Scitex XP2750 Printer
A 3.2 m wide-format UV printer that delivers
superior image quality—up to 635 x 800 dpi—and
production speeds up to 110 m2/hr (1200 ft2/hr).1)
Expand your application versatility—print on both
flexible and rigid substrates with the same printer.
Dazzling image quality at production speeds.
• Impress your customers with high resolution images that stand up to
close scrutiny. Print signs, banners, and large graphics that command
attention with up to 635 x 800 dpi (1270 x 1600 dpi, apparent)
• Designed to deliver the high-quality applications your clients demand
at production print speeds. You don't have to sacrifice quality for print
speed. Meet customer's printing needs with a wide-format printer that
creates high-quality applications even at productive speeds of
77 m2/hr (820 ft2/hr).1) When quality is critical, switch to 8-color
printing mode. The ability to choose 4- or 8-color printing while
maintaining a productive print speed increases your printer's—
and your business's—versatility and cost-effectiveness.
• Produce vivid colors and a wide color gamut for vibrant indoor
and outdoor applications. HP Scitex Ink, specifically developed for
HP Scitex Printers, delivers superior image quality, remarkable color
consistency, smoother color transitions, and a wide color gamut.
• Customize your glossy prints with the standard HP Scitex XP2750
Shutters Control Kit. Fine tune your glossy prints and get the look
you want with the standard HP Scitex XP2750 Shutters Control Kit. This
kit controls UV exposure, delaying the curing process and producing
glossier prints.2)
Enter new markets with an extremely versatile printer.
• Exceed your clients' expectations with greater application versatility.
Print directly on a wide range of roll-fed and rigid media. The Head
Carriage Auto Elevator supports a wide range of flexible media,
including polyethylene, mesh, vinyl, Tyvek and other thick media types,
by adjusting printhead height. With the Flatbed Module, you can print
also on rigid substrates such as foam PVC, acrylic sheets, and more
up to 2.5 m (8.2 ft) wide by 2.0 m (6.5 ft) long and up to 6.35 cm
(2.5 in) thick.
• User-friendly set-up makes it simple and fast to switch between
flexible and rigid media. It's all about diversity. Why settle for just
flexible media when you can print on rigid media too? The Flatbed
Module integrates seamlessly with the printer. A simple design makes it
fast—typically no more than 10 minutes—and easy to switch between
roll-fed and rigid media.
• Provide more opportunities for your business with the optional
HP Scitex Double-sided Printing Kit, a versatile solution to add to your
existing printer platform.3) Create more application depth with the
same high quality. Expand your business with the optional HP Scitex
XP2750 Double-sided Printing Kit for backlit and blockout applications.
The printing software enables manual and automatic correction to
ensure precise printing.
• Print on mesh without the time-consuming cleanup with the
integrated HP Scitex XP2750 Mesh Kit. Capture excess ink and switch
media quickly and easily with the integrated HP Scitex XP2750
Mesh Kit.
Print speeds are for roll-to-roll printing at full width (3.2 m/10.5 ft).
Print quality may vary depending on media type and print mode.
Optional. Must be purchased separately.
Increase your business's printing capacity.
• Maintain high production print speeds without compromising print
quality. The HP Scitex XP2750 Printer delivers fast production print
speeds of up to 110 m2/hr (1200 ft2/hr) without compromising output
•Capitalize on the printer's productivity with the optional HP Scitex
XP2750 Multi-roll Printing Kit.3) Take advantage of the printer's
capacity and be more productive with the optional HP Scitex XP2750
Multi-roll Printing Kit.3) Print different files simultaneously on two
different rolls, each up to 1.6 m (5.2 ft) wide. With the innovative
multi-roll printing kit, you can handle each roll individually, making it
possible to load rolls with slightly different diameters.
• Increase productivity and simplify media handling with the inflatable
feeder and collector. The HP Scitex XP2750 Inflatable Feeder and
Collector simplifies media handling, shortens media loading and
unloading time, and ensures accurate and stable media advance.
•Cut down on your labor costs with the optional HP Scitex Vertical
Cutter3). Eliminate the time and manpower needed to cut media after
printing. This in-line cutter operates within the printer, enabling cost
savings and the ability to speed turnaround times.
Rest assured with a proven industrial platform.
•Designed for high-volume industrial environments. With robust media
loading and collecting features and a heavy-duty frame, this printer is
designed for production environments that operate 24/7.
•Your printer is available and productive with HP Scitex support,
a name you know and trust. Count on a proven platform used
worldwide. At HP Scitex, we are committed to our clients' long-term
success. We are as serious about supporting our clients with top-quality
care as we are about providing world-class printing systems. That
means we are committed to ensuring that you enjoy maximum uptime
and productivity. All HP Scitex programs and services are designed
with that single goal in mind. Wherever you are, you can be sure that
HP Scitex-certified experts are close by and ready to help.
Scitex XP2750 Printer
Technical specifications
Ordering information
Print speed
Up to 110 m2/hr (1,200 ft2/hr), 2 pass3)
Print resolution
Up to 635 x 800 dpi, 1270 x 1600 dpi apparent
Roll-to-roll (integrated collection system); roll-to-free-fall; rigid
Roll-fed: Woven polyethylene, paper, mesh, textiles, blue back paper,
HP Scitex XP2750 Multi-roll Printing Kit
HP Scitex XP2750 Double-sided Printing Kit
HP Scitex XP2750 Adaptor for 6-inch Cores Upgrade
HP Scitex XP2750 Vertical Cutter Kit
Original HP printing supplies
HP XP222 2x5L Yellow Scitex Ink
HP XP222 1x5L Light Yellow Scitex Ink
HP XP222 2x5L Magenta Scitex Ink
HP XP222 1x5L Light Magenta Scitex Ink
HP XP222 2x5L Cyan Scitex Ink
HP XP222 1x5L Light Cyan Scitex Ink
HP XP222 2x5L Black Scitex Ink
HP XP222 1x5L Light Black Scitex Ink
HP MF25 4x1L Scitex Cleaner
HP Scitex XP2750 Full Coverage Service
HP Scitex XP2750 Parts and Remote Service
HP Scitex XP2700 Basic Uptime Kit
Exhibition/Event graphics
Outdoor event banners
POP posters
Light boxes—film
Wall murals/Interior decoration
Double-sided banners/backlit and blockout
Rigid substrates
Billboard—paper, SAV
Billboard—PVC banners, Woven PE
Building coverings
SAV, PVC banner, canvas, synthetic paper, Tyvek, Yupo, and others
Rigid: foam PVC, rigid PVC, foamboard, and others
Roll-fed: up to 3.2 m wide; Rigid: up to 2.5 x 2.0 m (8.2 x 6.5 ft)5)
Up to 150 kg (330 lb) rolls with 76 mm (3 in) or 152 mm (6 in) cores,2)
up to 350 mm (14 in) outside diameter
Up to 6.35 cm (2.5 in) for rigid printing
Drop-on-demand, piezoelectric inkjet
Ink types
UV-curable pigmented inks
Ink colors
4, 8 color UV curable pigmented inks (switchable process)
Ink coverage
XP222: up to 136 m2/L (at “high press” mode)6)
Print heads
32, 4 each color
Ink drop
50 pl
Print Modes3)
8-color Photorealistic Mode
Flatbed module
8 m2/hr (84 ft2/hr)
10 m2/hr (108 ft2/hr)
8-color Sample Text Mode
15 m2/hr (162 ft2/hr)
20 m2/hr (215 ft2/hr)
8-color Sample Mode 18 m2/hr (196 ft2/hr)
27 m2/hr (291 ft2/hr)
8-color Fine Press Mode 23 m2/hr (250 ft2/hr) 36 m2/hr (388 ft2/hr)
8-color Press Plus Mode 32 m2/hr (348 ft2/hr) 57 m2/hr (614 ft2/hr)
4-color Press Plus Text Mode
27 m2/hr (290 ft2/hr) 42 m2/hr (452 ft2/hr)
4-color Press Plus Mode 32 m2/hr (348 ft2/hr) 57 m2/hr (614 ft2/hr)
4-color Hi-Press Mode 39 m2/hr (417 ft2/hr)
4-color Xpress Mode 50 m2/hr (538 ft2/hr) 110 m2/hr (1184 ft2/hr)
77 m2/hr (829 ft2/hr)
GrandRIP+ v8 by Caldera7) or ProductionHouse X10 by Onyx
Input formats
All popular graphic file formats, including PostScript, PDF, EPS, Tiff,
PSD, and JPG
Front end software features
Printing queue for multi job management, job ticket based operation,
automatic calibration, picture tiling, step and repeat,
HP Scitex XP2750 Printer
UV and water resistance without coating or lamination; conditions apply.
Optional. Must be ordered separately.
Print speeds are for roll-to-roll printing at full width (3.2 m/10.5 ft).
Limitations to media may apply. Please refer to “HP Scitex XP2700/2750 Printers Media list
(for HP Scitex XP220, XP221 and XP222 inks)” on
Based on internal HP testing. Actual results and testing methods may vary.
X-Rite i1 Color for HP—Caldera profiles generated with i1 Profiler.
2) 3)
error correction mechanism
Standard features
HP Scitex XP2750 Inflatable Feeder
HP Scitex XP2750 Inflatable Collector
HP Scitex XP2750 Shutters Control Kit
HP Scitex XP2750 Mesh Kit
Dimensions (w x d x h)
6.7 x 2.98 x 2.46 m (21.98 x 9.78 x 8.07 ft)
5600 kg (12,345 lb)
Operating environment
18 to 28° C (64 to 85° F)
20 to 80% RH (non-condensing)
Operating requirements
Electrical voltage
3-phase, 230/400 V ac (±10%), 3 x 20 A; 3-phase,
120/208 V ac (±10%), 3 x 25 A; 1-phase, 240 V ac (±10%), 1 x 40 A
Power consumption
15 kVA (12 kW)
1-year limited hardware warranty
Safety and environment
Environment: Ozone levels test report
Electromagnetic emission (EMC): EN55011
Safety: CE: EN60950-1, UL: UL STD 60950-1,
UV Radiation: EN12198
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