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COL Crowned Excellent HR Information System Provider at HR
Excellence Awards
Awards and Recognition
Carry on the Winning Streak
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FibreCloud Brings New Pathway to Enhance Communication
and Collaboration in AmorePacific
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Feature Story
COL Crowned Excellent HR Information
System Provider at HR Excellence Awards
OL Limited (COL), the IT services subsidiary of Wharf T&T Limited, takes pride in
being the pioneer to receive the ‘Excellent HR Information System Provider Award’
at the HR Excellence Awards 2014, after thorough and stringent assessment and
evaluation processes.
The winning project featuring the successful implementation of COL’s flagship HR
Information System (HRIS), HR Pro, in Shun Hing Group best illustrates the outstanding
performance of COL team in project execution, business achievement and innovation. In merely
8 months, COL fully catered to the different business needs of Shun Hing Group and made
good use of HR Pro to successfully standardise the HR processes and practices among its
11 operating companies.
COL’s strong domain know-how and tremendous experience in HR system development
expedited the implementation of a sustainable corporate HR system in Shun Hing Group
for HR process automation. With HR Pro well in place, Shun Hing Group embraced the new
HR paradigm and reaped fruitful benefits from improved productivity and collaboration.
HR Pro is a full-featured HRIS with scalable infrastructure, encompassing strong functionality
such as talent administration management, employee self-service portal via website browser
and mobile app, advanced workforce planning and managerial strategic analysis. Accompanied
by COL’s end-to-end consultancy, training and system maintenance services, it helps streamline
workflow, enhance operational efficiency and drive organisational development.
Organised by the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management, the HR Excellence
Awards programme recognises organisations and individuals who achieve business success
through outstanding people management strategies and practices.
Wharf T&T Strictly Business Newsletter
Awards and Recognition
Carry on the Winning Streak
Wharf T&T possesses a wealth of experience and know-how as well as a proven track record which pave the way to environmental and
business excellence.
Low-carbon Office Operation
Programme Gold Label
Wharf T&T is the first information and communications technology
(ICT) services provider in Hong Kong to attain the Gold Label of the
Low-carbon Office Operation Programme (LOOP) for 5 consecutive
years since the launch of the programme. Through participation in
LOOP and extensive efforts in 4C – ‘Commit’, 'Calculate’, 'Cut’ and
'Communicate’, Wharf T&T successfully reduced carbon emission
levels and demonstrated an encouraging result with an impressive
28% reduction in carbon emission per capita this year, far lower
than the average annual carbon reduction rate per capita of verified
LOOP offices.
Wharf T&T not only succeeded in cutting down electricity consumption and paper use, it also made use of ICT extensively to drive office
automation via human resources management system, electronic billing system, ‘Cloud Voice’ unified communication service and a full suite of
video conferencing solutions.
e-zone e-brand awards 2014
SMB World Awards 2014
‘The Best of Telecommunication Network Provider’
Cloud Voice – ‘The Best SMB Services – Unified Communications’
Your Choice @ Focus – Hong
Kong White Collar’s Most
Favourite Brand Award 2014
Hong Kong Business HighFlyers Awards 2015
Fixed Network and Boardband - Telecommunications
‘Most Favourite Business Fibre Broadband and Cloud Service Brand Award’
Celebrate 20th anniversary
015 marks the 20th anniversary of Wharf T&T. After years of pursuit of excellence and innovation, Wharf T&T has firmly
established itself as a leading ICT services provider in Hong Kong and is poised to grow to the next level, create more
value for businesses and drive Hong Kong’s ICT development forward. Stay tuned for upcoming celebration events!
2015 Vol.1 |
Customer Highlight
FibreCloud Brings New Pathway to Enhance
Communication and Collaboration in
Cosmetics and skincare
AmorePacific Hong Kong Co Limited is committed to staff engagement. To enhance staff
relationships, traditional email and voice communication between dispersed workforce across
multiple locations is insufficient to cope with business expansion. Targeted to run a green office,
various eco measures were in place everywhere and the obsolete paper-based internal processes
entailed a change to electronic
Solutions: •Upgraded broadband connection in head office to 200Mbps •Employed FibreCloud to establish a cloud-based intranet for all staff use
Benefits :
•Improved internal communication and collaboration between head office and retail outlets
•Significant reduction of paper use and carbon footprint
loud computing is a key IT enabler for businesses and it
forms a new business model to drive innovation. For dynamic
businesses such as cosmetic and skincare retailers, moving
to the cloud is not an option but a necessity; it enables maximum
communication and collaboration between multi-site work groups
which delivers a competitive advantage for business success.
AmorePacific, Korea’s No. 1 beauty corporation with famous brands
Wharf T&T Strictly Business Newsletter
of Laneige, Sulwhasoo and AMOREPACIFIC, is at the forefront of
innovation and opts for cloud technology. Wharf T&T delivers on the
promise of cloud and introduced a real cloud service, FibreCloud,
which successfully resulted in an efficient and effective collaboration
experience to over 400 colleagues in AmorePacific Hong Kong Co
Limited (AmorePacific HK). Andy Foo, IT Manager of AmorePacific
HK, tells us about their cloud journey and how FibreCloud makes
their operation more agile and colleagues more connected.
How did Amorepacific HK utilise ICT in daily business
Andy: With a strong emphasis on network infrastructure, we worked
closely with Wharf T&T and underwent a major upgrade on
broadband network in office and frontline environment. Currently,
our head office has a 200Mbps ultra-high speed broadband
connection to cater for multiple device usage. The increased
bandwidth makes connection faster and the network more reliable,
so that colleagues can operate fully at all times in office and beyond.
Riding on Wharf T&T’s reliable and robust fibre network backbone,
we made a shift to the cloud. Instead of having on-premise servers
to support various business applications, we employed FibreCloud
and launched a cloud-based intranet for all staff use. Not only is
company information made more transparent to colleagues via
intranet, colleagues can also share information and collaborate on
projects through increased communication.
When considering moving to the cloud, why did you
select Wharf T&T service?
Andy: Wharf T&T was our first choice because of its solid experience
in ICT infrastructure, good reputation in the industry as well as a
wide range of bespoke and cost-effective ICT solutions.
FibreCloud is highly scalable accompanied by strong local support
and that is a true advantage over competitors. Their 24x7 technical
support service and professional personnel offer practical advice
and assistance to make our cloud journey safe and smooth.
How did FibreCloud benefit AmorePacific HK?
Andy: With FibreCloud, our intranet is now successfully in use which
gives all colleagues direct, fast and secure access to a wider range
of shared tools all year round, including e-forms, staff directory,
company resources library etc. In particular, frontline colleagues and
colleagues on the move can now collaborate anywhere, anytime
and on any device, without loads of back-and-forth email messages
and phone calls, which proved to boost internal communication and
staff productivity.
FibreCloud also aligned with the environmental policy of
AmorePacific HK. The intranet running on FibreCloud facilitated
office automation, turned the paper-based processes into electronic
workflows, and contributed to a paperless office. At retail level,
frontline colleagues can now readily access the most up-to-date
staff directory, operation manuals and product materials online, so
that printing of such documents become unnecessary. What’s more,
all resources on the intranet are centrally managed which helps
lower carbon emission.
Given that FibreCloud can easily scale up and down whenever and
wherever needed, AmorePacific HK has all the virtual resources
and storage it needs, even at peak times with high traffic volume.
With FibreCloud well in place, are there any new
developments in progress?
Andy: FibreCloud enables us to execute new ways of doing
business efficiently. For example, we are ready to introduce a
service desk system for retail outlets to submit online requests to
corresponding service providers for repair and visual display works
in order to streamline retail operation without hassle and delay.
On top of this, we are also in progress to put up some self-learning
videos and tools for colleagues to better deal with customers and
challenging situations. These videos will make training anytime,
anywhere a reality and let colleagues study at their most
convenient time, venue and pace.
What do you think of Wharf T&T as an ICT partner?
Andy: Wharf T&T delivered a successful and smooth deployment
of FibreCloud from beginning to end in as short as 2 weeks.
FibreCloud helped us reap the full benefits of cloud and their
professional team fully addressed our needs and supported us all
the way to optimise cloud resource utilisation.
All in all, FibreCloud is more cost-effective, flexible and faster to
deploy that well serve the ever-rising IT demand. For any businesses
looking to innovate and thrive in the cloud era, I will certainly give
my vote to FibreCloud as our successful experience speaks for itself.
2015 Vol.1 |
Product Highlight
Get into the Fast Lane
harf T&T rides on its own fibre optic network and offers comprehensive data connectivity solutions and assurance in order to meet the
ever-changing business demand.
SDNet/2 WAN Service Supports Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect
Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect was launched in November 2014 and it marked an important milestone of the Hong Kong and Mainland
stock markets. To help local financial institutions and broker firms capture business opportunities arising from the programme, Wharf T&T SDNet/2
WAN service provides low latency connectivity and a secure gateway directly to Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) platform for
making transactions and settling shares listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
As Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect allows investors to trade shares listed in Shanghai through Hong Kong's stock exchange and to trade
Hong Kong-listed shares through the stock exchange in Shanghai, local financial institutions and broker firms are in need of a robust network
infrastructure to facilitate greater data connectivity in and between offices, branches, data centres and other related facilities. Whether enterprises
are looking for high-speed access or high bandwidth capacity, Wharf T&T has all your needs covered.
MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Warrants Strong Ethernet Backbone
Certified with MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE 2.0), Wharf T&T’s Ethernet services conform to the latest Carrier Ethernet specifications and highest
quality standards, so that businesses can enjoy superb network performance, high service level and multi-vendor interoperability to realise the
potential of a connected network.
• 1 millisecond (ms) Metro Ethernet service
Financial institutions and broker firms value time above all else and hence a fast and reliable network connection becomes increasingly business-critical.
The 1 millisecond (ms) Metro Ethernet service provides secure, seamless and ultra-fast multi-point to multi-point access with high availability and low latency.
• 100Gbps Ethernet service
To keep up with the exponential growth of transaction and customer data, the demand for bandwidth continues to rise. The ultra-fast 100Gbps
Ethernet service is a major development that revoluntionises the traditional network landscape and demonstrates high performance and
resilience. Along with the new and advanced Ethernet services, Wharf T&T has laid a future-proofed data network foundation to bring enterprises,
customers, vendors and the world even closer.
Not only does Wharf T&T has the best-in-class architecture and strong capability to support your network all along, Wharf T&T also deliver end-toend business-grade solutions for enterprises of all sizes, encompassing FibreCloud, IT security solutions, unified communication solutions, local and
international data connections as well as data centre services.
Wharf T&T Strictly Business Newsletter
Events Update
Get an Insight into the World of ICT
Wharf T&T makes major leaps to remain ahead of technology and sheds light on new developments and future trends in the ICT industry.
HR Magazine Conference – Put your feet up HR
16 Oct 2014
VMware Solutions Symposium Hong Kong 2014
7 Nov 2014
Unleash Education Power in the Cloud
e-learning Seminar
21 Nov 2014
HKTDC World SME Expo 2014
4-6 Dec 2014
Learning & Teaching Expo 2014 11-13 Dec 2014
SCMP HR Conference 2014
18 Dec 2014
SME's Technology Crime Prevention and
Information Security Seminar
13 Jan 2015
Workplace Netiquettes & Talent Management
16 Jan 2015
2015 Vol.1 |
Corporate Social Responsibility
Go Green with Us!
harf T&T works towards environmental sustainability
and steps up to protect the planet and combat climate
are we in working place?
The 6-month ‘Green@Work – Power Off’ campaign was completed and each division got more and more involved and
committed to energy conservation. Over 80% of all office monitors were turned off outside office hour which successfully
cut down electricity use and carbon emission.
Green Survey Result 2014
The company-wide green survey received an overwhelming response and the findings revealed how green our colleagues
were in creating a green office environment. All colleagues followed closely the 3R principle – ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ in daily
operations and effectively saved vast amounts of paper, water, electricity and resources such as plastic, glass and metals.
uce paper usage
Reduce electricity
Reduce paper usage
Reduce water usage
Reduce electricity
Reuse papers &
reusable utensils
Reduce water usage
Reuse papers &
reusable utensils
Recycle paper,
plastic, glass, metals
Recycle paper,
plastic, glass, metals
Green Plants
Leadership Development Programme
Nurture Young ICT Talents to Always Stand by You
Wharf T&T developed a team culture for success and presented the
annual outward bound programme, an outdoor experiential training,
for young talent to discover and develop their potential in a wild
setting. On the 3-day expedition to Sai Kung, 18 Wharf T&T’s Leadership
Development Programme leaders, along with 3 students from CCC Kei
Heep Secondary School, thrived on different challenges and developed
life skills in problem solving, leadership and teamwork.
9/F, KITEC, 1 Trademart Drive, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
Green Plants
Green Transport
Green Tran