Personal Air
Sampling Pumps
Does Your Sampling Pump Offer You THIS ?
Space saving pump design
Compact double-acting pump gives excellent efficiency
and reliability at high flows
Wide operating flow range 5 ml/min to 5 l/min
Ergonomic case, comfortable to hold and wear, designed
with the strength to withstand long term every day use
Direct volumetric flow control with real-time flow indication
Digital flow control circuitry qiving long term stability
between calibrations
Multi-language firmware: English, Spanish, Italian, French,
German, Danish
Pump Manager application software, to ease routine
management of sampling data and results
Pro model stores sample data from up to 100 events
Infra Red wireless data downloading, just point and watch
Large LCD display clearly presents all operating
information and modes
Drop-in intelligent fast charger, for a tidy and convenient
charging arrangement
Green Technology nickel metal hydride battery pack
Emergency dry-cell battery pack option
Gas bag outlet for grab sampling of gasses, adds to the
pump’s versatility
The new APEX range of Casella CEL sampling pumps has been developed to provide sampling capabilities
between 5 millilitres and 5 litres per minute, suitable for a wide range of applications including solvent fumes,
asbestos clearance and personal sampling of dusts.
Two models are available.
APEX (standard),
APEX Pro programmable model.
Both models feature a programmable run
time mode. Merely set the desired
sampling duration, start the pump and let
it run.
The Apex Pro offers advanced and
unique features that are fully realised only
when used with Pump Manager software.
DATA STORAGE: The Apex Pro is
capable of storing up to 100 sets of data,
which include pump start and stop times,
flow rates, average sample temperature,
volume sampled plus any errors that may
have occurred.
COMMUNICATION: This is undertaken
using Pump Manager software and an IR
wireless data link connected to the PC
RS232 port.
operate in four programmable sampling
modes. These are set via the Pump
Manager software. This package allows
the programs to be configured, uploaded
to the pump and data downloaded to the
PC. The following programmable
sampling modes are available.
Duration: A samping duration can be set
via the instrument keypad, as for the
standard model. A duration can also be
set via Pump Manager software.
TWA (Time Weighted Average): The
software calculates a series of on and off
periods to switch the pump on and off
throughout the sampling duration to
achieve the desired exposure time.
User Scheduled Programs: Two
real-time scheduling programmes are
availabl, which allow the operator to
pre-program the pump with start & stop
times. Up to nine on/off routines can be
defined for each user program.
This software is designed and structured
to simplify the day to day management of
all sample data and results. It is used to
configure, and download the APEX Pro
advanced programmable model.
Models in the Apex series are available
as individual pumps or as a component in
a measurement kit, with the appropriate
accessories to suit a particular
application. These include flow
calibrators, sample heads, filter mediums,
tubes, gas bags, laboratory analysis and
training courses.
Think environment Think Casella
Pump Performance
Filter Type
25 mm GFA
1.0 litres/min
5 cm, 34 hrs
18 cm, 21 hrs
25 mm 0.8 µm
25 mm 1.2 µm
37 mm GFA
3 7mm 0.8 µm
Typical filter pressure load in cm H2O, Typical battery life in hours
2.0 litres/min
2.2 litres/min
3.5 litres/min
4.0 litres/min
9 m, 22 hrs
9.5 cm, 20 hrs
16 cm,12 hrs
18 cm, Marginal
31cm, 14 hrs
34 cm, 13 hrs
56 cm, NA
64 cm, NA
11 cm, 27 hrs
21cm, 16 hrs
23 cm, 15 hrs
37 cm, N/A
42 cm, NA
3 cm, 40 hrs
7 cm, 33 hrs
5 cm, 25 hrs
13 cm, 20 hrs
6 cm, 23 hrs
14 cm, 18 hrs
9 cm, 14 hrs
23 cm, 11 hrs
11 cm, 12 hrs
26.5 cm, NA
NA represents a flow rate and pressure loading combination beyond the pump capability.
Exact run times and pressures can vary from filter to filter.
Flow range
Flow control accuracy
Flow performance
(Flow, max vacuum
Battery voltage and capacity
Inlet pulsation ratio
Displayed values
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Charging technique
Typical charge time
External PSU (for drop-in
Memory protection time with
main battery pack removed
(Advanced model)
Recorded values
Dimensions (including
Weight (including battery)
0.8 to 5 litres/min
5 - 750 millilitres/min with Low Flow adaptor
<±5% for selected flow
1.0 litres/min @ 80cm H2O
2.0 litres/min @ 80cm H2O
3.5 litres/min @ 32cm H2O
4.0 litres/min @ 18cm H2O
5.0 litres/min open flow
4.8 V NIMH / 2.5 Ahr
< 10% using Dewell Higgins Cyclone
@ 2 litres/min approx 7.5 cmH2O.
Satisfies EN1232 , NIOSH 0600
Real flow rate, volume sampled, elapsed
sample time, Temperature, operating mode,
Program details
typically >2500 hrs
5 C to 40 C
-10 to + 50 C
Drop-in Intelligent fast charger.
dT/dt fast-charge termination with safety
time out.
Standby trickle charge mode keeps pump
ready for use.
3 hours for full charge
Output 12 VDC, 0.8 A, Universal input
Approximately 20 minutes
Infra-red (via RS232-infra-red transducer)
Start & stop times, flow rate, average sample
temperature, volume sampled.
Approximately 145 x 85 x 46 mm
500 g
Contents of the Apex Standard Starter Kit
Ordering Information
Apex Sampling Pump
Apex Pro SAmpling Pump
Pump manager Software
Spare Battery
Dry Cell Battery Pack
Standard Starter Kit, includes standard carry case with foam and accessories box, 0.3 tp 3 l/min
flowmeter, flowmeter stand, IOM head and cassette (1 off), plastic cyclone and casette (pack of 5),
Please order sampling pump and charger separately.
Upgraded Kit as above but with metal carry case.
Because of their policy of continuous product development, Casella CEL reserves the right to make changes to the specifications
without notice.
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