LXT I8, LXT I80, and LXT I50M
PH: (540) 349-4746 • FAX: (540) 347-4755
Capacity (resolution) Accuracy: ±0.5% F.S., ±1 LSD
0.020~6.970 (0.001)
0.020~8.000 (0.001)
0.20~7.860 (0.01)
0.20~69.70 (0.01)
0.20~80.00 (0.01)
2.0~786.0 (1)
0.020~7.860 (0.1)
Smart Adapters
Range lb-in
Screw on top*
10,000 hrs
8,000 hrs
5,000 hrs
Operational life
Note: optional metric smart adapters are available, please inquire.
5,000 hrs
1.0~130.0 (0.1)
1.0~150.0 (0.1)
1.0~1500 (1)
0.10~15.00 (.01)
Spring Adapters
2500 times
1. Carrying case
2. Torque Tester
3. Driver adapters:
a. Smart driver adapters LXT I8 and LXT I80
b. Spring adapters for LXT I50M
4. AC adapter/charger
For safety, and for damage avoidance, be sure to read this manual thoroughly. The warranty is only valid when the
product is used following the instructions provided within this manual.
• Do not use tester in high temperature, high humidity, or in a damp or wet place.
• Recommended operating temperature is 0 - 42°C (32 - 100°F).
• Do not apply torque exceeding the rated capacity, regardless of whether the unit is on or off. Avoid shock load.
Do not use with impact wrenches. Note: the driver adapter capacity is less than the unit capacity.
• To charge the battery only use the AC adapter/charger provided.
• Securely fasten the unit to a stable work surface by tightening the mounting screws to avoid spinning and
possible accidents.
• Do not use lacquer thinner or any solvent to clean the unit.
• Do not disassemble or modify the unit.
• When not in use, store tester in carrying case provided.
1. POWER SWITCH Press to turn on, press again to turn off (click once, do not
hold). After 10 minutes of non-use, unit shuts off.
2. MODE Select Real Time, PP (Peak), PD (Peak Down) or C (Continuous
Output Mode).
3. CLEAR Reset display to zero and send data to memory.
4. LCD display Displays torque value, battery icon, mode and units.
5. UNIT Select units (lbf-in, kgf-cm, N-cm and N-m.)
6. GOOD/C Mode Indicator
8. DOWN/SHIFT Change values or numeric places
9. UP Change values or options
10. PRG/SET Enter programming mode or enter values
11. MEMORY Display memory locations and data
CF 94 LXT I8, I80, I50M
STATS Display statistics; number of records, Max, Min and Ave
DC IN AC charger/adapter receptacle
RESET System reset button
USB PORT Send data to computer via USB cable.
GENERAL OPERATION (for Power Drivers)
1. Select an appropriate driver adapter, place it on the measuring head and
secure by tightening all four holding screws (M3) included. Use a test screw
). Screw it all
to match the power driver tip (i.e. flat head, Phillips,
the way into the driver adapter.
2. To select the desired measuring unit (in-lb, kg-cm, N-m, N-cm), press
Power then hold UNITS for 4 four seconds until a beep sounds. Press
UNITS to cycle choices. Press PRG/SET to enter.
3. Press and hold MODE for one second to select from the following
measuring modes:
Real Time – Displays torque transients (no output or indicator)
PP Mode – Peak, captures peak torque (peak data output, PP appears on
PD Mode – First Peak, capture first peak value (peak data output, PD
appears on display.
C Mode – Continuous RS-232 output display and output torque transients
(180 data/sec., GOOD indicator flashes).
4. Press CLEAR to reset the display to “0”
5. Before measuring, always make sure that the unit is mounted securely to a
stable work surface (retighten the mounting screws if necessary).
Back out screw for spring adapters
6. Back out the screw in the spring adapter prior to testing. There is no need to
do this for Smart adapters as they release torquing energy automatically.
Insert driver tip into the adapter securely and perpendicularly (not at angle).
Turn on power driver and tester will measure and display torque value.
7. After taking measurement, press CLEAR for the next test.
CF 94 LXT I8, I80, I50M
Keep screw tightened for Smart adapters
Press POWER to turn on. Press PRG/SET for one second. The display shows “HI” and then the High setpoint
value. This confirms the tester is ready for the following program steps.
1. High Setpoint (HI) After “HI” is displayed and the High setpoint value, press SHIFT (8)
to move the numeric place (selected place flashes) and press UP (9) to select values i.e.
50.0 for 50.0 lbf-in, then press PRG/SET (10) to enter.
2. Low Setpoint (LO) After High value is entered, “LO” is displayed, then the Low
setpoint value. Press SHIFT to move the numeric place and press the UP to select
values, then press PRG/SET to enter.
3. Peak Down Minimum (PdLO) After Low value is entered, “PdLO” is displayed, then
the PdLO value. Press SHIFT to move the numeric place and press the UP to select
values, then press PRG/SET to enter.
PdLO sets a minimum torque value for Peak Down mode. For example, if “PdLO” value is set at 5.0 lbf-in, only a
reading over 5.0 lbf-in will be measured in Peak Down mode.
4. Continuous Data Output Minimum (CLO) After Peak Down value is entered, “CLO” is displayed, then the CLO
value. Press SHIFT to move the numeric place and press the UP to select values, then press PRG/SET to enter.
CLO sets the start and stop trigger points for Continuous data output. When torque reaches the CLO value, the
tester starts to output data and stops if torque falls below the value. Note: the display does not show any value
below the CLO minimum.
5. Auto Zero Reset (AC) After Continuous Data Output Minimum is entered, “AC” is displayed, then the Auto Zero
Reset duration value. Press UP or DOWN/SHIFT to select 0.0C – 0.1C – 0.5C – 1.0C – 1.5C – 2.0C – 2.5C – 3.0C,
and press PRG/SET to enter (0.1C for 0.1 second and 0.0C for MANUAL RESET).
After measuring, Auto Zero automatically resets the tester to “0.0”
6. Beeper (bp) After Auto Zero Reset is entered, “bp” is displayed, then “On”. Press UP or DOWN/SHIFT to select
On, OFF or FF, then press PRG/SET to enter.
After “bp” is entered, “-S-“ is displayed to confirm programming completion and zero is shown.
After High and Low setpoints are set and beeper is set to On,
In PP mode
Under LO setpoint – no LED light or beep
Over LO setpoint - Green LED lights and beep sounds
Over HI setpoint – NG flashes and beep sounds
In PD mode – no indicator or beep for values before Peak Down is sensed.
Under LO setpoint – NG flashes and slow beep sounds
Between LO and HI – GOOD lights and constant tone sounds
Over HI setpoint – NG flashes and fast beep sounds
In Real Time mode
Under LO setpoint – no LED light or beep
Between LO and HI – GOOD lights and beep sounds
Over HI setpoint – NG lights solid and beep sounds
Storing and Recalling Data from Memory
Memory functions work in PP and PD modes. Store up to 800 values in memory.
1. Measure in PP or PD mode, when the display resets either Auto Zero or manually pressing CLEAR, the
peak value is stored.
2. To recall a value, press MEMORY and the last stored memory is displayed. Press UP or DOWN/SHIFT to
select a memory location (i.e, .0.01 for first location) and torque value. The display cycles between memory
location and value.
CF 94 LXT I8, I80, I50M
Clearing Data from Memory
Single Clear: Press MEMORY, move to a memory location and wehen the desired memory value is displayed,
press CLEAR, “CLR” is displayed. Press CLEAR again to clear the data and “- - - -“ is displayed to confirm
All clear: Press CLEAR and hold until the display shows “ALL” then press CLEAR again and “- - - -“ is
displayed to confirm deletion.
Downloading Memory Data
1. Press ON/OFF to turn on
2. Press MEMORY and after memory data is displayed, press MEMORY again and “FA” is displayed. Use UP
or DOWN/SHIFT to select the first memory location then press MEMORY and “LA” is displayed. Use UP or
DOWN/SHIFT to select the last memory location. Press MEMORY again and the data is sent. While data is
output -P- is displayed.
Press STATISTICS and the number of data, Max, Min and Avg are displayed in sequence.
Auto Power Off
To maximize the life of the battery, power automatically shuts off after 10 minutes of non-use.
Low Battery Indicator
Battery Indicator status shows full, half or needs recharging. If the battery is empty, power is
turned off immediately. IMPORTANT! Use the provided AC charger/adapter exclusively and
plug into correct AC outlet. It takes 3 hours to fully recharge for 12 hours of continuous use.
When fully charged, the charge light goes off.
System Reset
When battery power is completely depleted, the tester may not work even though it has been recharged. In this
case, press the System Reset Button.
RS-232 Virtual COM Port
When the tester is connected to a computer’s USB port and turned on, Windows XP or Vista will recognize the
tester and ask to connect to the Internet. Allow Windows Update to connect to the Internet and follow the
instructions on your screen to download and install two drivers for the RS-232 virtual COM port. For Windows, 98,
ME and MAC, go to www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm.
The PC and tester will communicate through the USB port the same as a COM port. To verify the COM port
number open the Device Manager, select the + sign next to the Ports icon and note the COM port number.
CF 94 LXT I8, I80, I50M
Output is available in PD, PP and C modes. In PD and PP modes peak data is output when ZERO is pressed or
activated by the AUTO ZERO function. In C mode, the gauge outputs data continuously 180 data/second.
Comport signal
8 data, 2 stop, no parity. Baud rate: 19,200 bps
Output connector
USB A/B cable
Peak Data Output Format
[CAN] _ _ _ [SO] [value] _ [SI] [unit] [CR]
ASCII control code 24
Space (code 32)
ASCII control code 14
Output data with sign and decimal point. Plus sign represents for CW torque and minus sign for
CCW. [Value] always occupy six locations and empty locations will be filled with spaces
ASCII control code 15
N*m _ _ _=N.m
kgf*cm = kg.cm
lb*in _ = lb.in
ASCII control code 13 (Carriage Return)
Continuous Output Data Format
[CAN] [value] [CR]
CF 94 LXT I8, I80, I50M
Specifications subject to change without notice
CF 94 LXT I8, I80, I50M
Limited Warranty on Products
Any Cooper Instruments product which, under normal operating conditions, proves defective in material or in
workmanship within one year of the date of shipment by Cooper will be repaired or replaced free of charge provided
that a return material authorization is obtained from Cooper and the defective product is sent, transportation
charges prepaid, with notice of the defect, and it is established that the product has been properly installed,
maintained, and operated within the limits of rated and normal usage. Replacement or repaired product will be
shipped F.O.B. from our plant. The terms of this warranty do not extend to any product or part thereof which, under
normal usage, has an inherently shorter useful life than one year. The replacement warranty detailed here is the
buyer’s exclusive remedy, and will satisfy all obligations of Cooper whether based on contract, negligence, or
otherwise. Cooper is not responsible for any incidental or consequential loss or damage which might result from a
failure of any and all other warranties, express or implied, including implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for
particular purpose. Any unauthorized disassembly or attempt to repair voids this warranty.
Obtaining Service under Warranty
Advance authorization is required prior to the return to Cooper Instruments. Before returning the item, contact the
Repair Department c/o Cooper Instruments at (540) 349-4746 for a Return Material Authorization number.
Shipment to Cooper shall be at buyer’s expense and repaired or replacement items will be shipped F.O.B. from our
plant in Warrenton, Virginia. Non-verified problems or defects may be subject to a $100 evaluation charge. Please
return the original calibration data with the unit.
Repair Warranty
All repairs of Cooper products are warranted for a period of 90 days from date of shipment. This warranty applies
only to those items that were found defective and repaired; it does not apply to products in which no defect was
found and returned as is or merely recalibrated. It may be possible for out-of-warranty products to be returned to
the exact original specifications or dimensions.
* Technical description of the defect: In order to properly repair a product, it is absolutely necessary for Cooper to
receive information specifying the reason the product is being returned. Specific test data, written observations on
the failure and the specific corrective action you require are needed.
CF 94 LXT I8, I80, I50M