Optical Access 2000 (OA2000)

Optical Access 2000 (OA2000)
Single Fiber (WDM bidirectional) FTTx System
MRV Cost-performance FTTx Ethernet Solution
MRV is a leading provider of optical transport solutions as well as carrier class Ethernet access solutions to carriers around the globe. MRV is looked upon
as the quality leader in the telecom industry.
Today, MRV also offers this unsurpassed level of quality and performance to Operators and Network Service Providers (NSP) with its innovative Optical
Access OA2000 L2/4 Optical Ethernet Service system. The OA2000’s approach to broadband access is unique and its cost-performance solutions are
among the best in the industry.
The OA2000 L2/4 series is a unique integration of a Carrier class Ethernet access with optical transport into one Optical Ethernet Network system. It
enables NSPs to build their own low-cost FTTx access network solutions for Business and high end users. MRV’s Optical Access OA2000 L2/4 Series offers
L2/4 traffic aggregation for broadband access network, providing the connection of the Customer-Edge on one side and the Backbone Network on the
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MRV’s Single Fiber FTTx solution utilizes an advanced Ethernet access aggregator (OA2000), thus providing direct optical fiber connectivity to the O A201 Optical
Network Termination (ONT). It offers high speed, single fiber access net works with unique cost -performance benefits for everyone from utilities and service providers,
to telecommunications carriers
The Optical Access OA2000, is a L2/4 single fiber FTTx System offers the most cost-effective range of features for the telecommunications industry:
1. Fiber Cost Savings: Two-way traffic on a single-core fiber
• The Optical Access OA2000 L2/4 Series allows 2-way traffic on the same fiber path, allowing more cost-effective and efficient use of
fiber resources.
2. Space Saving
• Maximum 192 subscribers per OA2000 system.
3. Scalability and Easy Expansion
• OA2000 L2/4 Series offers high bandwidth:
Down Stream: 100 Mbps per subscribers.
Up Stream: 100 Mbps per subscribers.
• Easy new subscribers add-on , guaranteed network expansion.
4. Advanced Features
• IGMP snooping function allows for efficient transmission of Multicast data such as live video stream.
• VLAN function provides sufficient security between end users.
• Access list, 802.1x and MAC based authentication ensure advanced security per subscriber
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5. Advanced Operations and Maintenance Management
The MRV OA2000 Series offers advanced operations and maintenance capabilities:
• Remote OAM (IPLESS) - Loop Testing/Power Failure Alarms/Subscriber Port Monitoring.
• SNMP-based Network Management using Mega Vision Pro Service Network Management System.
OA2000 L2/4 Series Optical Ethernet Service System
MRV’s OA2000 FTTx System combines the technological excellence of metro area Ethernet technology and an Optical Ethernet Service system that offers
the most effective use of fiber optic resources. The OA2000 L2/4 Series provides L2/4 traffic aggregation for your broadband access network, linking the
Customer Edge on one side and the Backbone Network on the other. The OA2000 L2/4 Series guarantees the most efficient use of fiber optic facilities and
the most cost-effective use of space. All of this is supported by MRV’s world-class network management technology.
Advanced Operation and Maintenance Capabilities
MRV’s OA2000 L2/4 Series Optical Ethernet Service System features comprehensive Network Management and Maintenance capabilities. Real time
data (power failure alarms and subscriber port status information) is gathered from the subscriber site and the customer interface and is forwarded to
the monitoring equipment and the element management system using the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). MRV’s unique MegaVision
Network Management System provides the most advanced and informative information management features to cost-effectively manage your network
in today’s competitive environment.
Loop Tests
The unique loop test capabilities of the OA2000 L2/4 Series provides testing functions for cable facilities and customer premise equipment, making fault
isolation and identification quick and easy. Loop test information is received from the subscriber-side branch unit (OA201) and collected at the access unit
(OA2000) to be sent to the monitoring equipment or network management system.
Subscriber Port-Link Status Monitoring
The subscriber port link status information is monitored by the element management system using TELNET or SNMP.
Power Failure Alarm Monitoring
Power failure alarms make it easy to localize a fault and distinguish between cable faults and local power failures.
Network Bandwidth Control through Advanced QOS and Rate Limiting
The OA2000 switch prioritizes each packet based on the required level of service using four priority queues with strict or Weighted Round Robin Queuing.
It uses IEEE 802.1p to prioritize incoming traffic based on input from the end-station application.
These functions can be used to provide independent priorities for delay-sensitive data and best-effort data.
The OA2000 Ethernet fiber aggregator also supports several common methods of prioritizing layer 3/4 traffic to meet application requirements.
Traffic can be prioritized based on the priority bits in the IP frame’s Type of Service (ToS) octet. When these services are enabled, the Priorities are mapped
to a Class of Service value by the switch. After which, the traffic is sent to the corresponding output queue.
The Rate Limiting feature controls the maximum rate for traffic transmitted or received on an interface. Rate limiting is configured on interfaces at the
edge of a network to limit traffic into or out of the network. Traffic that falls within the rate limit is transmitted, while packets that exceed the acceptable
amount of traffic are dropped.
Fault-Tolerance and Reliable Networking
Spanning tree is a link management protocol that provides path redundancy while preventing undesirable loops in the network. The OA2000 switch
performs the IEEE802.1D (Spanning Tree) protocol, the IEEE802.1s*(Multiple Spanning Tree), and the IEEE802.1w (Rapid Spanning Tree) protocol for FaultTolerance. The OA2000 also provides redundant power supply hook-ups to enable simultaneous connections to two independent power sources to
ensure the system reliability.
Enhanced Security Features
The Optical Access Series switches offer enhanced data security through a wide range of security features that protect network management and
administrative traffic, secure the network from unauthorized users, provide granular levels of network access to users and track where users are located.
Secure Shell (SSH), Secure Telnet (v1.5/2.0) port based security, Simple Network Management Protocol version 3 (SNMPv3*) and network management
information, thereby, protecting it from tampering or eavesdropping. Remote Access Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) authentication enables centralized
access control of switches and restricts unauthorized users from altering the configurations. Alternatively, a local username and password database can
be configured on the switch itself. Multi levels of authorization on the switch console and two levels on the web-based management interface provide the
ability to give different levels of configuration capabilities to different administrators.
Port security and 802.1x provide the ability to keep unauthorized users from accessing the network. Port security limits access on an Ethernet port
based on the MAC address of the device that is connected to it. It can also be used to limit the total number of devices plugged into a switch port,
thereby, reducing the risks of rogue wireless access points or hubs. 802.1x can be used to authenticate users based on username and password (or other
credentials) via a centralized RADIUS server. This is particularly useful for a mobile workforce because the authentication will be executed regardless of
where the user connects to the network.
ACL’s restrict access to sensitive portions of the network by denying packets based on source and destination MAC addresses, IP addresses, or TCP/UDP
ports. ACL lookups are done in hardware; therefore, forwarding and routing performance are not compromised when implementing ACL-based security
in the network. The Optical Access Series switches offer VLAN, router and port-based ACL’s.
Network Availability
The OA2000 provides efficient use of resources in bandwidth-hungry applications. It supports the Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMPv1/2)
snooping to identify multicast traffic and it ensures an efficient utilization of the bandwidth. The OA2000 is ideal for server-to-server backups.. An
advanced feature of the OA2000 includes support for VLAN’s, trunking and packet priority.
Network Management
The OA2000switch supports the SNMP protocol and the Telnet interface
delivers comprehensive in-band management.The system can be managed
and monitored using the SNMP/RMON protocol through computers
equipped with network management software or via an Internet web
browser. LED indicators are located on the front panel to assist network
administrators in troubleshooting. A Port Mirroring feature provides a nonintrusive mechanism for traffic inspection across the entire switch.
Remote Maintenance
The MRV OA2000 switch Series sets the standard for Network Management
and Maintenance capabilities:
• Loop testing is executed in-service, with no maintenance personnel.
Loop test frames are sent remotely, providing port status reports
directly to the maintenance console.
• Power failure alarms distinguish between cable faults and local
power failures.
• The MRV OA2000 switch Series uses MegaVision Network
Management System, which can provide Fault, Performance, and
Configuration Management, in one package.
L2 Features
• Up to 8K MAC address entries
• 4M-bit for packet buffer size
• Provides flow control mechanism: backpressure for half duplex;
IEEE802.3x for full duplex operation
• Store-and-forward forwarding scheme
• HOL (Head of Line) blocking prevention
• Port mirroring
• Provides Link Aggregation
• Up to 8 ports in one trunk
• Up to 4 trunk groups
• Trunks across switches
• Supports 802.3ad (LACP)
• Cisco Ether-channel (static truck)
• Load Balance for both Unicast and Multicast traffics
• Supports VLAN
• IEEE 802.1Q tagging VLAN
• Port-based VLAN
• Up to 255 active VLANs
• GVRP protocol for automatic VLAN registration and dynamic VLAN
• Private VLAN
• IGMP (v1/v2) Snooping and Query function
• Broadcast Storm control
• IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree protocol
• IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree
• IEEE802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree*
• RADIUS (Authentication)
• Access Control List
• Port based MAC filtering
• Supports IEEE 802.1x port based security Management
• Username, password security control for telnet and web
• Supports SNMP v1/v2c management functions
• Supports RMON (groups 1,2,3 and 9)
• Supports Web-based management
• Supports TELNET console interface
• Supports BOOTP and DHCP for IP address assignment
• Supports firmware upgraded by TFTP file transfer protocol through
the Ethernet network
• Supports Firmware image upgrade by TFTP protocol
• Supports dual Firmware images
• Supports Configuration file upload/download by TFTP protocol
• Supports two or more Configuration files
• SNMP access IP filtering configuration
• Provides 1 Male DB9 RS-232C console interface configured as DTE for
operation, diagnostics, status, and configuration information
• Provides Command Line Interface from the console port using a VT100 terminal
• Supports SNTP
• Event / Error Log
• Port mirroring
• MegaVision – MRV Network management system support
Quality of Service
• L2/L3/L4Traffic Classification/Priority Management
• CoS by IEEE 802.1p 4 priority queues control
• Traffic Classification/Priority Management based on IP Precedence/
• Traffic Classification/Priority Management based on TCP/UDP port
• Supports WRR for priority queues
• Strict scheduling for priority queue
• Rate Limiting (Ingress & Egress based)
• Supports Random Early Detection (RED)
Physical Ports
• 24 Single Fiber (WDM Bidirectional) 100Base-FX ports with SC
• 2 Gigabit Combo (RJ-45/SFP) Uplink ports
• Out-Of-Band Management: 1 RJ45 Auto-MDIX 10/100Mbps Ethernet
Port 1 DB-9 RS232 Consol port
Optical Interface
• Connector : Single Fiber with SC Connector
• Cable : 9/125µm SM Fiber (ITU-T G.652)
• Standard : 100BASE – FX
• Wave Length : Up stream – 1.3 m Down stream - 1.5 µm
• Transmitting Power Range : -8 ~ -14 dBm
• Receiving Power Range : -8 ~ -30 dBm
• Dimensions: 440mm x 324mm x 43mm (17.37” x 12.76” x 1.7”)
• LED indicators: Port, Uplink, System, Diagnostic.
• Switch Fabric: 8.8 Gbps
• MAC address: 8K
Power Requirements
• Nominal AC Input Voltages: 110-240V
• DC Input Voltage: 12V
• Line Input Frequency: 47-63 Hz
• Maximum Power Consumption: 35W
• TUV/GS (EN60950)
Electromagnetic Compatibility
• CE Mark
• FCC Class A
• VCCI Class A
• CISPR Class A
• Temperature:
• IEC 68-2-14
• 0 to 50 degrees C (Standard Operating)
• -40 to 70 degree C (Non-operating)
• Humidity: 10% to 90% (Non-condensing)
• Vibration: IEC 68-2-36, IEC 68-2-6
• Shock: IEC 68-2-29
OA201 - Key Features
• One 10/100BASE-TX RJ-45 port
• One 100BASE-FX WDM Bi-directional Single Fiber Port with
SC Connector
• LED Indication of Power on/off, Optical Link on/off, Loop Back
Testing, UTP Link on/off, UTP Port Activity, UTP Bit Rates, UTP Full/Half
• Programmable Maximum Ethernet Frame Length from 1518 to 1536
• Denying/Allowing Forwarding MAC Address
• 2K MAC Address Table with 4 Layer Hashing Table for Automatic MAC
Address Learning
• Optional Link Pass Through Function
• Optional Pause Frame By-Pass Function
• Auto Negotiation
• 802.3x Flow Control
Electrical Interface
• Standard : 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
• Cable : Category 5 UTP prefer
• Connector : RJ-45
Order Info
Optical Interface
• Standard : 100BASE - FX
• Cable : 9/125 m meter SM Fiber (ITU-T G.652)
• Connector: Single fiber with SC Connector
• Wavelength : Transmit 1310nm / Receive 1550nm
• Transmitting Power Range : -8 ~ -14 dBm
• Receiving Power Range : -8 ~ -30 dBm
• CE Mark
• FCC Class B
• VCCI Class B
IEEE Standards Compliance
• IEEE 802.1Q VLAN
• IEEE 802.3 Ethernet
• IEEE 802.3u Fast Ethernet
• IEEE 802.3x Flow Control
• IEEE 802.3ac VLAN Tagging
General Description
• Dimension : 35(H) X 110(W) X 180(D) mm
• Weight : 250g
• Power Consumption : 3 W maximum
• Power Supply : 1A at +12VDC (External power adapter accepting 50/
60Hz 100-120V AC is included.)
• Operating Temperature : 0C ~ 40C
• Storage Temperature : -20C ~ 70C
• Tolerate Humidity : 10 ~ 90% RH (Non-condensing)
Remote Maintenance
The MRV OA201 switch Series sets the standard for Network Management
and Maintenance capabilities:
• Loop testing is executed in-service, with no maintenance personnel.
Loop test frames are sent remotely, providing port status reports
directly to the maintenance console.
• Power failure alarms distinguish between cable faults and local power
Single Fiber Ethernet Aggregator. L2/4 with QoS WDM Bidirectional fiber aggregator switch.
24 Fast Ethernet WDM Bi-Directional (single) fiber ports with 2 Combo GE (RJ-45/SFP) uplinks. TCC TS1000 for subscriber port
monitoring (without IP built in.
Optical Network Termination (ONT). Fast Ethernet standalone Media Converter with Bi-Directional WDM (single) Fiber port. TCC
TS1000 for remote subscriber port monitoring (without IP) built in.
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