carrier; heavy
armor is virtually immune to
Crew 1 (1 pilot)—can accommodate up
to 30 passengers and 2 vehicles
Primary space-to-ground
support/transport VTOL;
extremely versatile platform.
Crew 3 (1 pilot, 1 copilot, 1 crew chief)—
can accommodate up to 10 passengers
and 1 vehicle
T-52 TC—Phantom
Primary ground support/troop
carrier; heavy armor is virtually
immune to damage.
Crew 4 (1 pilot, 1 weapon officer,
2 plasma cannon gunners)—can
accommodate up to 30 passengers and
2 vehicles
Primary planetary defense
fighter for the Inner Colonies.
Crew 1+1 (1 pilot, 1 radar intercept
Primary A/X strike fighter;
extremely versatile platform.
Crew 4 (1 pilot, 1 copilot, 1 navigator, 1
systems technician)
Primary air-to-ground support/
transport VTOL.
X167939401MNL.indd 8-9
Armament LRV: M41 12.7mm LAAG
(vulcan machine gun); LAAV-G: M68
25mm ALIM (gauss cannon); LAAV-R:
M79 65mm MLRS (rocket launcher)
Armament M512 90mm SBHV
(smooth bore, high velocity) cannon;
M247 7.62mm MMG (medium machine
Crew 3 (1 pilot, 2 gunners)—can
accommodate up to 3 riders
Armament 2 x M1024 ASW/AC 30mm
MLA; 2 x ST/medusa missile pod
Armament 2 x M9109 ASW/AC 50mm
MLA; 4 x ASGM-10
Armament 2 x plasma cannons (linked)
Armament Plasma mortar
Armament Heavy plasma mortar;
plasma cannon
Armament Ultra-heavy focus cannon;
ultra-heavy plasma cannon, 3 x T-52
Armament Heavy plasma cannon
Armament Heavy plasma cannon, 2 x
T-26 GSA—Banshee
Primary ground support;
lightly armored, but extremely
Crew 1 (1 pilot)
T-27 XMF—Space Banshee
Most common interceptor/
escort spacecraft; unshielded,
but extremely maneuverable.
Crew 1 (1 pilot)
T-31 XMF—Seraph
Superiority fighter; heavy
shields, but extremely
Crew 1 (1 pilot)
Armament 2 x heavy plasma cannon;
Armament 2 x heavy plasma cannon;
Armament 2 x heavy plasma cannon
6/23/2010 4:17:52 PM
ordnance (contd)
> armor abilities
Information regarding armor abilities may also be accessed by pressing 
while in the field.
Jet pack
FIELD DATA This newest model portable jump-jet finally has the
power to lift a Spartan in the latest-generation MJOLNIR armor.
FIELD DATA S-320 is largely responsible for this plug. While not
quite a hack, it does temporarily override the safety limiters on
actuators and “muscles”—cheating the system regulators to keep the
operator cool as well.
Holographic decoy
FIELD DATA This gives the operator the ability to create a virtual,
holographic projection, which can be used as a decoy to draw enemy
fire. The decoy has a regular lifespan of 10 seconds, but may be
canceled at any time.
active camouflage
coVenant species
The leadership in any given group. In most cases, neutralizing Elites
will cause the rest of the unit to lose cohesion.
Heavily armed and armored infantry who are always deployed in pairs,
compensating for their relative lack of agility.
Aggressive and prone to shocking acts of violence, these creatures are
easily provoked into foolhardy acts of bravado.
Although of the same species as Jackals and similarly deployed,
Skirmishers are quicker and more agile than their smaller cousins.
Jackals employ energy shields that are considerably stronger than
any other known personal shield system, thanks to their linear
FIELD DATA Renders the operator virtually invisible. Overall
effectiveness is dependent on operator discipline—rapid or sudden
movement tends to overtax the system.
drop shield
FIELD DATA An evolution of the bubble shield employed by β5 Strike
Teams, it creates a temporary, semi-spherical protective shield that
also provides a curious restorative effect (still under investigation).
armor lock
FIELD DATA Fairly effective even in this early prototype stage, it
has internal components nearly identical to the Covenant gear that
spawned it. The biggest drawback is that the local gravitic effect
essentially immobilizes the operator.
Also known as “Buggers,” they are essentially flying insects with
guns. Where one appears, there are bound to be many more.
While lacking in intelligence and discipline, they are ferocious in
large packs, but rapidly devolve into disarray when their leadership is
These units are noncombatant support “personnel,” but they still
represent a significant threat and should be dealt with appropriately.
evade [restricted—coVenant materiel]
This appears to be a dummy module or terminator plug. While it is
critical for operating the Elites’ armor, its precise function is unknown.
Spartans are encouraged to acquire it in the field if possible.
X167939401MNL.indd 10-11
6/23/2010 4:18:03 PM
Game controls
button layout
Use Grenades ]
Use Armor Abilities y
Game Menu 
Multiplayer Score 
Move 
Crouch (click) 
Night Vision 
< deFault >
< recon >
 Use Weapon
 Melee Attack
Y Swap Weapons
B Switch Grenades
Melee Attack
A Jump
X Action*/Reload
Switch Grenades
 Look
 Zoom View (click)
For alternate control configurations, press 
to bring up the Menu screen, and then
choose Controller.
To use a medkit, walk over to it and then hold X.
night Vision
To activate your low-light vision filter, press .
To enter or drive a vehicle, stand near the passenger's or driver’s side of the
vehicle and then hold X.
X167939401MNL.indd 12-13
*Enter a vehicle, pick up a weapon, flip switches, open doors, and so on.
6/23/2010 4:18:11 PM
multiplayer basics
> actiVe roster
This subtle yet powerful
new feature displays
your friends’ activities at
a glance and allows you
to join their game, invite
them to your squad, or
get in the join queue if
they’re in the middle of a
To switch your current
network between system
link and Xbox LIVE®,
press Y. To join an open
lobby, select it in the
Active Roster and then
press X.
> loadouts
In multiplayer, you can select starting armor
ability, primary and secondary weapons, and
the type and number of grenades to carry.
Some game types have limited loadout options,
while others change dynamically as the game
For example, to play Invasion on the UNSC
side, you begin as a Scout (Sprint, assault rifle,
magnum, two frag grenades). On the Covenant
side, you begin as a Warrior (Evade, plasma
repeater, plasma pistol, two plasma grenades).
You can swap out your current loadout when you
respawn by pressing X.
Loadouts change based on playlist and game
type. Some game types stagger loadouts,
making new, more powerful sets available as a game progresses.
> social settinGs
For the best Matchmaking, define yourself using four social criteria:
Chatty or Quiet
Winning or Having Fun
Team Player or Lone Wolf
Polite or Rowdy
> connection options
Customize your experience by defining your desired Matchmaking criteria and
toggle settings to refine your searches for teammates.
> VotinG
In Halo®: Reach, you have more control over game variants and maps within
each playlist than in any previous Halo game. Once players are matched, the
game provides a default option and up to three alternatives, to be chosen by a
majority of votes.
> playlists
Playlists are collections of game types with similar properties used in
Matchmaking. In addition to game types, each playlist features a number of
settings, including minimum/maximum player count, number/size of teams,
and restrictions on playlist access. You’ll also find settings for voices, voting,
recycling, TrueSkill®, and weighting of search criteria.
In the Arena, players are grouped into Divisions according to TrueSkill rank.
You must complete a certain number of games per day to qualify and receive
a daily Rating; complete enough days to qualify and you’re put into a Division.
The Arena is divided into play Seasons. At the end of each Season, your final
Division placement and percentile rank are displayed.
Your TrueSkill rank is updated regularly, reflecting your performance as
indicated by your Rating. Division placement, qualification requirements,
cutoffs, and Season start/end dates may vary over time.
New in Halo: Reach, Campaign missions and Firefight are now playable via
Matchmaking on Xbox LIVE. Join up to three other players to complete any
Campaign mission, battle enemy Waves in Firefight, or square off in Score
Attack (two players in a mad dash for kills and the highest Firefight score).
Here you’ll find all the traditional Halo offerings like Slayer and Objective, plus
a new game mode—Invasion. This round-based game pits Spartans against
Elites on incrementally expanding battlefields with one side attacking, the
other defending. As the game progresses and map objectives are completed,
each opposing squad of six can access more powerful loadouts.
X167939401MNL.indd 14-15
6/23/2010 4:18:19 PM
multiplayer Game lobbies
You can engage in multiplayer combat from six game lobbies: Matchmaking,
Firefight, Custom Game, Campaign, Theater, and Forge.
> matcHmakinG
This lobby groups you with players of similar skill levels (Xbox LIVE Gold
Membership required). When you pick a playlist, Matchmaking compares your
rating/skill level (or the average rating/skill level of your party) to those of
other players in that playlist. Playlists are divided into ranked and social lists
of the most popular solo and team game types. Ranked playlists have some
restrictions to balance the competition (no guests, no parties larger than team
size for that playlist), but only via ranked matches can you raise your skill level.
of Covenant. After each Round, you have a break to reestablish a defensive
perimeter. A Set consists of three Rounds (15 Waves total) and ends with a
Bonus Round. After each Set, you get progressively longer breaks to resupply.
The Bonus Round is a timed killing frenzy in which your team tries to rack
up points before all players die or the timer expires. The Iron skull is always
activated in this round. If your team scores enough points, you win bonus lives.
By default, lasts one Set. Tough Luck (all Rounds), Catch (Rounds 2 and 3), and
Cloud (Round 3 only) skulls are enabled by default on Round change; other
skulls can be activated in the Firefight Game Options (FGO) menu.
> FireFiGHt
In Firefight, you and up to three friends engage Waves of Covenant invaders
and accrue points with each kill. Look for medal score multipliers (headshots,
grenade sticks, and more).
tracking your Game
On the bottom right, your HUD displays important gameplay information like
the game clock (either time elapsed or time remaining, depending on game
mode), current score multiplier (adjusted according to skills, difficulty level,
and current mission status), and scoreboard (shows your score and the highest
current score—or, if you’re in the lead, the score of your closest competitor).
Waves, rounds, and sets
Progress is measured as you battle Waves in Sets of Rounds. A Wave consists
of one Covenant squad deployed to kill you. The number of enemies in each
Wave varies, depending on squad makeup. A Round is comprised of five Waves
X167939401MNL.indd 16-17
Firefight classic
Lasts until all lives have expired. Tough Luck (all), Catch (2 and 3), and Black
Eye (3 only) are enabled on Round change. Enable others from the FGO menu.
Generator defense
Up to four players (Spartans and Elites); Spartan players protect three
generators. Round ends when all are destroyed or when Spartan lives are
exhausted. The generators can be locked down for 30 seconds by Spartans and
are only affected by Elite fire; their health replenishes when not under attack.
Like Firefight, except lasts one Round, and all AI enemies are Grunts. Catch,
Cloud, Grunt Birthday Party, and Cowbell skulls are enabled at start.
rocket Fight
Like Firefight, but lasts only one round; all players have rocket launchers and
unlimited rockets. Tough Luck and Catch skulls are enabled at the start.
6/23/2010 4:18:36 PM
multiplayer Game lobbies (contd)
score attack
Like Firefight, but with 1–2 players only; AI encounters in each Wave are the
same every time you play.
Up to four total Spartan and Elite players (no AI Elites). Elites have unlimited
lives. A Spartan team who kills an Elite gets an extra life. After 10 minutes (or
when Spartan lives are gone), the Round ends and players switch teams.
Firefight skulls come in both primary and secondary varieties, and
affect gameplay in various ways. Three skulls (red, blue, and yellow) are
customizable and can be used to specify Spartan, Elite, and Wave traits. You
can activate additional skulls in the Firefight Game Options menu.
Tough Luck
Enemies will dodge your grenades.
Enemies toss grenades of their own.
Black Eye
Meleeing enemies recharges your shields.
Shields and armor exchange properties.
Additional weapons drop with less ammunition.
Enemies are twice as durable.
Respawning is disabled (it does not appear in the FGO
menu and cannot be toggled).
In Firefight, Spartan loadouts include Air Assault (Jet Pack, assault rifle,
magnum); Recon Marksman (Sprint, DMR, assault rifle); Operator (Armor
Lock, shotgun, magnum); and Medic (Drop Shield, DMR, assault rifle).
All enemies are upgraded in rank.
Elite loadouts include Champion Assassin (Active Camouflage, concussion
rifle, needler); Ranger (Jet Pack, plasma repeater, plasma pistol); Royal Zealot
(Evade, needle rifle, needler); Sentry (Drop Shield, needle rifle, plasma pistol);
and Gladiator (Hologram, energy sword, plasma repeater).
Motion-tracking sensor is hidden.
respawn and resupply
In each Firefight, your team shares a pool of limited lives. Teammates who die
respawn in a safe area, but the team generally loses a life from the pool. Dead
players respawn for free, however, after each Bonus Round and when you
have no lives remaining but at least one member survives a Wave. More lives
are awarded at the end of each Round or Set. Choose from among available
respawn locations by using . New medkits and UNSC weapons are provided
at the successful completion of each Round.
customizable options
You can customize Spartan and Elite traits (respawn time; starting lives;
maximum extra lives; Elite kill bonuses, for Spartans only; loadouts), as well
as Wave properties (which skulls are active; which squads will appear in initial,
main, and boss Waves; whether squads appear randomly or in sequence). In
addition, you can set generator properties, scenario settings, turn count, Wave
limits, and the overall time limit to suit your preferred style of play.
X167939401MNL.indd 18-19
Your HUD and weapons are rendered invisible to you.
Acceleration scale from explosions is 3x greater.
Birthday Party
The party starts once a Grunt takes a headshot.
Combat dialogue becomes a little more... memorable.
6/23/2010 4:18:47 PM
multiplayer Game lobbies (contd)
> custom Game
custom Games
Create a private match or customize multiplayer games by changing game or
player settings. Customize your game and select game and map options in the
Custom Game Lobby. When creating a game on Xbox LIVE, you can set privacy
options from the Network menu, and play custom games with people on your
friends and recent players lists.
To create a unique game type, press X in the Custom Game Lobby. The Game
Options menus display elements you can customize, based on the default
game type selected. Customize victory conditions, vehicle and weapons
placements, player attributes, and more. You can save your favorite custom
game types from the Game Options screen, or after selecting the custom game
from the Recently Played list on the Games menu.
> campaiGn
Play the Campaign solo or cooperatively with up to three other players on Xbox
LIVE (via Custom Game and Matchmaking), a LAN, or system link. If friends
are unavailable, use Matchmaking to team up with people who aren’t on your
friends list. Choose from four difficulty settings; drop-out functionality is
supported and will not result in a severed connection or a return to the lobby.
> tHeater
View, edit, and take screenshots from films of multiplayer and solo games using
a combination of camera angles. Players with an Xbox LIVE Gold Membership
can also store films and screenshots online and share them with friends.
record Film clip
play/pause Film
take screenshot
> ForGe
skip backward
end Film
skip Forward
Arrange objects, equipment, and hazards on any multiplayer map. Remember,
even the most subtle change can dramatically affect gameplay. Map variants
can be created by you alone, or with friends on Xbox LIVE, system link, or a
local Xbox 360 console.
Retrieve the bomb, arm it in your opponent’s base, and protect it until it
detonates. Assault can also be played as any one of several variants, including
Grifball, Neutral Bomb Assault, and One Bomb Assault.
capture the Flag
Each team has a flag; four Rounds of three minutes are played. Each flag is
worth a point, and the Round ends if a flag is captured; whichever team has the
most winning Rounds out of four wins. Capture the Flag can also be played as
any one of several variants, including One Flag, Multi-Flag, and Neutral Flag.
Any player killed drops a skull that can be collected and placed in one of
several (moving) goals. You can collect up to ten skulls at once—but if you’re
killed, you drop them all. Headhunter can also be played as a variant called
Headhunter Pro, in which the only armor ability available to the player is Sprint,
the motion tracker is disabled, and skull drops require a headshot.
Three players initially spawn as zombies and attempt to infect other players
by killing them; players who are killed respawn as zombies. Infection can
also be played as a variant called Safe Havens, in which a moving hill offers
invulnerability to humans as they attempt to avoid zombies.
A Versus variant consisting of three phases: Territories, Assault, and Capture
the Flag. Invasion can also be played as any one of several variants, including
Invasion Slayer, Invasion: Boneyard, Invasion: Island, and Invasion: Spire.
One player initially spawns as an over-shielded, superfast Spartan with a
gravity hammer: the juggernaut. The other players vie to kill the juggernaut,
and whoever does so becomes the next juggernaut. The juggernaut with the
most kills wins.
king of the Hill
Your score goes up the longer you stay alive in the uncontested hill. King of the
Hill can also be played as a variant called Crazy King—in which the hill moves.
X167939401MNL.indd 20-21
6/23/2010 4:18:54 PM
custom Games (contd)
The arena contains one skull at initial spawn, and all the players fight to capture
and hold it for a predetermined duration. Oddball can also be played as a
variant called Hot Potato, in which the skull has a nasty habit of exploding, thus
killing the player holding it.
Each player spawns in a Mongoose and races the others from checkpoint to
checkpoint around a circuit. To win, be the first player to reach a predetermined
number of checkpoints. Race can also be played in two variants: Rally, in which
the checkpoints are randomly dispersed around the area instead of being
arranged on a circuit, and Rocket Race, in which teams of two use a rocket
launcher with an infinite supply of rockets to wreak havoc on their opponents.
Every player vs. every other player, with loadouts. Slayer can also be played as
any one of several variants, including Classic Slayer (no loadouts), Elite Slayer
(everyone plays as an Elite), SWAT (Sprint, DMR, magnum, no shields and no
motion tracker), and Slayer Pro (DMR, grenades, no motion tracker).
Teams collect randomly placed flags (or steal opponents’ flags once collected),
return them to their team’s hill, and defend them, collecting one point for each
flag on their hill when time expires.
Three hills can be captured if defended for a predetermined duration. Each
team scores one point per hill for each second they control it. The first team
to reach a predetermined score, or the team who is ahead when time expires,
wins. Territories can also be played as a variant called 3-Plot Territories—in
which the hills move.
tHe ForGe
The Forge is a game mode that allows you to tweak, create, or even destroy the
objects present on any multiplayer map.
Although you may move and fight freely as a player in the Forge, the real work
is done in Edit Mode. Pressing  will switch you into Edit Mode, in which you
gain the ability to manipulate the objects (weapons, vehicles, map objectives,
and more) around you. Pressing  again will switch you back into Player
Mode, so that you can test the changes you have made.
You can also enlist other players to reshape a map. Up to eight players may join
a Forge game over system link or Xbox LIVE, and up to four players can build
together in local split-screen mode.
Here are a few tips to get you started:
1. You are assigned a set budget for adding items to a map. If you run out
of Credits, delete default map objects to acquire a few more Credits.
2. Not all objects (vehicles, for example) are available for use on all maps.
3. Press X when you have an object highlighted to learn more about the
object and what options you can select for its properties on the map.
When you’re done reshaping the world, remember to save your new map
variant by pressing  and selecting Save Map. Then try your new map out
in the Custom Game Lobby or upload it to your File Share to share it with your
You can review Forge controls and other options by pressing  during a Forge
game session.
Within the Forge, you can also access Forge World—a selectable map in seven
intertraversable sections, forming the largest multiplayer map ever created
for the Halo universe—and play in map variants made by Bungie with the
same tools and objects available to players. Forge World features stunning
Halo terrain features: waterfalls, meadows, seas, mountains, trees, and even
Forerunner architecture. It’s an epic environment for players to explore and
fight in.
Visit www.halowaypoint.com or www.bungie.net for further information on
using the Forge.
X167939401MNL.indd 22-23
6/23/2010 4:19:01 PM
player custom content
You can access your in-game identity, player settings, and file sharing options
from any game lobby or even during gameplay by pressing  to open Your
Manage the film clips, screenshots, maps, and game
variants you want to share through Xbox LIVE (requires
an Xbox LIVE Silver or Gold Membership).
Flip through your scrapbook of pain, including shots
from your own game films and shots downloaded from
Active Transfers
Review current and pending file transfers.
Visit the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Halo-related
downloads, game demos, and more.
Bungie Favorites
Get hot new maps, game types, films, and
screenshots… straight from Bungie to you.
Bungie Pro Render
Use render minutes gained as a Bungie Pro subscriber
to turn your favorite films and clips into ready-to-view
video files.
Querying Files In-Game
For multiplayer mode, set your connection type by selecting Network from any
game lobby, and then choose Xbox LIVE, System Link, or Local. An Xbox LIVE
Gold Membership is required to search for or host games on Xbox LIVE.
> XboX liVe connection inFormation
File Share
multiplayer connections
Better define the parameters of your search by
specifying file type, game type, map, author, or tag.
For more information about networking issues while playing on Xbox LIVE,
visit www.bungie.net/router.
> system link
To host or find a system link game, choose System Link from the Network
menu. Select a game browser to view details or to join if a player slot is
> Queue JoininG
You can automatically join your friends as soon as their game has ended. Just
highlight them in Active Roster and then select Queue Join from the menu.
Both parties will be notified that, pending the completion of the current game,
they’ll be paired together in a squad.
> connection options and social settinGs
Prioritize what matters most to you in your online experience. You can define
your preferred matching criteria and toggle parameters when you’re looking to
be paired with a teammate.
> XboX liVe priVacy
You have several privacy options when playing on Xbox LIVE. From any lobby,
select Network, and then under Xbox LIVE select Open Party, Friends Only,
or Invite Only. Open Party allows friends and recent players to join your
party. Friends Only is limited to friends or current party members. Invite Only
requires an invitation from someone in your party to join.
Game Controls
Set controller preferences.
Pick your Service Tag, gender, and armor details.
Voice Communication
Control how and when you hear friendly and enemy
voices during Matchmaking games.
Screen Settings
Set subtitle and screen brightness options.
X167939401MNL.indd 24-25
6/23/2010 4:19:09 PM
Halo Waypoint
Halo Waypoint is your hub for all things Halo.
Whether it’s the intricate details of Halo’s
fiction, the incredibly creative communitygenerated content, or a comprehensive look
at your Campaign and multiplayer Career
across many Halo titles—Waypoint has you covered. Halo Waypoint also
provides fans with access to exclusive, never-before-seen shows and series,
offering the community the Halo news and entertainment they need, when
they need it. Waypoint is adding new features all the time, so keep accessing it
on your console, web browser, or mobile phone to stay up-to-date on the world
of Halo. You can access Halo Waypoint via Halo: Reach’s Main menu, the Xbox
LIVE dashboard, or visit www.halowaypoint.com.
XboX liVe
Xbox LIVE is your connection to more games, more entertainment, more fun.
Visit www.xbox.com/live to learn more.
> connectinG
Before you can use Xbox LIVE, connect your Xbox 360 console to a highspeed Internet connection and sign up to become an Xbox LIVE member. For
more information about connecting, and to determine whether Xbox LIVE is
available in your region, visit www.xbox.com/live.
> Family settinGs
These easy and flexible tools enable parents and caregivers to decide which
games young game players can access based on the content rating. Parents
can restrict access to mature-rated content. Approve with whom and how your
family interacts online with the LIVE service, and set time limits on how long
they can play. For more information, visit www.xbox.com/familysettings.
Bungie.net is a community, a centralized source of Halo information.
Features and functionality available on the site include extended postgame
carnage reports, providing detailed information about who killed whom, with
what, and where. Bungie.net also lets you view and share high-resolution ingame screenshots from your File Share so you can build and edit a gallery of
your favorite gameplay moments and share it with the world.
You can also view, rate, and recommend other items from friends or your own
File Share. You can queue downloads of cool movies or game variants to your
Xbox 360 console, automatically receiving them next time you log into Halo:
Reach. But that’s just scratching the surface—Bungie.net will also let you view
your lifetime aggregate multiplayer stats, metagame data, or show you and the
world which achievements you’ve unlocked.
And building on the social aspects of the multiplayer game, you can also view
your stats relative to those of people on your friends list, fueling competition
among peers and friends instead of simply losing your identity and stats in a
sea of millions of gamers. This friends-only Halo: Reach leaderboard is a great
way to create contests and rivalries between friends. Bungie.net even tracks
your rating promotion history so you can remember wistfully your data as a
freshly scrubbed private.
Bungie.net is more than an extension of your Halo experience—it’s a clean,
well-lit place to meet folks with similar interests and a shared enjoyment of
gaming. Meet new players and share moments, content, and games. You’ll
have access to strategy guides, interviews, podcasts, news, features, and
constant community interaction. And there’s even a Bungie.net store, featuring
exclusive merchandise and apparel. Bungie.net is built to make your gaming
experience deeper and better than ever before.
X167939401MNL.indd 26-27
6/23/2010 4:19:17 PM
XboX customer support
limited Warranty For your copy oF XboX Game soFtWare
(“Game”) acQuired in tHe united states or canada
Technical support is available seven days a week including holidays.
Talk to us on Twitter @XboxSupport.
Microsoft Corporation (“Microsoft”) warrants to you, the original purchaser of the Game,
that this Game will perform substantially as described in the accompanying manual for a
period of 90 days from the date of first purchase. If you discover a problem with the Game
covered by this warranty within the 90-day period, your retailer will repair or replace the
Game at its option, free of charge, according to the process identified below. This limited
warranty: (a) does not apply if the Game is used in a business or for a commercial purpose;
and (b) is void if any difficulties with the Game are related to accident, abuse, virus or
returns within 90-day period
Warranty claims should be made to your retailer. Return the Game to your retailer
along with a copy of the original sales receipt and an explanation of the difficulty you
are experiencing with the Game. At its option, the retailer will either repair or replace
the Game. Any replacement Game will be warranted for the remainder of the original
warranty period or 30 days from receipt, whichever is longer. If for any reason the Game
cannot be repaired or replaced, you will be entitled to receive your direct (but no other)
damages incurred in reasonable reliance but only up to the amount of the price you paid
for the Game. The foregoing (repair, replacement or limited damages) is your exclusive
Visit the Microsoft Xbox support page at www.xbox.com/support.
In the U.S. or Canada, call 1-800-4MY-XBOX.
TTY users: 1-866-740-XBOX.
In Mexico, call 001-866-745-83-12.
TTY users: 001-866-251-26-21.
In Brazil, call 0800 891 9835.
In Chile, call 1230-020-6001.
In Colombia, call 01-800-912-1830.
For information about Xbox LIVE, visit the Xbox LIVE page at
This document is provided “as-is.” Information and views expressed in this document, including URL
and other Internet website references, may change without notice. You bear the risk of using it. Some
examples depicted herein are provided for illustration only and are fictitious. No real association or
connection is intended or should be inferred.
This document does not provide you with any legal rights to any intellectual property in any Microsoft
product. You may copy and use this document for your internal, reference purposes.
This limited warranty is in place of all other express or statutory warranties, conditions
or duties and no others of any nature are made or shall be binding on Microsoft, its
retailers or suppliers. Any implied warranties applicable to this Game or the media
in which it is contained are limited to the 90-day period described above. TO THE
REMEDY FAILS OF ITS ESSENTIAL PURPOSE. Some states/jurisdictions do not
allow limitations as to how long an implied warranty lasts and/or exclusions or limitations
of incidental or consequential damages so the above limitations and/or exclusions of
liability may not apply to you. This limited warranty gives you specific rights, and you may
also have other rights that vary from state/jurisdiction to state/jurisdiction.
© 2010 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
For questions regarding this warranty contact your retailer or Microsoft at:
Halo: Reach uses Havok™: © Copyright 1999–2010. Havok.com Inc. (or its licensors). All rights
reserved. Visit www.havok.com for details.
Xbox Product Registration
Microsoft Corporation
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052-9953 USA
Microsoft, Halo, the Halo logos, the Microsoft Game Studios logo, 343 Industries, TrueSkill, Xbox,
Xbox LIVE, the Xbox logos, and Xbox 360 are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.
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Uses Bink Video. © Copyright 1997–2010 by RAD Game Tools, Inc.
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FaceGen from Singular Inversions Inc.
This product includes Zlib—© Copyright 1995–2010 Jean-loupe Gaily and Mark Adler.
This product includes libpng by Group 42 and the libpng Contributing Authors.
Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.
Waves Audio Plug-ins (www.waves.com).
In the U.S. or Canada, call 1-800-4MY-XBOX. TTY users: 1-866-740-XBOX.
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