Zebra® ZXP Series 7 Card Printer

Zebra ZXP Series 7™
Card Printer
Fast and reliable card printing with photo-like images
Ideal for These Applications
Utilizing the latest in card-printing
technology, the ZXP Series 7 card
printer provides high-quality card
printing. The printer delivers fast
yet reliable performance while
offering users exceptional value by
lowering the printer’s total cost of
ownership. Time after time, it prints
sharp vivid cards with precise color
With color-coded guides and a clear
LCD control panel, it’s simple for
anyone to use.
Healthcare & Education:
Employee and student ID cards,
employee access control cards
The ZXP Series 7 printer has an
innovative design. It automatically
adjusts to the thickness of the
card, and ribbon loading is easy.
Locking mechanisms protect the
printer and media, and software
provides further security by tracking
and restricting activities as required.
Choose from numerous encoding,
connectivity and ribbon options,
and if extra security or durability is
needed for cards, wasteless singleor dual-sided lamination is also
Hospitality & Retail:
Gaming, loyalty/membership/gift
cards, sports & entertainment
High Security:
Government credentials, secure
access control, financial services
Zebra supplies make it easier than ever to manage your printer
Genuine Zebra™ supplies meet stringent quality standards, and
are recommended for optimal printing quality and proper
printer performance. The ZXP Series 7 printer is designed
to work only with Zebra True Colours® ix Series™
ribbons and Zebra True Secure™ i Series laminates.
For more information, visit www.zebra.com/zxpseries7
Zebra ZXP Series 7 Card Printer Data Sheet
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Performance: works the way you need it—card after card
The ZXP Series 7 printer is built to meet the needs of today’s demanding business environment.
• Robust design that works out of the box in a wide range of environments and applications
• Generates near-photographic print quality and color depth using photo-print technology
• Edge-to-edge card printing
• Laminator ensures security of the cards and lengthens the life of the image
Productivity: high speeds and low maintenance
The ZXP Series 7 printer features fast print speeds that improve productivity and reduce wait time.
• Fast click-to-drop and batch print speeds
• Up to three jobs can be in process at the same time (encoding, printing and laminating simultaneously),
enabling fastest throughput
• ix Series™ ribbons are developed for faster printing
• Simultaneous dual-sided lamination
Ease of integration and low maintenance are ensured by:
• High-capacity media
• Ribbon and laminate rolls are synchronized
• Simplified ribbon loading and operation
• Windows® drivers, ZMotif™SDK and networking options for faster deployment
Adaptability: meet business needs—now and in the future
The ZXP Series 7 printer offers real flexibility. You can select options whenever you need them—so you can add to
your portfolio of card-printing applications and manage your investment at the same time.
Options include:
• Single- or dual-sided printing
• Numerous encoding and connectivity options, including UHF encoding and 802.11b/g wireless connectivity
• Wasteless single- or dual-sided lamination
• Integrated barcode reader
• Zebra Duo-Print™ dual-sided printing upgrade kit
• A variety of ribbon options
AB&R is a certified Zebra Partner. For more information on Zebra Products & Services
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Adaptability and control through software:
• ZXP Toolbox provides advanced control over printer, driver, and software setup; administration; and
• Advanced security features allow administrative flexibility for customizing the feature sets and privileges for
• The ZMotif SDK allows software developers to easily integrate advanced features or write their own custom
print applications
Cost efficiency: supplies designed to minimize the cost per card
The ZXP Series 7 printer is designed to work with Zebra True Colours ix Series ribbons and Zebra True Secure
i Series laminate. The high- capacity ribbons reduce costs by delivering more images per roll and feature an
improved formulation for printing high-quality images at higher speeds. Many ribbon types are available in
two sizes to meet the needs of every printing task.
Zebra True Secure laminates reduce the risk of counterfeiting and extend the life of your high-security cards. The
unique laminate design dramatically reduces waste by eliminating the need for carrier material, backings and liners.
Specially designed cartridges make laminate replacement simple. Both the ribbons and laminates utilize intelligent
media technology, which automatically detects and calibrates the printer.
Zebra CardStudio™
Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise,
Zebra’s CardStudio makes designing and printing
professional-looking cards easy. It lets you make the
most of ZXP Series 7 printer’s functionality, including
smart-card encoding and laminating.
Flexible single or multiple user network licensing
and database integration options make CardStudio
the ideal card-design software complement for the
ZXP Series 7 printer.
For more information visit:
Zebra Virtual PrintWare™
Zebra Virtual PrintWare is designed to make it easy to
issue cards from your own applications. The templatebased printing capability allows for easy third-party
application integration of card printing and card
production flow.
You can print to one or more networked card printers,
and remotely monitor printers’ health and status.
To increase print capacity and throughput, you can
also use the software to pool and manage multiple
printers as if they were one printer.
For more information visit:
AB&R is a certified Zebra Partner. For more information on Zebra Products & Services
Contact an AB&R representative 800-281-3056 or visit www.abr.com
AB&R is a certified Zebra Partner. For more information on Zebra Products & Services
Contact an AB&R representative 800-281-3056 or visit www.abr.com
Printer Name
Encoding Options and Specifications
ZXP Series 7
• Magnetic stripe encoder—AAMVA and
ISO 7811 (new and pre-encoded, tracks 1, 2,
and 3, high and low coercivity)
• ZMotif SDK support and sample code
Standard Features
• 300 dpi/11.8 dots per mm print resolution
• USB 2.0 and Ethernet 10/100 connectivity
• Microsoft® Windows Certified drivers
• 200-card capacity feeder (30 mil)
• 15-card reject hopper (30 mil)
• 100-card output hopper (30 mil)
• Single-card feed capability
• ix Series intelligent media technology
• 21-character x 6-line LCD operator display
with configurable soft keys
• Kensington® physical lock slot
• Two-year unlimited warranty on printer
and printhead
Optional Features
• Single-sided laminator
• FIPS 201 compliant dual-sided laminator
• Lockable enclosures and card feeder**
• Extended product warranty programs
• 802.11b/g wireless connectivity
• 1D barcode scanner
• Duo-Print upgrade kit
NOTE: FIPS201 compliant dual-sided laminator is
only for North America.
Printing and Laminating Specifications
• Color dye sublimation or monochrome thermaltransfer printing
Single- and dual-sided printing
Near photographic print quality
Edge-to-edge printing on standard CR-80 media
Simultaneous printing, encoding, and
laminating capability
• One-pass single- and dual-sided
wasteless lamination
• 1375 cards/hour monochrome single-sided
or 555 cards/hour dual-sided printing
• 300 cards/hour full-color YMCKO
single-sided printing
• 225 cards/hour full-color YMCKOK
dual-sided printing
• 270 cards/hour full-color YMCKO
single-sided printing with lamination
• 200 cards/hour full-color YMCKOKO
dual-sided printing with lamination
NOTE: Printing throughput (cards per hour)
based on batch printing with USB connectivity.
Times may vary depending on the
computer configuration.
Corporate Headquarters
+1 800 423 0442
• ISO 7816 Smart Card Contact Station for thirdparty external contact encoders
• Combined MIFARE® ISO 14443 A & B
(13.56MHz) contactless and ISO 7816 Contact
Encoder with EMV level 1 certification, and
PC/SC compliance (supported over USB
and Ethernet)
• EPCglobal
Gen 2 UHF RFID encoder
• Zebra’s intelligent technology RFID tags
authenticate and automate ix Series ribbons and
i Series laminates
• Card cleaning rollers included with each
ribbon carton
• Specially designed cleaning supplies simplify
preventative maintenance
• Microsoft Windows Certified printer drivers
with Toolbox utility features: Windows XP (32
bit), Vista (32 and 64 bit), Server 2003 (32 bit),
Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), Server 2008 (32 and
64 bit), Windows 8 and Win 8 Pro (32 and 64
bit), Server 2012 (64 bit)
• CardStudio card design and issuance software
• Zebra Virtual PrintWare software support
NOTE: Please see www.zebra.com for up to-date
listing of supported systems.
Communications Interfaces
• USB 2.0
• USB supports plug-and-play printer identification
• 10/100 Ethernet
• 802.11b/g wireless option
Electrical Specifications
• Auto-switching single-phase AC power
True Colours ix Series Ribbons
YMCKO: 250 or 750 images/roll
YMCUvK: 750 images/roll
YMCKOK: 250 or 750 images/roll
½-panel YMC, full KO: 1250 images/roll
KdO and KrO: 2000 images/roll
WrKr: 2000 images/roll
Blue, red, gold, silver monochrome: 5000
Black monochrome: 2500 or 5000 images/roll
White monochrome: 4000 images/roll
Scratch-off gray: 3250 images/roll
Other colors available on request
True Secure i Series Laminates
• Linerless waste-free 1.0 mil top and bottom
laminate: 750 images/roll
• Laminate types: clear, magnetic stripe, smart
card, and holographic wallpaper designs
• Custom laminates with registered or wallpaper
holographic images available on request
Card Specifications/Compatibility
• Card thickness: 10–50 mil (0.25–1.27 mm)
• Card thickness for lamination: 30 mil (0.76 mm)
• 90V–264V AC and 47–63Hz (50–60Hz nominal)
• FCC Class A
Physical Characteristics
Height: 12"/306 mm
Width (printer only): 27.5"/699 mm
Width (printer with laminator): 38"/964 mm
Depth: 10.9"/277 mm
Weight (printer only): 26.9 lbs/12.2 kg
Weight (printer with laminator): 39.5 lbs/17.9 kg
• Operating temperature: 59˚ F/15˚ C to
95˚ F/35˚ C
• Storage temperature: 23˚ F/-5˚ C to
158˚ F/70˚ C
• Operating humidity: 20% to 80% inclusive,
• Storage humidity: 10% to 90% inclusive,
• Media should be stored away from direct
sunlight, between +5˚ and +30˚ C, and
between 30% to 50% relative humidity
• Card size: CR-80, ISO 7810 format, Type ID-1
• Card material: PVC and composite, ABS cards,
PET, PET-G, PET-F, PETix, and Teslin® composite
• Technology cards: contact and contactless
smart cards
• Specialty cards: adhesive backed, signature
panel, transparent cards with IR-blocker
NOTE: For optimum print quality and printer
performance, use genuine Zebra™ supplies.
Asia-Pacific Headquarters
+65 6858 0722
EMEA Headquarters
+44 (0)1628 556000
Latin America Headquarters
+1 847 955 2283
Other Locations / USA: California, Georgia, Illinois, Rhode Island, Texas, Wisconsin Europe: France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands,
Poland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom Asia Pacific: Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia,
Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam
Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Florida (LA Headquarters in USA), Mexico Africa/Middle East: Dubai, South Africa
AB&R is a certified Zebra Partner. For more information on Zebra Products & Services
Contact an AB&R representative 800-281-3056 or visit www.abr.com