Dterm SP30
Dterm SP30
IP multimedia softphone
At a Glance
• All the call handling and feature
support of a traditional
• Headset and handset
• Unique collaboration features
• Compatible with most VPN
• Audio alogorithm support
G.711 and G.729a
• Support QoS
The NEC Unified Solutions’ advanced softphone application Dterm SP30,
for the UNIVERGE SV8300, UNIVERGE SV8500 and UNIVERGE SV7000
allows you to use your PC to make voice calls and collaborate with other
The Dterm SP30 softphone is the natural choice for environments that demand new
IP-based solutions. Through virtual private networks (VPNs), you can use virtually any
internet connection, wherever you happen to be, enabling you to handle calls through
your extension just as if you were in the office.
Offering the full range of traditional telephony features, along with impressive voice
quality over IP, the Dterm SP30 softphone fully meets the needs of the IP-enabled
mobility/PC-based market.
The Dterm SP30 softphone is also the perfect solution for office workers who would
prefer to access their telephony features via a PC.
Release 18
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Advanced call features
Fast access buttons
Caller-ID display
Call transfer
Call hold
Call conferencing
Call deflection
Do not disturb
Last number redial
Voicemail integration
Voice recording
Handset Support
Headset Support
Call log
Configurable online
Collaboration features
Dialled (number, starting time and duration)
Received (number, starting time and duration)
Missed (number, starting time and duration)
Dialback on incoming and outgoing calls
Insert or delete memos on selected sessions in the call log for later reference or action items
Accessing keypad or keyboard dial
Drag & drop dialling
Speed-dial buttons
32 programmable line keys
Status indicators
Message-waiting lamp
Call-control buttons
Feature buttons audio and volume control
Video conferencing
Chat mode
✓ 1)
File transfer
TAPI functions
✓ 1)
Telephone directory integration
Short text messaging
Presence status
URL integration
Application sharing
✓ 1)
1) Not possible for Vista
PC requirements
Dterm SP30 client specification
Windows XP/2000 SP4 or higher, Vista
256 Mb or higher
Pentium III 900 MHz or higher on an
IBM-PC/AT compatible machine
Hard drive
50MB or higher free capacity
LAN interface
10/100Mb Ethernet
Microsoft XML
Version 3.0 or above
IP Telephony server
NEAX 2000 IX
FTP download for
program update
The software of the Dterm SP30 can be
upgraded to the latest version automatically. No need for end-users to install the
software themselves.
Large scale FTP
IT managers are provided with tools to
design a customised configuration
installation disk specific to their site.
Audio algorithm support
Audio algorithms
G.711 - 64 Kbps
G.729a - 8 Kbps
Echo cancellation
G722, AMR-NB and AMR-WB
PBX requirements
Jitter control
Packet loss concealment
PBX specification
IP enabled PBX
SP30 user
SP30 license per user
SP30 SIP user
SP30 license per user
IP seat
IP capacity license per user
Forward Error Correction
Noise suppression
Voice packet prioritization
Protocol modes
The Dterm SP30 can operate in SIP mode or in Proprietary
mode. Operability and service functions of both modes are
IP Precedence or DiffServ 802.1Q/p
UNIVERGE®360 is NEC’s approach to unifying
business communications. It places people
at the center of communications and delivers
on an organization’s needs by uniting
infrastructure, communications and business.
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through NEC Electronics Corporation. The NEC Group employs more than 150,000 people worldwide. For additional information, please visit the NEC home page at: http://www.nec.com
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NEC Unified Solutions
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