Full protection suit VenPipe C &

Safety products – Full protection suit VenPipe C & F
Full protection suit VenPipe C & F
The air supply of the full protection suit VenPipe is completely integrated in
the suit. No other ventilation device is required. The regulation valve, the warning signal and the connection are located at the end of the hose. The antistatic connector is fixed permanently to the suit. A HEPA filter holds back any
possible particles caused by open couplings. The outgoing air is lead through
4 valves. They are optionally replaced by 4 HEPA filters in order to correspond
to a GMP production.
VenPipe comes with extraordinary features: flow rate (acc. EN12021) 300–500
l/min at a system pressure of 3 to 4 bar, antistatic soles, antistatic barrier and
comfortable hood with a high transparent visor.
Tychem F
Tychem C
Technical data:
• weight: <200 g
• flow rate: adjustable to 300–500 l/min at pressure
supply of 3–4 bar
• warning signal alarms when throughput of air is
not enough
• no carry-over of hazardous substances, as the
device is at the hose end and remains in the
contaminated area
Protection suit
• HDPE-fleece, with yellow polymer coating /
multilayer high-tech barrier resin
• finger loops, optional with gloves made of
• anti slipping, antistatic sole
• emergency cracking ribbon in the hood area
• undressing ribbon next to the zipper
• air outlet valves in the hood and in the
backside area
• hood made of highly transparent material
• to be used for extreme applications, with a high
comfort in wearing
• sizes M–XXXL
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