SG-250e - Used Cisco Liquidators - Network / Data Center Liquidation

StoneGate High Availability Firewall and Multi-Link VPN Appliance Datasheet
The SG-250e gateway has four 10/100 Ethernet ports, handles up to 30 Mbps of throughput, is
remotely upgradeable and centrally manageable. SG-250e includes enterprise level features such
as active-active clustering, load balancing and bandwidth aggregation for multiple Internet links
and ability to transparently fail-over VPNs, all with the security and connectivity of an integrated
Server Load Balancing
• Patented Multi-Layer Inspection™
• Server load balancing with agents
• Protocol agents for application-level security
Centralized Management
• Hierarchical security policies, with sub-rule bases
• “Define-once, use-everywhere” network elements
• Drag-and-drop rule base configuration
• Failsafe remote upgrade
• Automatic anti-spoofing
• Audit trail of admin actions
• Authentication server high availability
• Rule base analysis tool
• Failsafe policy upload
• Rule base templates and sub-rule bases for improved efficiency and performance
• DHCP Relay support
• Dynamic IP address support on the firewall
• Easy system backup and restore
• Blacklisting/whitelisting with IPS
• Role-based system administration
• Quality of Service and Bandwidth Management
• Drag-and-drop routing
• HTTP deep packet inspection
• Visual network layout for status monitoring and configuration planning VPN
• All communications are encrypted and authenticated
• IPsec compliant
• Site-to-site VPN tunnels: full-mesh / star topology,
Hub topology for mobile VPN
• Drag-and-drop VPN configuration
Advanced VPN Client
• Free VPN client with integrated personal firewall
• Supports multiple authentication methods, including smart cards, certificates, tokens and LDAP
• Optional application security feature: monitor and control application access to/from the network
• Utilizes Multi-Link on the StoneGate Gateway
Gateway Clustering
• Active-active up to 16 nodes
• State overview of connectivity, node, and security status
• Configuring and modifying multiple elements at once
• Security incident handling and documentation tool
Centralized Log Management
• Fast log browser that consolidates all the log and alert information to a single view
• Support for multiple log servers
• Log filtering for browsing, exporting, and pruning
• Scheduled log data export and manipulation
• High performance log server
Monitoring And Alerting
• Drop-In-Clustering mode
• Graphical, live monitoring of traffic and load statistics
• Load balancing and transparent failover connections
• Connection and blacklist monitoring
• ISP Multi-homing and route optimization
• Configurable alert escalation
• Bandwidth aggregation of any mixture of DSL, T1, T3, cable etc. • Built-in test system: auto recovery option
VPN High Availability
• System reports and drag-and-drop customized reports
• Routing for fastest gateway-to-gateway connection
• Reports exportable as PDF-files
• Transparent VPN tunnel failover (ISP or gateway failure)
• Data selection using filters
• Standby mode for backup links (e.g., frame relay, ISDN)
• Data combined from several log servers
• VPN throughput aggregation
• Data shown as charts or tables or both
• Reports created periodically and/or manually
• Customizable report templates
Technical Specifications
StoneGate Firewall and VPN Specifications
Integrated Operating System, Packet Filtering, Stateful Inspection, Application-Level Inspection, Circuit-level firewall with TCP proxy protocol agent, IPSec based site-to-site and mobile VPN
Firewall Protocol Agents
FTP, HTTP, H.323, SMTP, SSH, Oracle SQL Net, RSH NetBios Datagram, SunRPC, MS RPC, TFTP, TCP Proxy
VPN Protocols
IPsec, AES, 3DES, Blowfish, CAST-128, DES, Twofish, IKE, MD5, SHA-1, PKI (x.509)
User Authentication
RADIUS, TACACS+, LDAP(S), Internal user database
Remote, centralized enterprise management with StoneGate Management Center, Java-based GUI, encrypted and authenticated connections
Software Upgrades
Remote upgradeable
Logging Methods
Direct file logging, Syslog, advanced filters
Alert Methods
E-Mail, SMS (text message), SNMP trap, User-defined scripts
Multiple administration accounts, simultaneous administration, three different administrator levels, view-only live log monitoring for xSP
customers, distributed enterprise offices and help desks.
Safety/EMC Certification
Common Criteria EAL4+ (Firewall + VPN + HA v.2.0.5),
FIPS-140-2, ICSA firewall and ICSA IPsec
SG-250e Appliance Specifications
Network interfaces
Licensed Firewall Performance
Licensed VPN Performance (3DES/AES)
High Availability
ISP Multihoming
# of protected IPs
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Power Supply
StoneGate Firewall Engine (preloaded)
4 x 10/100 BASE-TX, autosensing
30 Mbps
15 Mbps
Yes, active/active with up to 16-node, clusters, stateful failover (incl. VPN connections)
Yes, high availability and load balancing between multiple ISPs (incl. VPN connections)
Unlimited users
1 x serial port
290 x 43 x 157 mm (11.6” x 1.72” x 6.28”)
1.4 kg (3.08 lbs.)
Universal, 12 V, 3 A, 32 W
Support Options
Premium Support
Basic Support
One-year limited hardware warranty
24/7-call logging via Web and phone, two-hour response time, software updates, hardware
replacement service
8/5-call logging via Web and phone, next business day response time, software updates,
hardware replacement service
Single Site
SG-250e VPN and Firewall
First Year Premium Support
First Year Basic Support (8x5)
Stonesoft Experience
Stonesoft Corporation (HEX: SFT1V) is an innovative provider of integrated network security and business continuity. Stonesoft is a global company focused on enterprise
level customers requiring advanced network security and
always-on business connectivity with low TCO, best priceto-performance ratio, and highest ROI.
StoneGate™ Platform unifies firewall, VPN and IPS, blending network security, end-to-end availability and award-winning load balancing into a unified and centrally managed
system for distributed enterprises.
Founded in 1990, Stonesoft Corporation has corporate
headquarters in Helsinki, Finland; Americas headquarters
in Atlanta, Georgia; and Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore.
The StoneGate Platform
The StoneGate Platform lowers the risks of doing business in a digitalized world. StoneGate appliances and software
provide secured, optimized, and resilient connectivity for converged services, while preventing damage from attacks.
With the help of unified management you can cost-efficiently manage and monitor the security and connectivity in your
Secured, Optimized, and Resilient Connectivity
With StoneGate Firewall/VPN, you can connect your offices with each other reliably and fault-tolerantly using Site-to-Site
VPN, ISP Multi-homing with Multi-Link VPN Technology, Firewall/VPN and IPS Sensor Clustering and Load Balancing,
Server Load Balancing, and Quality of Service and Bandwidth Management
Preventing the Damage from Attacks
StoneGate guards your network with StoneGate Firewall and with StoneGate IPS. StoneGate Firewall enforces your
security policy, prevents denial-of-service attacks, and drops malicious http traffic. StoneGate IPS stops attacks and
non-authorized traffic as well as protects unpatched servers before they are updated.
Unified Management
The StoneGate Management Center delivers an innovative and holistic approach for role-based administration through a
single, centralized management system. Forming the heart of the StoneGate Platform, the Management enter provides
unified tools for Security Enforcement, for Security Surveillance, and for Systems and Data management.
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