Zebra® HC100™ Wristband Printer

Zebra® HC100™
Wristband Printer
A total solution for wristband printing
Zebra's HC100™ wristband printer was
developed to maximize ease of use. Just
pop the easy-to-load cartridges containing
Zebra's Z-Band® wristbands into the
printer—and print individual wristbands.
The wide range of available wristbands are
suitable for hospital patient identification
as well as guest identification at hospitality
venues and attractions such as amusement
parks, sporting events and zoos.
It’s easy-to-load feature requires minimal
user action as the printer detects the
wristband type and size and automatically
calibrates the settings for optimal print
quality and reduced waste. There is
minimal training required to use the
HC100—loading or switching the cartridge
is a quick and simple task.
The wristband cartridges are available in a
wide variety of wristband sizes and colors
Ph: (704) 987-2238
and feature a waterproof adhesive, making
the HC100 an ideal solution for amusement
and water park guest identification. With
faster print speeds, wait lines at the point
of entrance are reduced, improving the
customer experience and staff productivity.
The HC100 withstands most hospital
disinfectants and with more connectivity
options—including 802.11b/g wireless
LAN capability—and a small footprint, the
HC100 printer works with your network and
fits your workspace. The HC100 allows you
to print patient information and all industry
standard one- and two-dimensional
barcode symbologies directly onto Zebra's
Z-Band direct thermal wristbands—
featured with an antimicrobial coating and
available with adhesive or clip closure, in
a variety of sizes, colors and materials—
enabling hospital staff to process patient
admissions quickly and safely.
Ideal for These Applications
Patient Identification / Hospitals,
Outpatient clinics
Guest Identification / Amusement
parks, Water parks, Resorts,
Carnivals, Concerts, Sporting
events, Zoos
Genuine Zebra™ Wristbands for the HC100 Printer
Healthcare Wristbands
Zebra’s Z-Band thermal wristbands allow you to print patient information and
barcodes directly on the wristbands.
• Determined MR-Safe by an independent MRI testing company
• Feature a silver antimicrobial coating that protects the wristband
• Scannable up to 14 days, promoting quality patient care and safety
• Quick and easy to print and fasten using an adhesive tab or color clip
Zebra HC100 wristband printer datasheet
Attraction and Event Wristbands
Enable cashless point-of-sale and access management with print-on-demand
barcoded wristbands. The Zebra HC100 printer and direct thermal Z-Band® Fun
or Z-Band® Splash wristbands can:
• Reduce ticket fraud; revenue losses associated with theft and counterfeits
• Improve transaction speeds
• Enhance each guest’s experience with barcode scanning
• Lower total cost of ownership with increased convenience and rewards
Specifications at a glance*
Printer Name
Hospitality wristbands
• One-day and multi-day wristband options.
• Seven bright colors.
• Designed for amusement parks, water parks,
carnivals, zoos, sporting events and resorts.
• Variable print-on-demand barcoded wristbands
means the wristband does not have value until
printed, reducing ticket fraud.
Standard features
• Quick & easy wristband cartridge loading
• Automatic print speed setting—up to
4 ips depending on installed cartridge
• Direct thermal printing of barcodes, text
and graphics
• Dual-wall frame, impact-resistant plastic
• ZPL® or ZPL II® programming language
• 32 bit RISC processor
• 8 MB (2 MB user-available) Flash
memory (standard)
• 16 MB (4 MB user-available) SDRAM
memory (standard)
• Element Energy Equalizer™ (E3™) for superior
print quality
• Dual communications interface: serial and USB
• Odometer for print-length tracking
• Illuminated media low/media out indicator
• Tool-less printhead and platen replacement
• Unicode™-compliant for multi-language printing
• Instant media calibration—no wasted media
• 16 resident expandable bitmap fonts
• One resident scalable font
• Head-up sensor
• Standard tear-off mode feature
• XML-enabled printing—allows XML
communications from information systems
• ENERGY STAR® qualified
Printer specifications
Maximum print length
• 22"/558 mm
Minimum print length
• 3"/76 mm
Print widths
• 0.75"/19.05 mm, 1"/25.4 mm, 1.1875"/30.16 mm
• 300 dpi/12 dots per mm
Operating characteristics
• Operating temperature: 40° F/4.4° C
to 104° F/40° C
• Storage temperature: -40° F/-40° C
to 140° F/60° C
• Operating humidity: 20%-85%
non-condensing R.H.
• Storage humidity: 5%-85%
non-condensing R.H.
Wristband cartridge environmental
• Service temperature: -40° F/-40° C to
140° F/60° C
• Storage temperature: 32° F/0° C to 70°F/21° C
at 35% to 50% non-condensing R.H.
• Universal power supply (PFC-compliant)
100–240VAC, 50–60Hz
Agency approvals
• Emissions: FCC Part 15, Subpart B, VCCI, C-Tick
• Emissions and Susceptibility: (CE): EN 55022
Class B and EN 55024
• Safety: CB Scheme IEC 60950-1:2001,
• Power supply: IEC 60601-1:1995
Physical characteristics
• Width: 5"/127 mm
• Height**: 7"/178 mm
• Depth: 9.5"/242 mm
• Weight: 3.1 lbs/1.4 kg
Maximum print speed
** Requires 6"/153 mm clearance above printer to
load cartridge
• 2"/51 mm per second (Healthcare)
• 4"/102 mm per second (Z-Band Fun
& Z-Band Splash)
Healthcare wipeable plastic is designed to
withstand a variety of disinfectants, chemicals and
cleaning solutions. See zebra.com for full list.
Media characteristics
Options and accessories
Zebra offers a comprehensive range of wristband
solutions for healthcare and hospitality industries.
• ZebraNet® 10/100 Print Server (internal)—
factory-installed only, offered in combination
with serial/USB interface
• ZebraNet® b/g Print Server (internal)—factoryinstalled only, offered in combination with serial/
USB interface
• Font packs—Asian and other international
font kits
Healthcare wristbands
• Adhesive or clip closure.
• Adult, child and infant sizes.
• Barcodes on Z-Band wristbands are proven to
withstand water, soaps, foams, alcohol and
other common solvents found in a healthcare
environment, and remain scannable for longer
than the average patient stay.
Corporate Headquarters
+1 800 423 0442
Asia-Pacific Headquarters
+65 6858 0722
EMEA Headquarters
+44 (0)1628 556000
• Factory-installed 64 MB (58 MB user-available)
Flash memory option
• ZBI 2.0™—Factory- or field-installed, this
powerful programming language lets printers
run standalone applications, connect to
peripherals, and much more
Fonts and character sets
• Character fonts: Standard bitmapped Zebra
fonts: A, B, C, D, E (OCR-B), F, G, H (OCR-A),
GS, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V & Ø Smooth font (CG
Triumvirate™ Bold Condensed)
• Supports user-defined fonts and graphics—
including custom logos
• Bitmap fonts are expandable up to 10 times,
height- and width-independent. Fonts E and H
(OCR-B and OCR-A), however, are not considered
in spec when expanded
• Smooth-scalable font Ø (CG Triumvirate Bold
Condensed) is expandable dot-by-dot, heightand width-independent, while maintaining edges
to a max. 1500 x 1500 dots
Barcode symbologies
Linear barcodes:
• Codabar, Code 11, Code 39, Code 93,
Code 128, EAN-8, EAN-13, EAN-14,
GS1 DataBar™ (formerly RSS), Industrial
2-of-5, Interleaved 2-of-5, Logmars, MSI,
Plessey, Postnet, Standard 2-of-5, UPC-A,
UPC-E, UPC-A and UPC-E with EAN 2 or
5 digit extensions
• Aztec Code, Codablock, Code 49, Data Matrix,
MaxiCode, MicroPDF417, PDF417, QR Code
ZebraLink™ solutions
• ZebraDesigner™ Pro (option)
• ZebraDesigner (standard)
• ZebraNet™ Bridge Enterprise (option)
• ZebraNet Utilities v7.0 (standard)
• ZebraDesigner Driver
• Zebra Universal Driver
• ZBI 2.0 (optional)
• ZBI-Developer™ (standard with ZBI 2.0)
Networking options
• ZebraNet® 10/100 Print Server (internal)
• ZebraNet® b/g Print Server (internal)
• ZPL II—Universal language for Zebra printers.
Simplifies wristband and label formatting and
enables format compatibility with existing
systems that run Zebra printers.
• Web View & Alert
Latin America Headquarters
+1 847 955 2283
Other Locations / USA: California, Georgia, Illinois, Rhode Island, Texas, Wisconsin Europe: France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey,
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Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Florida (LA Headquarters in USA), Mexico Africa/Middle East: Dubai, South Africa
*Specifications subject to change without notice.
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