BCH1663 150W BATTERY CHARGER 95-264VAC or 120-360VDC IN
13-55VDC OUT
Made in North America
Very high quality
Competitive price
Input 95VAC-264VAC
Conduction/convection cooled - no fan
Fully protected
Single output
The BCH1663 series unit is a universal AC input 150W charger. Advanced IGBT technology and optimized magnetics ensure
high efficiency and outstanding reliability. The input accepts any AC voltage from 95V to 264V as well as DC voltage from
120V to 360V. The BCH 1663 meets all common approval requirements, is conduction/conduction cooled and fully protected.
It has a built-in charger fail alarm, low battery disconnect and reverse battery protection.
Output Voltages
13.8V/10.86A, 27.6V/5.43A,
55.2V/2.71A as separate modules.
150W max.
Consult factory for other voltages
Input Voltage
Input frequency 47...420Hz
120VDC to 360VDC
Input Protection
Thermal Fuse
Inrush current limiting
Line Regulation
Load Regulation
Max. ± 1.5% from no load to full
Input Isolation/Safety
2250VDC input to chassis
4300VDC input to output
8mm spacing
500VDC output to chassis
Designed to meet IEC950 and CSA
22.2-950 and UL1950. Please
consult factory for approval status
for the requested input/output
Min 75% at full load
Output Overvoltage Protection
Double regulator loop, stable and
independent of the main feedback
Overload Protection
Rectangular current limiting
Hiccup mode at short circuit or
massive overload
Battery Polarity Protection
Installed with crossbar diode and
thermal fuse
Temperature Drift
0.03% per oC over operating
temperature range
Low Battery Disconnect
Installed to prevent battery from
deep discharge.
100,000 at 45oC
Charger Fail Alarm
Installed with Fail open or closed
relay contacts (user select).
Meets EN 55022 Class A
conducted emissions as minimum
Output Ripple/Noise
Better than 1% of output voltage
peak to peak or 0.2% RMS of the
output voltage (20MHZ BW)
Enclosed case: F2-B package
10” x 4.425” x 2.250”
Connections and Packaging:
Output: screw-type terminal block
Twelve months subject to
application within good engineering
Operating Temperature
0 to +50oC without
de-rating. Extended temperature
range available
Enhancements to these general specifications and customizing can be accommodated upon request.
Designed to meet all approval requirements. Specifications subject to change.
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fluorescent lamp inverters since 1982. Custom or standard. Absopulse is a BABT-approved Facility