Converting a CNC11 Linux system to CNC 11 Windows 7 with a

TB236 (Rev1) - Converting a CNC11 Linux system to CNC 11 Windows 7 with a
Bootable USB stick
Purpose: Outline the steps to convert a system that is running OpenSuse 11.2 Linux to Windows7.
Required Materials:
Bootable USB stick from Centroid w/ Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit software
USB mouse
New seat of Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit (to register software once installed)
Report from system before installing Windows 7
Backup of G-code and Intercon programs
1. Plug in bootable USB stick.
2. Power on the system and press Delete to go into the Bios settings.
3. Highlight ?Advanced Bios Features? and press Enter. If it asks for a password, type 159 and press Enter.
4. Set the ?First Boot Device? to ?Hard disk? and set the 2nd & 3rd to ?Disable?.
5. Press F10 to save and exit.
6. Press F12 at the first boot screen to go into the ?Boot Menu?.
7. Highlight ?USB-HDD? and press Enter.
8. Read the Disclaimer and make sure you comply with all the statements. If everything is good, press Y to install Windows 7.
9. After Windows 7 is installed, you will need to activate Windows7, which can be done via the Internet or phone.
10. Open "Windows Activation" by clicking the "Start" button, then right click "Computer", then click "Properties", and then click
"Activate Windows now".
11. If using the Internet and Windows7 detects an Internet connection, click on "Activate Windows online now", type in the Windows7
product key when prompted, then click "Next" and follow the remaining instructions.
12. If activating Windows7 via the phone, click on "Show me other ways to activate", type in the Windows7 product key when
prompted, then click "Next", then click "Use the automated phone system", then click on the location nearest you from the drop-down
list, then click "Next".
13. Call one of the phone numbers listed and an automated system will guide you through the activation process.
14. When prompted, enter the installation ID that's listed on the screen into the phone's keypad.
15. Type the confirmation ID that the phone system gives you into the space provided under Step 3, then click "Next", and then follow
the remaining instructions.
16. The user password expiration needs turned off. Click the Windows start button, then type: cmd to bring up the command prompt.
Make sure the title bar reads "Administrator: C\Windows\system32\cmd.exe", then type: net accounts (press enter). Third line down
will read " Maximum password age (days): 42", confirm and then type:net accounts /maxpwage:unlimited (press enter). Type: net
accounts again to verify that it says "unlimited" beside the "Maximum password age". If it does type:exit (press enter) to close the
command prompt window.
17. The "Internet Time" synchronization also needs turned off. To do this click on the Windows button and type:time, then click on
"Date and Time" in the list. Click on the "Internet Time" tab and then click the "Change Settings" button. Uncheck the box for
"Synchronize with an Internet time server", then click "OK" to close that window and click "OK" again to close the "Date and Time"
18. Click on the "Start Button" and type network connection in the search window. Click on "View Network". Right click on the network
card. Click on "Properties", then "Configure". Click on the "Power Management" tab and make sure that the "Allow the computer to turn
off this device to save power" box is unchecked.
19. Power the system down.
20. Make sure that the MPU11 is connected to the PC/console via a SHIELDED Ethernet cable.
21. Power up the PC and MPU11. Once in Windows, open the contents of the USB and go into the folder labeled ?centroid-cnc11v303-r43a?. Double click on the ?Setup.exe? icon to install the CNC11 software.
22. Check the box for Mill or Lathe software and the WinPCap software. It will install the WinPCap first, then the CNC11 software.
When it asks you to configure the network card, select the nvidia Ethernet card and continue.
23. Right click on the ?CNC11? icon and select ?Properties?. Click on the ?Shortcut? tab and then click on ?Advanced?. Check the
box for ?run as administrator? and then click ?Apply? then ?OK?.
24. Install your configuration by extracting the contents from the that was generated by the system into the c:\cncm directory
and test the machine for functionality.
24. If want to eliminate the scan & fix pop up and autoplay pop up when you plug in your USB stick, you will need to do the following.
To suppress the scan & fix click on the Windows Start menu type in "msconfig" click on the "Services Tab" then scroll down and
uncheck "Shell Hardware Detection". Click "Apply" then "Ok" and then you will need to power cycle the PC. To suppress the autoplay
(what do you want to do pop up) click on Windows start menu and type "autoplay" then uncheck "use AutoPlay for all media and
devices" and click "Save".
26. Once everything is operational, generate another report and email it to Centroid Tech Support.
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