4K digital postproduction projector
b Playback of native 4K
b Improved contrast thanks
to high-contrast lens
b Software tuned to the
postproduction workflow
b Wide color gamut filter for
accurate color matching
The DP4K-P postproduction projector is the world’s first 4K DLP
projector that meets the high-performance demands for
postproduction, archiving, restoration and 4K color grading.
Ultimate image quality
To respond to the highly specialized needs of postproduction houses, the DK4K-P is
enhanced with several new components. It is equipped with a dedicated 4K (4 x
3Gb/s) input board which enables playback of native 4K content. Its wide color
gamut filter creates a wide gamut for accurate color matching. And thanks to its
high-contrast lens, the DP4K-P displays images with improved contrast.
Dedicated software for postproduction
What’s more, the DP4K-P projector comes with a redesigned version of the Barco
Communicator software. The overall look and feel of the Communicator interface is
adapted to the dark environment in which it is used and its intuitive menu structure
is quick to navigate. The dedicated software enables color correction per eye for 3D
Powerful input analysis
When combined with the quad 3Gb/s input board, the Communicator software is
turned into a powerful input analysis tool that enables you to visualize the MSB and
LSB via a bit-depth analysis of the different inputs. You can also easily compare
inputs through the split-screen analysis (diagonal, vertical, side-by-side and checker
Digital MicroMirror Device™
3 x 1.38” DC4K dark metal devices
Native resolution
4,096 x 2,160 pixels
Hermetically sealed DMD and optical assembly
2kW included (Xenon) Up to 4kW possible Compatible with models from all major brands
Light output
4,200 lumens (10% deviation possible)
Screen size
Up to 6.5 m (21 ft)
Brightness uniformity
80% at sides, 75% at corners
Color uniformity
Meets the DCI/SMPTE 431-1 specs
Native contrast ratio
Target: 2,300:1
Min: 2,100:1
Color gamut
native red: x = 0.7; y = 0.3
native green: x = 0.2; y = 0.76
native blue: x = 0.145; y = 0.04
Digital Video Inputs
4 x 3Gb/s HD-SDI inputs (max. two single-link HD-SDI, one dual-link HD-SDI or one quad link 4K)
2 x DVI input
Control I/O
Serial RS232
Projector diagnostics
Via Communicator postproduction software (included) Via PC touch panel (optional) Via SNMP agent
Power requirements
200-240 V
30 A
50-60 Hz
604(H) x 754(W) x 1129(D) mm
23.78(H) x 29.69(W) x 44.45(D) inch
NB: min. 5 cm of air inlet spacing required at the bottom of projector
134 kg (295 lbs)
Ambient temperature
35°C / 95°F
Exhaust airflow
350 CFM
3D add-ons
Touch panel
Last updated: 21 Jan 2018
Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please check www.barco.com for the latest information.