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The Alecto ACB-100 blood pressure
monitor is developed to easily and precisely measure your blood pressure.
By regularly checking your blood pressure at home, you can provide your doctor with valuable information about your
actual everyday blood pressure.
This product meets the requirements of
EC Directive 93/42/EEC
(Medical Equipment Directive).
The declaration of conformity is available on the website WWW.ALECTO.NL
Depending on the person and situation,
a normal blood pressure is:
• lower value (DIA): < 90
• upper value (SYS): < 140
In case of ‘light hypertension’, the blood
pressure is:
• lower value (DIA): 90-110
• upper value (SYS): 140-180
In case of ‘serious hypertension’, the
blood pressure is:
• lower value (DIA): >110
• upper value (SYS): >180
During the entire day, our blood pressure is continuously undergoing changes. In the morning it rises heavily and
at the end of the morning it goes down
again. In the late afternoon our blood
pressure rises yet again, while it settles
on a low level at night. This is why your
measurements can vary when taken at
different times of the day.
Do not simply throw away empty
or exhausted batteries, always
hand them over to your local
depot for Small Chemical Waste.
Power adaptor:
The back of this blood pressure monitor
is equipped with a connection for a power
adaptor with the following specifications:
input: 230V AC 50Hz
Output 6V DC 600mA
(attention: the outside is the + !!)
A power adaptor is not included.
Connection to the blood
pressure monitor:
Connect the cuff to the
blood pressure monitor
according to the picture
Attachment to the arm:
1. Lay down the cuff in front
of you as follows:
2. Remove the clothing or roll up the
sleeve to expose the left arm and
slide the cuff up around
the left arm until approx. 2
or 3 cm above the elbow.
The flexible tube should
come out of the cuff at the
inside of the elbow joint.
3. Wrap the cuff around the
arm and attach it to the
Velcro tape (don’t over
Guidelines for accurate measurements:
• Always take measurements at the
same time of the day (preferably in
the morning) and under the same
• Never take measurements within half
an hour after drinking coffee or tea or
after smoking a cigar or cigarette.
• Relax and sit down during measurements, don’t speak or move. You
should relax your arm and put it in
front of you with the cuff at the height
of your heart.
Wait approx. 3 minutes before taking
the next measurement.
Blood circulation should
not be impeded, tight
clothing and other objects
should be removed.
Taking a measurement:
Attention: you can interrupt the measurement at any moment by pressing the 0/I
button. The ACB-100 will then switch
itself off instantly and the cuff will deflate.
1. Press the 0/I button to turn on the
2. The built-in pump will start to pressurize the cuff. It’s possible for the pump
to start again once or twice to build
up some more pressure.
3. As soon as the desired pressure is
reached, the pump will stop while the
cuff gradually deflates;
• while deflating, the blood pressure
and heart rate are measured
This product is intended only for
household use and for use by adults.
Keep the product and batteries out of
reach of children.
People suffering from cardiac
arrhythmia, vascular constriction,
arteriosclerosis (hardening of the
arteries) in the upper or lower limbs,
diabetes and heart patients with
pacemakers should consult their
doctor before measuring their blood
pressure, because in these cases
deviating blood pressure values
could be measured.
If you’re undergoing medical treatment or if you’re using medicine, we
recommend you to always consult
your doctor when in doubt.
The use of this blood pressure
monitor should not be regarded as a
replacement for consulting your doctor.
• when the measurement is finished,
the display
Systolic pressure
will show
Diastolic pressure
the blood
Heart rate
(both the systolic and diastolic
blood pressure) and the heart rate
while the cuff will fully deflate
• the measured blood pressure and
heart rate are automatically stored
in the memory
4. The ACB-100 will switch itself off
automatically after 3 minutes of you
can turn off the ACB-100 quicker by
pressing the 0/I button.
Each measurement is automatically
stored in the memory. The memory has
a capacity for 90 measurements. When
the memory is full, each new measurement will erase the oldest stored measurement.
1. Remove the battery compartment
cover at the bottom of the blood pressure monitor.
2. Insert 4 AA 1.5V batteries according
to the correct polarity (see markings
inside the battery compartment).
Due to insufficient voltage, never
install rechargeable batteries.
3. Place the battery compartment cover
back onto the blood pressure monitor.
Batteries are not included
Change the batteries as soon as the
appears in the display of
when pressing the 0/I button has no
effect. Always replace all batteries at
We recommend you to remove the batteries from the blood pressure monitor
when not using the ACB-100 for a long
period of time (>2 months).
Checking the memory:
• Press the M. button to display the
average of the last 3 measurements.
• Press the M. button again, ‘01’ will
appear followed by the results of the
last measurement.
• Press the M. button again, ‘02’ will
appear followed by the results of the
second-to-last measurement.
• Repeat this for all previous measurements.
Erasing the memory:
• Make sure to turn on the
• Press and hold the M button
for approx. 5 seconds until
‘CLr’ appears in the display. All measurements stored in the memory will
now be deleted.
No reaction when turning on the
• Are the batteries exhausted or
installed incorrectly? Replace them
or insert correctly.
“Err” appears in the display:
• Impossible to pressurize the cuff.
Check whether it’s loose and check
the connection between the cuff and
blood pressure monitor.
• The air escapes too quickly. If this
happens repeatedly, please contact
the service department of Alecto.
• Movement detected during the measurement. Please don’t move during
the measurement.
• Interfering signals near the ACB-100.
Remove any sources of interference,
such as mobile phones.
• Incorrect measurement value. The
cuff is incorrectly attached. Please
attach the cuff again.
• The ACB-100 is used incorrectly, for
example on a child.
The ACB-100 is only suitable for
measuring the blood pressure of
If it’s still not possible to measure the
blood pressure, please contact the service department of Alecto. Never disassemble the blood pressure monitor in
any circumstances.
Keep in mind that not being able to take
measurements can also be caused by
the physical condition of the person. In
this case, please consult your doctors.
Alecto ACB-100
Honsun (Nantong) Co., Ltd
Address: No 8, Tongxing Road,
Economic & Technical Development
Area, Nantong City, Jiangsu, P.R.CHINA
Address: Eiffestrasse 80, 20537
Hamburg, Germany
Operating principle:
Oscillometric measurement method
Measurement range:
20 – 280 mm Hg (blood pressure)
40 – 195 pulse/min (heart rate)
Clean the outside of the unit with a moist,
soft cloth.
Stains on the cuff can be carefully
removed with a moist cloth. The cuff may
not be washed nor cleaned chemically.
Store the product on a place not exposed
to direct sunlight or high humidity.
For the Alecto ACB-100 Blood Pressure
Monitor you have a warranty of
24 months from the date of purchase.
During this period, we guarantee the free
repair of defects caused by material and
workmanship errors. All this subjected to
the final assessment of the importer.
HOW TO HANDLE: If you notice any
defect, first refer to the user’s manual.
Please contact the supplier of this blood
pressure monitor or contact customer
service of Alecto via the Internet
± 3 mm Hg (cuff pressure)
± 5% (heart beat)
(depending on temperature and humidity)
120mm (d) x 85mm (w) x 65mm (h)
220gr (excl. batt, excl. cuff)
arm circumference: 22-32cm
Power supply:
Battery 4x 1.5V battery, AA, Alkaline
Adaptor DC 6V 600mA
Protect against moisture
Type BF
Battery life:
Up to approx. 300 measurements
Ambient temperature, humidity and
air pressure:
Use: +10°C to +40°C
<85% humidity
700hPa - 1060hPa
Storage: -20°C to +50°C
<85% humidity
500hPa - 1060hPa
In case of unauthorised modifications
and/or repairs performed by third parties.
In case of incorrect transportation of the
device without adequate packaging and
when the device is not accompanied by
this warranty card and proof of purchase.
All further liability, especially concerning
any consequential damages, is
NL 073 6411 355
(Lokaal tarief)
BE 03 238 5666
(Lokaal tarief)
(Tarif local)
DE 0180 503 0085
Lokale Festnetzkosten
Hesdo, Australiëlaan 1
5232 BB, ‘s-Hertogenbosch
AND VOID: In case of improper use,
incorrect connections, leaking and/
or incorrectly installed batteries, use
of unoriginal parts or accessories,
negligence and in case of defects
caused by moisture, fire, flooding,
lightning and natural disasters.
The Netherlands
NL 073 6411 355 (Lokaal tarief)
(Lokaal tarief)
BE 03 238 5666 (Tarif local)
DE 0180-20503 0085 (Lokale Festnetzkosten)
Hesdo, Australiëlaan 1, 5232 BB,