High tech meets craftmanship Turn your TV into a

High tech meets
Form sets the tone
materials matter
Turn your TV into
a design classic
Elegance and flexibility in one TV wall mount
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A unique
shaped by
40 years of
It all started 40 years ago,
when my father wanted to
listen to his favourite jazz music
but couldn’t find a mount to
support his speakers where he
wanted them. That desire to
find a better way to do things
is still driving us. We are always
looking for ways to make
watching television, listening
to music or relaxing more
Recently our journey brought us
to a whole new level. It started when
we challenged our young designers
to come up with a whole new wall
mount concept for premium TVs.
They found inspiration in our rich
design and engineering heritage.
And what they came up with
delighted everyone - Vogel’s new
DesignMount. It is a turning point
for wall mount design that brings
a fresh new look to the market.
I hope that the DesignMount
will appeal to design lovers who
appreciate the finer things in life,
and want to complement their
cutting-edge TV with distinctive,
finely crafted accessories. The
DesignMount is pure design
from back to front.
We hope you’ll love using the
DesignMount as much as we
loved creating it.
Gerdi Vogels
CEO Vogel’s
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”A mount
that turns
your TV into
a design
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When we were given the
challenge to create something
completely new, I knew I wanted
to make a signature product for
Vogel’s. Something you would look
at and think “Wow”.
Electronics are
playing a bigger
role in our lives and
our interior design
I’ve always wanted to design
products that would last forever.
That’s why I love designing wall
mounts. Just like other classics,
Vogel’s DesignMount is designed to
endure. It has a clean bold look
with graceful lines that creates a
unique setting for a TV. People will
treasure this product. And that
makes me feel really proud.
Daniël Flach
Product Designer, Vogel’s
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When we created
this mount, we put
a great bit of Vogel’s
legacy in it. We included
our Screen Protection
System, which we invented
a few years ago. It protects
your TV from bumping into
the wall. The amazing thing
about this mount is how lightly
it moves. Just a tiny push from
your finger can turn it. We put
a lot of effort into making that
work absolutely flawlessly.
We call it Smart Movement.
We took all the best things from
our other successful products and
combined this into one new concept
that looks and feels more luxurious
than anything else out there.
Stefan Luijben
Lead Designer, Vogel’s
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The lining of the framework
is a never before seen
detailed composition
The new DesignMount includes
a great bit of Vogel’s legacy
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pure design from back to front
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The perfect entertainment system
What does the perfect
entertainment system look like?
Beautiful entertainment starts with
Vogel’s DesignMount and continues
with Vogel’s Cable Column, AV Multi
Support or Universal Sound Bar
Mount. This entire system goes
together to create a unique focal
point on the wall that looks great
and works fantastic.
We designed it so it seems like your
TV floats in the air with no cables in
sight. They are neatly concealed
and connected to a media player
or speaker system at any height
needed. The sturdy, tempered black
glass of the AV Multi Support offers
room for Blu-ray players, a gaming
console or other equipment. You
can stack several supports on the
Column to create the perfect
media centre for your needs.
They are the same width as the
TV, because we felt that this would
provide a balanced form when
combined with the TV.
A Sound Bar extension can be
neatly added to enhance your
listening experience.
Designed and engineered in
The Netherlands
With all Vogel’s products, we’re
developing the entire product in
The Netherlands. By leveraging the
innovative power of our designers,
we’re able to build a product that
radiates beauty in every detail. In
other words, exactly as it was
envisioned by our designers and
engineers in Eindhoven.
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The finishing
touch for
every style
Bold and colourful. Light and
peaceful. Whatever style you love,
Vogel’s DesignMount blends in
naturally. Its classic timeless design
creates the perfect backdrop for
your entertainment system.
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Let’s take a
real close look
Vogel’s DesignMount brings a breath of fresh air to the wall mount market. We
paid special attention to every detail and tried to create a wall mount which
looks and feels luxurious. One look and you will always recognize it. One touch
and you will love how easily it moves.
Turns up to 120 degrees
Get the best view from any point in the room.
Screen Protection System (SPS®)
Protects your TV screen at all times. No matter how far
you turn it, you have the peace of mind of knowing
that it will not come into contact with the wall.
Tilt up to 20 degrees
Tilt your TV up to 20 degrees for a comfortable view or to
avoid light reflections on your screen.
Easy adjust
We developed this product with easy mounting in
mind, and put a lot of effort into helping you get a
level mounting with the least amount of effort.
Smart Movement Mechanism (SMM®)
This patented feature lets you move your TV screen
with the touch of your fingertip.
Hide your cables
Create a clean sleek look by concealing cables from sight.
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The DesignMount is suited for
screens from 40” – 65” (102 -165 cm),
weighing a maximum of 30 kg.
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One beautiful
The DesignMount (NEXT 7345) folds
effortlessly against the wall, leaving a
minimal amount of space between
the mount and the wall. Its robust
frame is designed to support TVs
ranging from 40” to 65” (102 -165
cm), weighing up to 30 kg.
The 100 cm long Cable Column
(NEXT 7840) repeats the brushed
aluminium finish of the DesignMount.
It neatly conceals up to 10 cables
and can be mounted at the ideal
viewing height for the TV.
The advantage of Vogel’s AV Multi
Support (NEXT 7825) is its broad
shelves. These give you a sturdy piece
of furniture to hold your valuable
equipment. Perfect for a Blu-ray
player, gaming equipment and
console, centre speaker, etc. It looks
classy with its smoked black glass.
You can use more than one support
to stack up all your equipment.
We also created a Sound Bar solution
for the DesignMount, which will
complement the system. A support
can be mounted on the cable
column (SOUND 3400) or we offer
a solution which can be added to
the mount itself, so the sound can
be directed to wherever you want in
your room (SOUND 3450).
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MIN 72/2.9
MAX 718/28.3
DesignMount NEXT 7345, wall mount
• Sleek, graceful design
• Brushed aluminium and chrome accents
•Screen Protection System (SPS®): Vogel’s patented
SPS protects your flatscreen from bumping into the
wall when turning
•Smart Movement Mechanism (SMM®): The patented
SMM lets you move your TV screen with the touch
of a fingertip
•Magnetic Home Position: Your screen always straight
with the Vogel’s patented Easy Click home system
•Easy adjust: Straight mounting guaranteed
•Cable Inlay System (CIS®): Hide all unsightly cables
•Extends up to 72 cm/28.3 inch from the wall
•Turn up to 120° and tilt up to 20° (VESA 600 x 400)
NEXT 7840, Cable column
•Sleek, graceful design
•Cable column 100 cm / 39.6”
•Especially designed for DesignMount NEXT 7345
•Aluminium product
•Hide up to 10 cables
•Only 2 cm / 0.08 inch from the wall
•Combine with NEXT 7825 AV Multi support to store
AV & multimedia equipment (Max. 4x NEXT 7825)
•Combine with SOUND 3400 Sound Bar mount
NEXT 7825, AV multi support
•Sleek graceful design
•Complete solution for all media equipment
•Size (w x d): 67 X 31 cm / 26.4 X 12.1 inch
•Max weight: 10 kg / 22 lbs
•Made of high quality safety glass
•Can be positioned at any height in the column
•Must be combined with cable column NEXT 7840
Available Sound Bar accessories from Vogel’s:
SOUND 3400
Sound Bar mount suited for the
Cable Column
SOUND 3450
Universal Sound Bar mount suited for the
DesignMount and other wall mounts
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