Network Management System
Product Features
■ VoIP
performance monitoring
■ Configuration
■ Inventory
■ Voice
quality data reporting
including Mean Opinion
Scoring (MOS)
■ Customizable
■ Automated
device registration
■ Automated
■ Firmware
■ Supports
Total Access 900
series and NetVanta Series
■ Web
browser GUI
■ Monitors
and reports daily
call activity
■ Group
and label devices
■ Eliminates
the need for
costly network probes
and appliances
■ Includes
NetVanta Server
450 and n-Command MSP
software licenses
■ NetVanta
Server 450 supports
up to 5,000 remote devices
■ Rapid
Return on
Investment (ROI)
■ Simplifies
management and
reduces operations costs
ADTRAN® n-Command® MSP is a powerful
and easy-to-use network management system
that provides monitoring and management for
a wide range of ADTRAN business networking
solutions. Using ADTRAN n-Command MSP
can improve network operations and businessclass Voice over IP (VoIP) performance for
service providers and enterprise organizations
who are implementing ADTRAN’s industryleading NetVanta® and Total Access® 900 Series
equipment running the ADTRAN Operating
System (AOS).
sophisticated management system. The
system should enable service providers and
enterprise IT organizations to deliver on
Service Level Agreements (SLAs), increase
customer service response, reduce network
downtime, and proactively monitor and
report the performance of the VoIP network
and users.
The ADTRAN n-Command MSP system
provides an easy-to-use and intuitive Graphical
User Interface (GUI) with a complete suite
of network administration and management
capabilities that includes inventory and configuration management, firmware management,
and VoIP quality monitoring and reporting for
ADTRAN Total Access 900 SIP Gateways, as
well as ADTRAN’s line of NetVanta Switches,
Routers, and IP Telephony solutions.
The Dashboard is the first screen to appear
after logging into the system. It provides an
intuitive and easy-to-use graphical display
with point-and-click/drag-and-drop operations for monitoring and management for
all devices being managed by the system.
As increasing numbers of hosted and
premise-based VoIP networks are deployed,
it is becoming more important to implement a
centralized network management framework.
Network planners, operators, and managers
require a system that empowers them to
deal with the operational challenges and
customer support demands associated with
next-generation telecom services. Customers
also expect to have the same, or higher, level
of quality and reliability from these newgeneration services as they had with
traditional phone services.
VoIP and IP telephony applications involve
call quality and performance management
challenges that require an easy-to-use and
Smart Solutions for a
Connected World.
The ADTRAN n-Command MSP solution
delivers advanced and easy-to-use capabilities
for network managers to address those issues.
Dashboard – Graphical User Interface (GUI)
The ADTRAN n-Command MSP GUI
enables the network administrator to quickly
and easily organize all the managed devices.
To promote flexibility and customization
for each n-Command MSP user, the system
is designed so each user can drag and drop
modules and resize or move them around
within the screen to tailor the views.
Network Management System
Through the main GUI dashboard modules,
n-Command MSP users have visibility and
reporting on critical performance data for each
managed device including the following:
• Average Uptime displays the average number
of days the devices have been operational
• Device Average MOS displays the Mean Opinion
Score (MOS) for each device that is running
VQM for 1-, 12-, and 24-hour time periods
• Device Types summarizes the number of devices
by type in a pie chart
• Heap Usage displays the percent of heap used on
each device
• New Devices displays all the new devices
discovered on the network in the last 10 days
• Processor Utilization displays the percent of
processor being used on each device
• Software Revisions depicts the software revisions
in a pie chart including primary, backup, or
running firmware versions
• Device Alerts displays all alerts present
throughout the network system and the icons
change to a red color when alerts of any of the
following occur:
Management Alerts are issued when problems are detected with the device's auto-link,
check-in, or running configuration.
Exception Alerts are issued when an exception file is present on the device.
Firmware Alerts are issued when the primary
or backup firmware image is not on the
system; the currently executing firmware
version is not the same as the primary firmware image; or the specified primary and
backup firmware images are the same file.
Voice Quality Monitoring (VQM)
As voice and data networks converge into a
single communications network, the ability to
implement and manage voice Quality of Service
(QoS) is becoming a critical part of successful
operations. QoS-enabled network devices can
provide better performance and higher service
levels for delay-sensitive Voice over IP (VoIP) or
other mission-critical applications, as well as
accommodating the lower priority traffic on the
same infrastructure.
ADTRAN® VQM builds on QoS to provide a
sophisticated level of network performance
visibility. ADTRAN VQM examines VoIP data
streams for each voice call, records the voice
quality information, and enables network
managers to identify problem areas in an
easy-to-use, graphical interface.
ADTRAN n-Command® MSP collects VQM
data from remote Total Access® 900 Series and
NetVanta® equipment running voice. After
each VoIP call is completed, the remote devices
communicate with n-Command MSP via a
low-bandwidth SIP message that includes the
voice quality data such as MOS, delay, jitter, and
dropped packets.
ADTRAN n-Command MSP then provides a
graphical display of the voice quality statistics so
network managers can easily and quickly select
any call or extension, and expand into the performance details on each VoIP data stream.
In the event that a remote network device is
experiencing low MOS performance, network
managers are visually alerted. Managers can
then proactively access call streams and network
performance details, often before a customer may
call into the help desk inquiring about low
VoIP performance.
ADTRAN n-Command MSP saves a
database of voice quality data based on the
device, day of week, time of day, and phone
extension. The database stores up to two weeks
of voice quality data and is designed to provide key
metrics relating to network congestion, endpoint
configuration, and other system issues, which
make diagnosing and resolving customer calls
faster and easier.
Remote Installation Management
ADTRAN n-Command MSP is firewall-friendly,
reaching devices behind firewalls. Remote devices
use the ADTRAN “Auto Link” feature to check into
the n-Command MSP server, opening up an IP
session in the firewall.
ADTRAN’s “Auto Link” feature enables
remote devices to communicate with the central
n-Command MSP server. Set the IP address of
the NetVanta Server 450 in a remote device and
as new devices are turned up they automatically
contact the n-Command MSP server. The
n-Command MSP system also provides a
visual update when a new device has been
added to the network.
The ADTRAN “Auto Link” feature enables
network managers to configure the contact
interval between remote devices and the central
n-Command MSP server. Remote devices automatically check in with the central server based
on that interval. ADTRAN n-Command MSP also
enables managers to launch browser access to the
CPE device with a few simple mouse clicks.
Inventory Management
Using the ADTRAN n-Command MSP system,
network managers can quickly and easily organize
the entire network of managed devices for a visual
display and reporting of the field assets and inventory. Devices can be easily associated and labeled
into groups to make it significantly quicker and
easier to identify remote devices.
While the ADTRAN “Auto Link” feature enables
automated device discovery, and n-Command
MSP tracks the discovered devices into the inventory database and records by device type, serial
number, and firmware version. Inventory data
can be organized into labels such as customer
name and location; and exported to a .CSV
formatted file.
Firmware Management
The ADTRAN n-Command MSP offers an
easy-to-use interface that enables network
mangers to automate firmware upgrades
to an individual or a group of remote devices.
Once configured, the n-Command MSP system
maintains a database of firmware and knows
which firmware to load for any managed device.
Network managers can set up auto-running firmware jobs in the MSP system that will simplify
firmware management and put network managers
in full control.
With the initial screening process complete,
n-Command MSP can upgrade a single firmware
version to a single device or easily facilitate a
network-wide upgrade. As part of the upgrade
process, the network manager can schedule a
date and time range when n-Command MSP will
update the firmware and when the devices will
reboot. This helps eliminate unnecessary network
downtime, avoids use of network bandwidth
during production hours, and enables managers
to upgrade the network quickly and easily.
Once the firmware push is performed,
n-Command MSP provides a job detail report
that gives a complete summary including
successful loads and specific details associated
with any unsuccessful attempts so managers can
resolve the issue and load firmware efficiently.
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Network Management System
This is another productivity enhancement and
significant time-saving feature that frees network
managers from continually monitoring the
upgrade process for remote devices.
Configuration Management
In addition to firmware management, the
ADTRAN® n-Command® MSP system also
provides configuration management for the
Total Access® 900 Series and NetVanta® devices.
The ADTRAN n-Command MSP system enables
network managers to push device or interface
configuration changes to remotely-managed
devices and automate configuration restoration
for individual or groups of managed devices.
The n-Command MSP system enables network
managers to make individual or global configuration changes to the network by pushing a
Command Line Interface (CLI) Script to selected
NetVanta or Total Access 900 devices. These scripts
can be created, using the built-in CLI editor.
Configuration images can be backed up and
stored on the n-Command MSP NetVanta Server
450. To empower network managers, the configu-
ration backups are performed automatically upon
check-in when a change to the device is detected.
For the ADTRAN NetVanta 7000 Series of IP
Telephony solutions, the n-Command MSP system
can backup the phone configurations and auto
attendant files as well.
n-Command keeps a history of previous backup
configurations. This allows managers to see a
history of previous configurations, as well as
restore devices to a previous version of the
startup configuration.
NetVanta Server 450
The n-Command MSP system includes an ADTRAN
NetVanta 450 special-purpose and dedicated
server. NetVanta Server 450 is a compact,
1U, 19-inch rackmount device that is used for
central processing, storing firmware images, and
config backups. ADTRAN NetVanta Server 450 can
support up to 5,000 remotely managed devices.
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