emed® recorder software
novel database light
pedography software
The emed® recorder software synchronously collects
database light is designed to manage subject demo-
dynamic pressure data and one or more video streams.
graphic and pressure data in an easy and user-friendly
No extra video software is required.
way. It consists of various tables such as patient data, visit
Video synchronization is made via the microphone port
data, emed®, pedar® and pliance® data, user files and
of the DV camera.
calculated parameters. database light supports access to
The system starts recording automatically when the
all novel programs including the novel foot reports.
subject's foot touches the platform. Data and video are
stored in the novel folder and can be displayed
synchronously frame by frame.
 manages basic patient data, text files, images
and video data of patients
 performs complex database search (any combination
of data fields can be searched by specifying conditional
 initiates data acquisition
 calculates basic predefined parameters (peak pressure,
maximum force, contact area, contact time)
The synchronised data are stored automatically to the
 provides access to novel report system
novel database from which the data acquisition had
 allows access to all installed novel analysis software
been started.
 imports/exports ASCII data
Several measurements can be displayed simultaneousely
on the screen. Pressure, vertical force and contact area
curves are shown. 3D dynamic roll-over process can be
displayed and rotated together with the gaitline. The
MPP picture can be printed in original size with pressure
values for each sensor element, subject's name and date
of measurement.
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All systems from novel operate with high quality, calibrated sensors and provide reliable and
reproducible long term measurements. emed®, footpat
®, pliance®, pedar® and
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November 2011 | information subject to change without notice
 integrates emed®, pedar®, pliance® and multimedia data
emed® software
display of data
The emed® software works in
The 3D display shows the gaitline in red and the
conjunction with the novel database
amplitude of vertical force in light blue.
and emed pedography platform
Additionally, the viewing angle for this display can
for the assessment of dynamic
be changed.
plantar pressure distribution. The
software provides an immediate
overview of the measurement
data including dynamic playback,
display of several parameters and
maximum pressure pictures (MPPs)
for all collected files. In addition to
the standard configuration for data
collection, user-defined configurations are possible. User-defined
configurations optimize the system
for different applications including:
stand-alone dynamic assessment
of foot function, synchronized dynamic assessment of gait
with video, automatic calculation of foot and shoe size with
the footpat® software, or dynamic pressure assessment of
An audible tone prompts the patient to begin walking.
The recording starts automatically and can be stopped
Three diagrams next to the pressure picture display
manually or after having recorded the necessary number of
time curves for maximum pressure, vertical force and
steps. An automatic foot recognition distinguishes between
contact area. These values are also given in numbers. An
left and right steps. Comment and information about foot
overview window on the right-hand side shows the 10
deformities can be stored.
most recent trials as maximum pressure pictures. They
can be selected for display, averaging, comparison, or
balance with the posturography software.
for further evaluation in clinical report software or for
measurement configuration
display of data
With the emed-x platforms, parameters such as measure-
After the measurement, the maximum
ment duration, sampling frequency and dynamic/static
pressure picture of the step is displayed
mode can be set.
either in a 2D sensor view, a 3D view or
It is also possible to
an isobar view. The pressure values are
configure the emed
shown in numbers and color according
system for synchroni-
to the default color scale. Foot length,
sation with other
width and foot progression angle can
measurement equip-
be displayed.
ment, including video
and EMG systems.
export to CAD/CAM applications.