Thursday, April 3, 2008
Adaptec Launches Series 5 RAID Controllers
Posted by PC World Team
Offers 28-port connectivity with internal and external ports
Adaptec has launched the Adaptec RAID Series 5 Unified Serial controller family. This is the first RAID solution offering up to 28port connectivity with both internal and external ports to achieve I/O performance up to five times faster than competitive products.
The Series 5 controllers are engineered to deliver the industry's most cost- effective solutions for increasing data storage access
and scalability, allowing up to 256 SATA[i] or SAS[ii] drives to be seamlessly connected to a single system providing approximately
200TB of storage capacity. These efficient new PCIe interface controllers are designed for a wide range of storage-critical,
bandwidth-intensive applications such as Web hosting, digital video surveillance, medical imaging and communications.
Building on Adaptec's breakthrough Unified Serial Architecture platform, the Adaptec RAID Series 5 family's unique design of up to
28 ports — 24 internal and 4 external — allows enterprise data storage solutions to take advantage of low cost SATA environments
while delivering SAS performance and reliability. The Series 5 multi-port design delivers tremendous design flexibility to Adaptec's
key customer audiences.
It allows system integrators and OEMs to create tiered storage environments that ensure massive scalability while simultaneously
simplifying the development and validation process. It allows system resellers to easily sell-up or sell-down by tailoring storage
solutions based on individual application requirements. And, it enables enterprise customers to 'future-proof' today's system
expenditures with the knowledge that as data capacity demands grow, additional storage hardware can be effortlessly added or
"Our Series 5 controller family represents yet another Adaptec engineering milestone," said Suresh Panikar, Director, Worldwide
Marketing, Adaptec. "Our long-standing relationship with virtually all of the major systems and storage providers gives us a unique
industry perspective to develop storage controllers with the features, functionality and economies that our customers demand in
their next-generation offerings. The engine for this innovation is Adaptec's Unified Serial Architecture platform which has set the
benchmark in the data storage arena."
The Series 5 controller family achieves unmatched performance based on several levels of technology innovation. The Intel IOP348
I/O processor is at the heart of the Series 5 architecture delivering a core speed of 1.2 GHz. In addition, Adaptec collaborated with
Intel to optimize the fundamental chip-level performance for the Series 5 architecture. Adaptec engineering teams then integrated its
proprietary Unified Serial technology platform, allowing unparalleled performance for SATA and SAS environments.
"Based on high-performance, power-efficient Intel XScale technology, the Intel IOP348 I/O processor delivers enterprise-class SAS
and advanced RAID data protection", said Seth Bobroff, storage general manager, Intel Server Platforms Group. "The Intel IOP348
I/O processor combined with Adaptec's Unified Serial Architecture platform allows customers to protect their critical data more
efficiently and effectively."
According to Brian Babineau, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, "Enterprises need technology environments that can adapt
to the ever-changing profile of data being created and stored on a regular basis. Today it's database transactions and Web files,
tomorrow it's medical images and streaming video content. Customers need flexible, modular, high performing storage
environments as rich media and file content represent the preponderance of capacity that will be deployed in coming years.
Adaptec, which has long been known for its ability to stay one step ahead of evolving market dynamics, is particularly suited to
address this need. The new Series 5 RAID controllers meet these needs with compatibility that makes it easy for anyone to deploy,
in any environment. Most importantly, this new product family has performance characteristics that are well suited for the deluge of
digital information that is upon us."
The launch of the Series 5 controllers underscores Adaptec's commitment to providing all the players in the data storage ecosystem
— system and storage OEMs, system integrators, value-added resellers, drive manufacturers, enterprise storage software
developers and third-party component suppliers — with unsurpassed compatibility, ease-of-implementation and performance
configurability in virtually any IT environment.
"We are committed to providing best-in-class WD GreenPower hard drive solutions, and the architecture and performance of the
new Series 5 Adaptec RAID controllers is an ideal complement to our enterprise SATA drives," said Tom McDorman, WD's vice
president and general manager of enterprise storage. "We will continue to work closely with Adaptec to ensure our drives, coupled
with the Series 5 controllers, meet the performance, reliability and green power needs of our enterprise customers."
The Adaptec Series 5 RAID controller family enables global enterprises, typically employing multiple hardware platforms and
running more than one operating system, to easily enhance the scalability and reliability of disk drives ranging from cost-effective,
high-capacity SATA disk drives, high-performance SAS drives, or both, across existing networks or within a single system.
"Our Eco-Logical server and storage solutions deliver the performance and flexibility required by complex SATA and SAS
environments, as well as the scalability to grow as our customers' needs evolve over time," said Geoffrey Noer, senior director of
product marketing, Rackable Systems. "Adaptec Unified Serial RAID controllers have been instrumental in fulfilling our requirements
for high-capacity, cost-effective enterprise solutions. The improved performance in the new Series 5 controllers will only increase the
capabilities we can provide to our enterprise customers."
All seven Series 5 controllers will be shipping and available through worldwide distributors and resellers on March 21, 2008. The
controllers are priced as follows: 5405 - $425.00; 5805 - $650.00; 5085 - $945.00; 5445 - 945.00; 51245 - $1,075.00; 51645 $1,200.00; and 52445 - $1,595.00.