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RF Frequency Range / Bandwidth
460 - 900 MHz
50 ohms
63 degrees
Antenna Gain
10-12 dBi (on axis)
Front-to-Back Ratio / Rear Rejection
12 dB
RF Connector
BNC female, right angle
Dual Mounting Adapter
5/8”-27 U.S. standard
3/8”-16 European standard
Construction Material
Clear Polycarbonate
The PWS Helical antenna is easy to use and can replace any other directional antenna technology. The
antenna is particularly useful in large-scale events, where it is otherwise virtually impossible to control the
orientation of both the sending and receiving ends of communication.
It can be used in a couple of different ways – as an In-Ear Monitor transmitter antenna or with a receiver
for wireless microphones.
Typically performing artists wear a receiver that includes a ¼ wave whip antenna. Any movement can
result in a lower quality transmission. With the helical antenna, RF energy rotates through 360 degrees of
polarization, providing crystal clear reception in the artists’ ear no matter how much they move or where
they go on the stage.
The same applies when an artist is using a wireless microphone. A helical antenna can be used with the
receiver for greater performance no matter how much the handheld microphone is moved around. The
PWS Helical Antenna is part of a new generation of antennas that provide greater bandwidth, higher gain
and more flexibility in wireless communications.
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