Breakthrough in digital micros
The Bresser LCD Digital Microscope replaces traditional eyepieces with an LCD
Screen for easy and comfortable viewing for yourself and to share with others.
No compromise on performance The LCD display system gives you the same
high-powered viewing you would expect from a conventional top-quality student
microscope. The magnification ranges from 40x to a an amazing 1600x and the
images can be recorded and stored in the 128Mb on-board memory (which can be
expanded via the integrated SD card slot) - see middle picture - or transferred to
your computer via the included USB cable.
Records stills or videoThe Bresser LCD Digital Microscope also features a built-in
digital camera for quick and easy snapshots or short videos. Store captured photos
and clips on the optional SD card or transfer them to your personal computer via
included USB cable.
This innovative product combines advanced professional grade microscope features
and an easy to use point and shoot camera. The LCD Digital Microscope is an ideal
tool for up close examination of everything from stamps, coins and other common
objects to specimen slides of yeasts, molds, cultures, fibers, bacteria and insects.
SnS comment
This is an amazing microscope - technically excellent, but also great fun to use. The
main feature is obvious, instead of an eyepiece all viewing is done from the large
LCD full colour display screen. It's got some nice touches too that give it a lot of
credibility with serious users:
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there's the mechanical stage for precise slide specimen control and top and bottom
LED illumination. The top light is great for viewing solid objects at low-power
(minerals and other solid objects). The benefits of being able to record and store
images (both still and video) are sufficiently obvious as to need little amplification
from us. What's a lot less obvious is just how easy to use this microscope is. The
LCD display,clear menus, and crisp push-button controls make this one of the
easiest to use serious microscopes we have ever seen. Surprisingly, the
manufacturer does not seem to realise the importance of this and instead stresses
the technical sophistication and imaging abilities rather than ease of use in his sales
literature. Even if you know absolutely nothing about microscopes, you'll find the on
screen menus and the dab-button controls on the LCD head very familiar - so familiar
in fact that you probably won't resort to the instruction book except for the fine points
of the LCD microscopes more elaborate features.
The Bresser LCD digital microscope is top-rank student microscope with stunning
modern features that are as at home in education as they are in home
entertainment. Our verdict: modern technology at it's best - simply brilliant.
LCD Screen LCD Digital Microscope is a unique device that replaces the traditional
eyepiece with a high resolution 88mm(3.5") LCD display. This bright screen allows
for clear viewing of microscopic worlds by individuals and groups alike.
40x to 1600x Magnification The LCD Digital Microscope´s three objective lenses
provide 40x, 100x, and 400x optical magnification levels. This combined with 4x
digital zoom allows you to view objects at up to 1600 times their original size.
Illumination, Brightness & Colour The LCD Digital Microscope is equipped with
top and bottom LED Illumination, brightness controls and a six position color filter
wheel that lets you get a bright and clear view of your specimen in any lighting
Capture Stills and Videos Once you´ve set up a perfect shot, the LCD Digital
Microscope´s built in 2 Mega Pixel digital camera will help you take a vibrant, high
resolution photo of what you see on the screen. When a picture is just not enough,
the LCD Digital Microscope allows you to record short videos of the microscopic
Image storage Built in 128Mb memory provides ample storage for your pictures
and videos. The SD Card slot allows you to expand the storage capacity with
optional memory cards (sold separately - see below left).
Mechanical X & Y motion specimen handling stage The LCD microscope is
supplied with a superior micro-metric X and Y slide motion control stage. This
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precision made tool allows you to move the the slide on the stage with great
precision and even make measurements of the specimen. (see image B)
Included Accessories
Slides To get you started, the LCD Digital Microscope comes with five prepared
slides of various microscopic specimens. (see image B)
USB Cable The LCD Digital Microscope also comes USB cable necessary to
capture and transfer images and video to your personal computer. (see image B)
Storage and carry case Safely store and transport your Microscope and
accessories in a padded storage case. (see image C)
Supplied with illustrated instructions (in English!).
5 years manufacturer's warranty
Compound (Biological) Microscope
USB Cable for Transferring Images to a PC
40 to 400 Power - up to 1600 Power with Digital Zoom
UK AC mains adaptor to Power the Microscope (see image D)
3.5" (88mm) LCD Screen with 4x Digital Zoom
Carrying Case Included
Built-in Digital Camera - 2 Mega Pixels
Weight - 1446g
Top and Bottom LED Illumination
Five Year manufacturer's warranty
Mechanical Stage - 3.5" x 3.5" (88mm x 88mm)
128MB Internal Storage Memory
SD Card Slot
Five Prepared Slides, Slide preparation tools, dissecting kit, and Brine Shrimp eggs and
Objective Lens - 4x, 10x, and 40x
Six Position Color Filter Wheel
A great digital microscope
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