Technical Data
Logistical Data
Case Type
Höhe (Verpackung)
435 mm
3.5 inch drive bay internal
Breite (Verpackung)
300 mm
2,5" inch drive bay internal
max. 5 x
Tiefe (Verpackung)
475 mm
Case fan (top)
1 x 140 mm
Bruttogewicht (Verpackung)
8,62 kg
Case fan (rear)
1 x 120 mm
Stück pro Palette
Case fan (bottom)
1 x 120 mm
Height x Width x Depth
385 x 215 x 336 mm
7,28 kg
Maximum height of CPU
170 mm
Maximum VGA Card Length
285 (310)mm
Manufacturer number
Cooltek RM3, "powered by Jonsbo", Micro-ATX, ATX, 2 x USB 3.0, 120 mm Lüfter, 140 mm Lüfter, Aluminium
Under the label "Jonsbo - powered by Cooltek" we present the highest quality cases for demanding users.
The RM3 uses just like the RM1, brushed aluminum and shines with its superb quality. A special feature of the case are the transparent windows,
which are an optical highlight for all hardware enthusiasts who enjoy the view at the inner workings of their case.
The chassis of the RM3 is made of high quality 1.0 mm thick SGCC steel and gives the case maximum stability. A 2.0 mm thick aluminum panel
encloses the chassis, the front panel is even 4.0 mm thick. Two color options - black and silver - are available.
Despite the very compact dimensions of the RM3, the intelligent interior design allows the installation of motherboards of up to 245 x 245 mm. This
means, Micro-ATX or ITX boards can be installed. The RM3 can also accommodate standard ATX power supplys offers a total of 4 expansion slots.
The installation of the motherboard is very simple - after you remove the left side panel it can be installed with little effort on the right side panel.
The high-quality and well-manufactured Mini-Tower can accommodate VGA-cards with a maximum length of 310 mm and CPU-coolers with a
maximum height of 170 mm.
The ventilation system of the RM3 is simple but still very effective. One 120 mm fan is installed in the rear of the case and provides fresh air for the
interior. The special frame on the bottom of the RM3 includes another 120 mm fan and the power supply; appropriate air intakes with dust filters are
provided to allow the intake of fresh air from the outside. Under the top is also a 140 mm fan pre-installed.
In order to guarantee a particularly smooth-running system, the hard disk drives are anti-vibration mounted at the bottom of the RM3. You can install
2 x 2.5 inch HDD / SSD at the special frame on the bottom of the case and another behind the mainboard tray. Additionally two 3,5 inch HDDs or 2,5
inch SSDs can be accommodated behind the front.
Another feature of the RM3 is the possibility to install a 120 mm water cooling system.
Two USB 3.0 and the obligatory audio connectors are available externally. Thus, external hard disk or USB drives can be connected quickly and
Depicted hardware is not included.