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A quick, convenient and highly effective cleaning wipe to clean hands, tools and surfaces.
SEALANTS & ADHESIVES – Uncured silicone sealant, epoxy stains, spray glue and rubber cement.
GREASE – Oil, lubricants, ink, dirt, grass stains, petroleum based products.
PAINT – Acrylic, spray, oil and water based products. Effective up to 24 hours after the paint has dried.
GENERAL CLEANING – Will refresh and clean old paint and sealants. Ideal for stain removal from most work
PU FOAM – Uncured.
PACKAGING: 20cm x 30cm tub containing 80 wipes (packed 1 x 6)
DIRECTIONS - To open, squeeze tub and pull off lid. Remove foil seal. Pull out first wipe from the centre of the roll
and thread through the slot in the lid. Pull out a wipe whenever required. Wipe away residue with a damp cloth if
necessary. For best results, clean spills immediately. For removal of paint stains from non-porous surfaces up to
24 hours after application, simply leave a folded wipe on the paint surfaces for a few minutes prior to rubbing
gently away. Always close the lid immediately after use.
HEALTH & SAFETY – Causes serious eye irritation. Keep out of the reach of children. Read label before use. Keep
container tightly closed. Wash thoroughly after handling. Wear protective eye protection. In case of contact with
eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. If medical advice is needed, have product
container or label at hand. Safety data sheet available on request. Dispose of empty packaging responsibly.
LIMITATIONS – Among others not suitable for use on some plastics, delicate surfaces and fabrics. Dry fluid from
hands before handling sensitive equipment. A compatibility test is recommended on a hidden area of the surface
prior to application. It is the user’s responsibility to determine suitability. Store at room temperature in dry
LIABILITY - The information give is the result of our tests and experience and is believed to be accurate and reliable.
However, as Siroflex Limited cannot know all the uses that its products may be put to and as application methods are
out of our control, it is the user’s responsibility to determine suitability of use.
Click here for full Health & Safety information.
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