Healthy breast milk warming
Introducing our new bottle warmer range
Helping preserve the nutrients
and vitamins in your breast milk
Every drop of your breast milk is precious, full of vitamins and
nutrients that support the healthy development of your baby.
For 30 years, Philips Avent has been listening and learning from moms
so we can help support you in breastfeeding and your little one’s
evolving needs.
Philips Avent offers a range of bottle warmers to help warm your
milk safely and conveniently every time. Part of our understanding
of the importance of your breast milk and dedication to helping you
breastfeed for longer.
The importance of breast milk
Breast milk is unique, containing the essential blend of nutrients,
antibodies, enzymes and hormones that your baby needs, making it
the ideal first food for your baby. Its protective effects continue for
you both even after you stop breastfeeding.
“ It’s important that moms are able
to give their babies nutrient-rich milk
at all times. The Philips Avent baby
bottle warmer helps preserve the
goodness of your breast milk while
having all the convenience features
you need to fit it into your busy day
to day routine. ”
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The Philips Avent bottle warmer range
We understand how important your breast milk is to your baby. That’s why we offer a range
of bottle warmers specifically designed to meet you and your baby’s needs.
Our most convenient bottle warmer
Helps to preserve nutrients and vitamins of your milk
The newest addition to the Philips Avent bottle warmer
range, this bottle warmer warms gently and evenly, hot
spots are avoided as the milk circulates during warming.
The integrated sensor tracks and controls the milk
temperature, preventing overheating to help preserve
nutrients and vitamins of the milk.
Our fastest bottle warmer
Warms quickly and evenly
For days when you’re rushed off your feet, this bottle
warmer warms quickly and evenly, as fast as in 3
minutes*. Easy to operate, it features a handy defrost
setting and can also be used to warm baby food.
Multiple warming settings cater to your baby’s
preferences while the clever progress indicator lets you
know how long until the milk is ready. Automatic keep
warm and shut off functions keep milk at the exactly
right end temperature for 20 minutes before switching
itself off.
In the case ≤ 150 ml / 5 oz of milk at a temperature of 20 °C / 70 °F
in a Philips Avent Classic / Natural bottle of 260 ml / 9 oz.
Easy to operate and stylishly designed, this bottle
warmer also has a defrost setting and can be used
to warm baby food.
It’s all in the details
Warms evenly
Fast warming
Defrost function
No hotspots as the milk
circulates during warming
A 150 ml / 5 oz bottle of
breast milk is warmed in
just 3 minutes*
Gently defrost your breast
milk or baby food
Warms gently
and evenly
ilk circulates during
warming preventing
hot spots
Progress indicator
The light indicates the
warming progress of
your milk
Automatic keep
warm and shut off
Multiple warming
Keeps your milk warm
efrosts and warms
milk to various safe
end temperatures
for 20 minutes, before
automatically shutting off
Our on the go bottle warmer
Warms anywhere, anytime
For times when you need to feed on the go,
this bottle warmer warms anywhere, anytime.
Boiled water in the thermos flask will stay hot
for up to 6 hours. Simply pop open the easy
pouring lid of the pre-filled flask, pour the
hot water into the beaker, add the bottle and
screw on the lid for fast, safe, easy warming.
about 3 min
(5oz in a 9oz
bottle at room
about 10 min
(3oz at room
about 2.5 min
(6oz at room
Milk and food
The beaker has a warming reference guide
which indicates how long each size of Philips
Avent bottle should be warmed depending on
the temperature of the milk. A standard 6oz
milk content can be warmed within
2.5 minutes.
Compatible with
all Philips Avent
bottles and
Speed of warming
Different end
temperatures based
on your need
Defrost function
It’s all in the details
Always safe milk
Keep warm
Automatic shut-off
Ready in 2.5 min*
Protective lid
Quickly warm up
Close the beaker
during heating
In case of a 180 ml (6 oz) bottle with a temperature of 20ºC
reference guide
On beaker
for convenience
Easy pouring lid
Clear open/close
position and easy
to clean
Progress indicator
visual alert when
food is ready
** Philips
Avent breast milk bags and 2oz/60ml bottles cannot be used in these bottle warmers
A range of products to help support
your baby feeding journey
At Philips Avent, we’re here to support you every step of the way
as you feed and nurture your baby.
Our range of breast care and baby feeding products are designed to help
you in your breastfeeding journey, making it easier and as comfortable as
possible to give your baby all the goodness of your breast milk.
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