8420-51, 8421-51, 8422-51MEMORY HiLOGGER

8420-51, 8421-51, 8422-51 MEMORY HiLOGGER
Data Loggers
Internal memory capacity is greatly increased – four times that of previous models!
New multi-channel loggers with enhanced noise immunity
As demand for multi-channel temperature recording for environmental protection, energy conservation and HACCP activities increase steadily, portability to
enable measurement everywhere and at all times, and communications support for
connecting to IT (information technology) networks are becoming indispensable
capabilities for measurement instruments. Furthermore, at measurement sites, accurate measurements are required in severe conditions such as the presence of different electrical potentials, hum noise from commercial power lines, and switching noise from inverters. In response to these requirements, we have developed the
new models with enhanced noise immunity from that of the former models.
Enhanced functionality in response to user demands
- Main features and product outline Features
● Numerical data logging/recording and trend graph display
● Completely isolated input channels
● Power and Gas
No need to worry about potential difference between measurement objects
● Real-time saving to large capacity memory card
Use a large capacity memory card for long-term data recording
● Data collection to a PC via LAN
• Real-time measurements on PCs running 9334 LOGGER
• Data acquisition by FTP client/server functions
• Send e-mail notification of anomalies by SMTP
• Monitor and control over the Web using HTTP server functions
• Trend measurement of machinery output/temperature
• Watt-hour meter pulse count/output recording of machinery
● Electronic Device and Component Manufacturing
• Product testing, quality control recording
● Automobiles, Trains and
Distribution Transportation
• Collect the necessary data during their
● Building Maintenance, Factory
• Long-term data acquisition for maintenance
• Food-related temperature recording
Functions upgraded from former models
● Four Times More Internal Memory
● Battery Charging Available During Operation
Internal memory has been increased from 8 to 32 megabytes
in the new models, which can now store up to about 16.77
million data points.
Previously, the battery could be charged only when the instrument was turned off, but it can now be charged while measuring. Because of this, if an unexpected power outage occurs
during long-term measurement and recording, situations such
as measurement discontinuation resulting from battery self
discharge can be avoided, significantly improving the reliability
of long-term measurement.
● Enhanced Noise Immunity
The circuitry was reviewed from the ground up, and a deltasigma type A/D converter was incorporated. The effects
of inverter switching noise and 50/60 Hz hum noise that
previously presented problems have been greatly reduced by
the digital filtering function using the oversampling principle
inherent in this type of device.
Note: Optimum noise suppression obtained with recording intervals of two seconds or longer
External Docking Printer
● Improved Accuracy of Internal Clock
Clock accuracy has been greatly improved (0.2 seconds/day
is the same as the previous Model 8422-01).
● Chatter Filter Installed for External Trigger
The filter function installed for external triggering prevents
malfunctioning when starting and ending measurement using
a mechanical relay.
Pulse totalization /rotation count inputs
• Up to four input channels
• All channels isolated
• For totalization of power and flow
Note: uses special input cable ( Model 9641
RS-232C Connector
LAN Connector
(10 Base-T)
9329 TERMINAL UNIT (optional)
Get measurement result printouts on site by
docking with the 8992 PRINTER UNIT.
Record long-period trend graphs and print
hard copies of screens.
PC Card slot
Attached Cover
ch 32
ch 31
External Docking Input-Output unit
M3 Screw Terminals
The recommended wire diameter
for the instrumentʼs terminal block
is 0.32mm (0.0126 inch). Use the
Model 9329 TERMINAL UNIT to
secure smaller-diameter wire.
AC Adapter
Send control signals to an external device by
docking with the 8993 DIGITAL I/O UNIT
(available with up to 16 channels). Sixteen
logic input channels are also provided. In
addition to analog and pulse inputs such as
for temperature, 16 points of simultaneous
logic signal input are supported.
External Trigger
Trigger Output
ch 2
ch 1
Temperature /
voltage inputs
• Up to 32 input channels
(8420 -51: 8 channels)
(8421-51: 16 channels)
• All channels isolated
Temperature/Analog, all inputs isolated
- Measurement Functions Universal isolated temperature, voltage and pulse inputs
Universal isolated temperature, voltage and pulse inputs,
Un iversa l measu rement i nputs, volt age, temperat u re
(thermocouple and Pt inputs*1) and humidity*1,2 can be
selected for each channel. In addition, four input channels
are provided for measuring pulse inputs (totalization/rotation
count) simultaneously with voltage, temperature and
h u m i d it y. I n a d d it i o n t o c h a n n el - t o - c h a n n el i n p u t
isolation, t he PC con nection i nter face is completely
isolated from the measurement terminals. Shock hazard
is m i n i m i zed even when t her mo couples a nd volt age
inputs are measured at the same time.
(Maximum rated voltage above ground is 60 V DC.)
Measurement parameters
100mV f.s.
1V f.s.
10V f.s.
100V f.s.
1 − 5V f.s.
100°C f.s.
Thermocouples: K, E, J, T, N, 500°C f.s.
W (WRe5-26), R, S, B
2000°C f.s.
50,000c f.s.
500,000c f.s.
5Mc f.s.
Pulse Accumulation
100Mc f.s.
2,500Mc f.s.
5,000/n (r/s) f.s.*1
100%rh f.s.
*1 Pt and humidity measurement inputs are supported only by the 8420-51 and
*2 Requires the 9653 humidity sensor (both optional).
Sample multiple channels at high speeds
Range of Measurements
Finest Resolution
-100mV to +100mV
-1V to +1V
-10V to +10V
-60V to +60V
1V to 5V
-100°C to 100°C
-200°C to 500°C
-200°C to 2000°C
0 to 50,000 counts
0 to 500,000 counts
0 to 5M counts
0 to 100M counts
0 to 2,500M counts
0 to 5,000/n (r/s)*1
1 count
10 counts
100 counts
2,000 counts
50,000 counts
1/n (r/s)*1
5.0 to 95.0%rh
*1 n = pulses per rotation (1 to 1,000)
All input channels are quickly scanned, measured and stored within 100 ms (200 ms or more with channels 17 to 32 in Model 8422-51, and within
about 5 seconds for mixed humidity measurements). As stand-alone instruments, Model 8420-51 provides 4 pulse input channels, plus 8 temperature/
voltage channels, Model 8421-51 provides 4 pulse input channels, plus 16 temperature/voltage channels, and Model 8422-51 provides 4 pulse input
channels, plus 32 temperature/voltage channels. The 32MB of internal memory records about 16.77 million data points.
Real-Time Save to High-Capacity Memory Card
Measurement data can be automatically saved to a PC
Card. Binary (real-time) and text (post-measurement)
formats can be selected. High-capacity Flash ATA
cards up to 512 MB can be used for continuous
long-term recording. Choose binary in normal use.This
recording method is linked to writing measurements in
real time. The supplied Wv Wave Viewer software can
convert the data into text format on a PC.
(using 1 channel)
(using 4 channels)
36 days
9 days
72 days
18 days
180 days
45 days
360 days
90 days
1 year, 355 days
180 days
4 years, 340 days
1 year, 85 days
9 years, 315 days 2 years, 170 days
- omitted 4 years, 340 days
- omitted 7 years, 145 days
- omitted - omitted 2min
- omitted - omitted 5min to 1hour
- omitted - omitted -
(using 8 channels)
(using 16 channels)
(using 32 channels)
4 days, 12 hours
9 days
22 days, 12 hours
45 days
90 days
225 days
1 year, 85 days
2 years, 170 days
3 years, 255 days
7 years, 145 days
- omitted - omitted -
2 days, 6 hours
4 days, 12 hours
11 days, 6 hours
22 days, 12 hours
45 days
112 days, 12 hours
225 days
1 year, 85 days
1 year, 310 days
3 years, 255 days
7 years, 145 days
- omitted -
- NA 2 days, 6 hours
5 days, 15 hours
11 days, 6 hours
22 days, 12 hours
56 days, 6 hours
112 days, 12 hours
225 days
1 year, 85 days
1 year, 310 days
3 years, 255 days
- omitted -
Real-Time Storage Recording Times with 64 MB Card (approximate times)
Note: Recording times are calculated values, and cannot be guaranteed. For calculations, one year = 365 days.
Calculated values resulting in extremely long periods are omitted.
What happens if a power failure occurs while measuring ?
We recommend using the real-time saving function of the 8420-51, 8421-51 and 8422-51 MEMORY
HiLOGGERs with a PC Card. This exclusive technology has been developed to preserve data as reliably as
possible even in the event of a power failure by incorporating PC card technology with the know-how built into
the MEMORY HiCORDER series recording instruments. When recording only to internal memory without
using a card, stored data is retained for about ten minutes in the event of a power failure.
Color LCD displays waveforms and numerical values simultaneously, and allows viewing earlier data while measuring
Scroll through the displayed graph while saving
measurements in real time to PC Card to verify earlier
measurements. You can also read the values at the
movable cursors.
Standard Measurement Screen
(Measured values appear numerically at the
left, and plotted as a graph at the right together
with the measured values at the cursors.)
Display of Earlier Waveforms
(The green bar at the bottom indicates
the relative location of the current
display in internal memory.)
Display of Current Measurements
(The green bar at the bottom indicates
the relative location of the current
display in internal memory.)
LAN Connectivity Supported by PPP Connection to a Telephone Circuit
- Communication Functions The following PC measurements and various web server functions can be employed with a LAN or PPP connection (by connecting the
RS-232C connector through a modem to a telephone circuit or cellular phone).
■ Operation from a PC
• Real-time PC measurement with the optional 9334 Logger Communicator
• Download acquired data from a PC Card or internal memory using the FTP server
• Remote control from a web browser using the HTTP server function
• When communicating with a PC using FTP, acquired data is
transferred only in file units.
• The 9334 software with a LAN connection supports quick
response times as short as 100 ms.
• User-created PC commands necessary to use a direct RS-232C
connection. A direct RS-232C connection allows near
real-time measurement data to be obtained with response times
of as little as about a second.
■ Automatic sending from the instrument
• E-mail sending function
• Send data automatically using the FTP client function, or
connect directly to a PC via the RS-232C interface.
Even on a PC equipped only with a USB port, PC
calculations can be performed using a commercially
available USB-LAN adapter.
Remote measurements by HTTP server operation
The HTTP server function can be used to make instrument settings, control
data acquisition and monitor the instrument screen using a common web
browser such as Internet Explorer, without requiring any special software
application to be installed on the PC.
Function Details
• The instrument screen is duplicated in the web browser.
• Key inputs can be made using the same panel configuration as on the actual
• Monochrome/color display and screen refresh rate are selectable.
• The lit/unlit state of the Start LED is refreshed whenever the screen is refreshed.
• By clicking inside the window, the lighting cursor can be moved without having
to use the up, down, left and right arrow keys.
• Start and stop measurement using the web browser.
• Current measurement status can be displayed.
PC (www browser)
[Data Acquisition by FTP]
[Remote Control Screen]
[Starting and Stopping Measurement]
[Example of HTTP communications via 10Base-T LAN connection]
[Current Value Display]
• Acquired data in files on a PC Card in the instrument, and
measurement data in internal memory can be transferred by the
web browser using FTP.
• Data being acquired into internal memory cannot be transferred
while measuring. Transfer data after measurement has finished.
• While measuring, data previously transferred from internal
memory can be viewed on the Data Acquisition Screen.
• Measurement data can be displayed as
numerical values.
• During measurement, data acquired on each
channel at every recording interval can be
• Instantaneous data input to each channel can be
monitored even when measurement is stopped.
• Selectable screen refresh rate.
[Data Acquisition in Internal Memory]
• Data acquired in internal memory can be
transferred to the browser during measurement,
or the data over an optionally specified range can
be transferred after measurement stops. All data
in internal memory can be transferred.
• Either binary or text data can be selected.
• Data can be freely transferred to MS Excel for
Communication functions for added convenience
- Communication Functions E-Mail Sending
E-mail can be automatically sent through an SMTP mail server to a local network, remote PC or
e-mail compatible cellular phone upon any of the following events: start/stop trigger, alarm, recovery
from power failure, memory full or card full. Up to three e-mail destination addresses can be
(The 8993 DIGITAL I/O UNIT is required for alarms)
[Example of sending e-mail via 10Base-T LAN connection]
E-Mail Receiving PC
[Example of Sent E-mail]
E-Mail Receiving PC
Automatic Data Sending by FTP Client
Binary data files that are saved automatically to the PC Card during periodic measurement or when finished measuring, are sent
automatically by the instrument to the FTP server on a local network or remote PC.
[Example of FTP data transfer via 10Base-T LAN connection]
FTP Server PC
PPP Communication (RS-232C + modem)
By connecting the instrument to a modem using an RS-232C cable, measurement can be controlled from a remote modem-equipped
PC. Connect the instrument to a modem using the 9721 RS-232C Cable (straight-through cable for modems).
Application for PC - Wave Viewer (Wv) Software (bundled accessory)
Measurement data (in binary format) from the MEMORY
HiLOGGER series can be displayed as waveforms on the
PC screen. It can also be converted (file-by-file or all files)
to CSV-format text data, so the data can be loaded into other
PC applications like Excel.
■ Specifications
Wave Viewer (Wv) Software (bundled accessory)
• Simple display of waveform file
• Text conversion: convert binary data file to text format,
with selectable space or tab separators in addition to CSV,
and specifiable section, thinning available
• Display format settings: scroll functions, enlarge/
reduce display, display channel settings
• Others: voltage value trace function, jump to cursor/
trigger position function
PC operating systems Windows 95/98/Me, Windows NT 4.0 (SP3 or later), 2000, XP
Control up to 16 Instruments Over LAN Connections
- PC Application 9334 LOGGER COMMUNICATOR (optional software)
Collect Data on a PC via Ethernet
Data from a HiLOGGER connected to a LAN can be stored on the hard disk of a PC in real time. Other functions include waveform
display, CSV conversion, printing, numerical value calculations and searching.
Acquired data (either all data, or only that between marker
cursors) can be converted to CSV format text data. Data
in this format can be loaded into a spreadsheet program
such as Excel.
A table shows time difference
a n d p ote nti a l d i f fe r e n c e
between A and B cursors,
and the time and potential at
each cursor on the waveform
Acquired data can be displayed
as numerical values for time
s e r i e s’. Wave fo r m i m a g e
and numerical values can be
displayed simultaneously.
Acquired data can be
printed out as a waveform
image on a connected
Acquired data can be
subjected to parameter
calculations such as
maximum value, time
and average value.
The waveform image of acquired
data is displayed. It can be drawn in
real time during data acquisition. Up
to 512 analog channels, 256 logic
channels and 64 pulse channels are
Acquired data can be
searched for specific
event marks, as well
as for conditions such
as date, maximum and
minimum values.
■ Specification Overview
9334 LOGGER COMMUNICATOR (PC application, sold separately)
PC operating systems Windows 95/98/Me, Windows NT 4.0 (SP3 or later), 2000, XP
■ Product Specifications
General Specifications
Input System/
8420 -51/8421-51
Temperature (thermocouple, Pt), Te m p e r a t u r e ( t h e r m o c o u p l e
voltage, hum idity, totalized only), voltage, totalized pulses,
pulses, rotation count
rotation count
Analog: 8 channels isolated by Analog: 32 channels isolated by
Photo-MOS relays/16 channels Photo-MOS relays (voltage and
scanning isolated inputs (voltage, temperature can be independently selected
temperature and humidity independently
for each channel)
selectable for each channel)
Pulse Inputs: 4 channels
Pulse Inputs: 4 channels
Inputs: 16 channels (using
Logic Inputs: 16 channels (using Logic
Model 8993 DIGITAL I/O UNIT)
Model 8993 DIGITAL I/O UNIT)
100 ms to 1 hour (5 s to 1 hour when 100 ms to 1 hour (200 ms to 1 hour
combined with humidity measurement) when using channels 17 to 32)
Data recording
Internal: 32 MB (about 16.77 million data points: each data point = 2 bytes/16 bits)
External: up to 528 MB (Flash ATA Card)
Real time save
File operations
PC Interface
■Interface: Ethernet ■Controllable instruments: 16 ■Data
transfer: data transferred from instrument's internal memory,
data acquired in real time ■Display: displays image of
acquired waveform data on-screen, real-time data image during
acquisition, numerical values, and simultaneous display of
image and numerical values ■Maximum channels: 512 analog,
256 logic and 64 pulse channels ■Data conversion: converts
all data or data between AB cursors to CSV-format text data ■
Printing: available ■Parameter calculation: available ■Other
functions: marking function, search function
Note: All input channels are scanned at high speed during each recording interval.
Waveforms are saved as binary data to the PC Card in real time, and
can be saved to separate files at preset times, selectable as full files
or an endless loop with automatic deletion of oldest data. Stored data
can be recalled by the instrument in 32-MB blocks by specifying a
time point (for one channel. For n channels, 32 MB / 2n data points are recalled.)
PC Card type II slot: accepts Flash ATA (up to 528 MB)
Stores binary data (custom format), text data (Excel format), BMP data
(screen images), numerical calculation results and measurement values.
A-B cursors can be used select data to be saved (manual operation only).
RS-232C (Round 9-pin mini-DIN connector)
LAN (supports 10Base-T, DHCP, DNS)
A/D Converter One internal delta-sigma type A/D converter with digital filtering
External control connectors Trigger input, trigger output (push-button type terminal block)
or more,
Memory backup Time and settings: 1010years
Measurement data: minutes or more after turning
function (@23˚C) instrument power off (Retained from at least 2 minutes after power on)
Operating temperature and humidity: 0 (32˚F) to 40˚C (104˚F), 30 to 80% rh
(charging temperature range: 10 (32˚F) to 30˚C (86˚F))
Storage temperature and humidity: -10 (14˚F) to 50˚C (122˚F), 30 to 80% rh
Conforming standards Safety: EN61010, EMC: EN61326, EN61000
Power supply
(1) Using Model 9418 -15 AC ADAPTER, 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
(2) Model 9447 BATTERY PACK (when used with the AC ADAPTER, the AC
ADAPTER has priority)
(3) 12 V Battery (voltage may range from +30 to −20%, although chargeable range is
12 VDC ±5%)
Power consumption 16 VA (maximum load under battery power), 20 VA (maximum load using AC Adapter)
Continuous usage time
Approx. 5 hours (with 5-min backlight saver setting, after about 10 hours charging)
Approx. 2.5 hours (with bright backlight, after about 2.5 hours charging)
Battery pack
Available with the battery pack and AC Adapter connected: quick
charging time is approx. 2.5 hours (@23˚C), after which trickle charging
prevents battery self-discharge. Printing interrupts quick charging.
Dimensions &
Mass (without battery)
Approx. 234 mm (9.21 in) W × 170 mm (6.69 in) H × 52 mm (2.05 in) D mm, 1.4 kg (49.4 oz) (instrument only)
Approx. 310.5 (12.22 in) W × 170 (6.69 in) H × 52 (2.05 in) D mm, 1.7 kg (60.0 oz) (with printer attached)
Approx. 302.5 (11.91 in) W × 170 (6.69 in) H × 52 (2.05 in) D mm, 1.7 kg (60.0 oz) (with Digital I/O Unit)
9418 -15 AC ADAPTER ×1, Application disk ×1 (Wave Viewer Wv,
Communication Commands Operating Manual), Flat-blade Screwdriver
(×1, for terminal block), Detailed Operating Manual ×1, Communication
Function/Wave Viewer Operating Manual ×1, Quick Start Manual ×1
with one Model 9447 BATTERY
PACK, when measuring voltage
■ Product Specifications
Functional Specifications
5.7-inch STN Color LCD (240 × 320 dots). Displays either waveforms
only, waveforms and numerical values simultaneously, numerical
values only or calculation results and waveforms simultaneously.
Japanese/English language selectable. The most recent 16 MB of
data (with one-channel recording) can be displayed by back scrolling.
1/2/5/10/20/30 seconds, 1/2/5/10/20/30 minutes,
Waveform compression Time-axis:
1/2/5/10/12 hours, 1 day/division
and magnification
Voltage-axis zoom: ×100, ×50, ×20, ×10, ×5, ×2, ×1, ×1/2
Search function Event marks can be searched
Waveform parameter calculations: Up to four simultaneous calculations
are supported: average, peak, maximum, minimum and effective values,
timing of maximum and minimum values, and waveform processing
calculation: displays sums and differences between channel waveforms
Voltage Inputs
(accuracy is specified at 23 ±5˚C, from 30 minutes after power on and after zero point adjustment, guaranteed for one year)
Input Terminals/Impedance Same as for thermocouples, Input resistance: 1 MΩ
100 mV f.s. : -100 to +100 mV (5 μV resolution)
1V f.s. : -1 to +1 V (50 μV resolution)
10V f.s. : -10 to +10 V (500 μV resolution)
100V f.s. : -60 to +60 V (5 mV resolution)
1 to 5 V f.s. : 1 to 5 V (500 μV resolution)
±0.1 % f.s. (in the 1-5 V f.s. range only, f.s. = 10 V)
60 V DC (maximum voltage between input terminals that does not cause
Max. allowable input damage)
Max. rated voltage
to earth
60 V DC (Upper limit voltage that does not cause damage when applied
between input channel and chassis, and between each input channels)
Humidity measurement
(only in 8420-51/8421-51, accuracy specified @23 ±5˚C, from 30 minutes after power on and after zero point adjustment, guaranteed for one year)
■ Data can be collected in real time using the optional Model
9334 LOGGER COMMUNICATOR (data collection software
application) .
■ Data in internal memory* and in the PC Card can be
Communication transferred by the FTP server function.
Input terminals Commonly used with thermocouples
Measurement ranges 100% rh f.s. : 5.0 to 95.0% rh (0.1% rh resolution)
(Controlled by PC)
Digital Filter
*1 Data in internal memory can be transferred only when not measuring.
■ Remote control by communications commands (separate
programming required)
■ Remote control by HTTP server function (with no special software
other than a common Web browser, HiLOGGER settings, data acquisition and
screen monitoring can be performed)
■ Automatic data sending by FTP client function (periodically
power outage recovery, memory or card full status, an e-mail notification is sent to
a PC on the local network or to a remote PC through an SMTP mail server)
communicate with a modem-equipped PC through the public
Communication To
telephone circuit, connect a standard modem to the RS-232C
functions (PPP)
terminal using the Model 9721 RS-232C CABLE.
Waveform scroll, cursor measurement, scaling, automatic saving
(binary/text selectable), start condition retention, settings saving, comment
entry, event marking (for search), automatic setup, saves the most recent
16 MB of data (with one-channel recording) in internal memory
Trigger Functions
Trigger source
Analog input: all channels, Pulse totalizer inputs: P1 to P4, Logic inputs
OFF, 50 Hz, 60 Hz (With 50 and 60 Hz settings, the digital filter is
automatically set according to recording interval)
Pulse inputs (@23 ±5˚C, accuracy guaranteed for one year)
Input terminals Custom
(up to 4 channel inputs using 9641 CONNECTION CABLE)
Communication during measurement or after measuring, a file automatically saved to PC Card is
automatically sent to an FTP server on the internal network or on a remote PC)
■ Automatic e-mail sending (upon trigger start/stop, trigger warning,
(Sending to PC)
Refer to the accuracy table for Models 9653/9681 HUMIDITY SENSOR.
Filter function (common to thermocouple/platinum resistance temperature sensor/voltage/humidity inputs)
Input signal
■ No-voltage 'a' contact (normally open contact), open collector or
voltage input
■ Insulated between all pulse input channels and instrument
chassis, and between each pulse input channel
■ Maximum input voltage: 15 V DC
■ Detection level: HIGH = at least 1.0 V, LOW = 0 to 0.5 V
■ Pulse input cycle: with filter OFF, 200 μs or more (both H and L
periods must be at least 100 μs), with filter ON, 100 ms or more (both H
and L periods must be at least 50 ms)
■ Slope: Rising or falling edge can be set for each channel
■ Chatter-prevention filter: can be set on/off
50,000 c f.s. : 0 to 50,000 counts (1-count resolution)
Pulse totalization 500,000 c f.s. : 0 to 500,000 counts (10-count resolution)
5M c f.s. : 0 to 5M counts (100-count resolution)
100M c f.s. : 0 to 100M counts (2,000-count resolution)
2,500M c f.s. : 0 to 2,500M counts (50,000-count resolution)
(conditions can be set for LI-1 to LI-16 (using Model 8993 DIGITAL I/O UNIT), External trigger, Time
each channel)
trigger, Logical Product of each trigger source (AND), Logical Sum (OR)
Rotation range
5,000/n (r/s) f.s. : 0 to 5,000/n (r/s); Resolution: 1/n (r/s)
Active low, valid pulse width H period 2.5 ms or more, L period
External trigger 2.5 ms or more (with external trigger filter ON)
Max. rated voltage
to earth
60 V DC (Upper limit voltage that does not cause damage when applied
between input channel and chassis, and between each input channels)
Note: n = pulses per rotation (1 to 1,000)
Trigger timing
Start, Stop and Start/Stop (separate trigger conditions can be set to start and stop)
Level: Triggers when rising or falling through preset level
Trigger type
Window: Triggers when entering or exiting range defined by
(analog, pulse)
preset upper and lower limit values
Trigger level resolution 0.5% f.s. (f.s. = 10 divisions)
Trigger type (logic) Pattern trigger by 1, 0 and × (don't care) (with Model 8993 DIGITAL I/O UNIT)
Pre-trigger (records period before trigger, can be set for real-time saving),
Trigger output (open collector, 5V output, active low, at least 100 ms pulse
width), Trigger mode (single, continuous)
Thermocouple Inputs
(accuracy specified @23 ±5˚C, from 30 minutes after power on and after zero point adjustment, guaranteed for one year)
Screw-type terminal block (recommended minimum wire diameter 0.32 mm*2),
removable, supplied terminal block cover (all channel terminals are isolated from
Input Terminals/ each other and chassis), Input impedance: 1MΩ (850kΩ when open-circuit polling is
*2 Recommended wire: 0.14 to 1.5 mm2 single strand, or 0.14 to 1.0 mm2 twisted multi strand.
To connect smaller thermocouple wire, use the Model 9329 TERMINAL UNIT.
Setting range
100˚C f.s. : -100 to 100˚C*3 (0.01˚C resolution)
500˚C f.s. : -200 to 500˚C*3 (0.1˚C resolution)
2000˚C f.s. : -200 to 2000˚C*3 (0.5˚C resolution)
*3 Upper and lower limits depend on the
measurement input range of each sensor
K: -200 to 1350˚C, E: -200 to 1000˚C, J: -200 to 1200˚C, T: -200 to 400˚C,
Thermocouples N: -200 to 1300˚C, R: 400 to 1700˚C, S: 400 to 1700˚C, B: 400 to 1800˚C,
are JIS C 1602-1995 compliant
W (WRe5-26): 400 to 2000˚C
(except type W)
■ Use Model 9681 only with Models 8420-51/8421-51,
cable length: 3m, and if in combination with Models
8420-01/8421-01, the main unit must be installed with
firmware version 2.00.
■ Optional Accessories (sold separately)
8992 PRINTER UNIT Specifications (installs on HiLOGGERs)
Recording width: 100mm (10 divisions full scale), Model
Recording paper RECORDING PAPER (112 mm (4.41 in) × 18 m (59.06 ft) roll,
thermal paper )
Recording speed
Note: Types W, R and S can measure from 0˚C, but measurements in this range are not
guaranteed Standard. Reference contact: internally and externally switchable
Types K, E, J, T, N: ±0.05% f.s. ±1˚C
Types R, S, B, W: ±0.05% f.s. ±2˚C (applicable at 400˚C and above)
Standard reference contact accuracy: ±1˚C
(with internal compensation, add to measurement accuracy)
60 V DC (Upper limit voltage that does not cause damage when applied
between input channel and chassis, and between each input channels)
Common thermocouple application, detection current: 1 mA,
Input terminal,
detection current Input Resistance: 2 MΩ
100˚C f.s. : -100 to 100˚C*4 (0.01˚C resolution)
Setting range
*4 Upper and lower limits depend
on the measurement input range
of each sensor
60 V DC (maximum voltage between input terminals that does not cause
Max. allowable input damage)
Max. rated voltage
to earth
Logic Inputs
500˚C f.s. : -200 to 500˚C* (0.1˚C resolution)
2000˚C f.s. : -200 to 2000˚C*4 (0.5˚C resolution)
Pt100: -200 to 800˚C, JPt100: -200 to 500˚C, Connection:
temperature sensor 3-wire/4-wire (Pt100: JIS C 1604-1997, JPt100: JIS C 1604-1989)
Pt100, JPt100: ±0.05% f.s. ±0.5˚C
60 V DC (Upper limit voltage that does not cause damage when applied
between input channel and chassis, and between each input channels)
numerical quantity at selectable printing intervals)
■ Real-time printing (automatic printing during measurement, available
when waveform time axis is 5 s to 1 d, and numeric printing interval is at least 5 s)
■ Manual printing (while measuring, on/off selectable)
8993 DIGITAL I/O UNIT Specifications (installs on HiLOGGERs)
Platinum resistance temperature sensor inputs
(only in 8420-51/8421-51, accuracy specified @23 ±5˚C, from 30 minutes after power on and after zero point adjustment, guaranteed for one year)
Maximum 2 mm/s (using AC Adapter or battery pack)
■ Logging (prints numerical measurement values)
■ Hybrid (prints waveforms simultaneously with numerical values for each
■ Other functions include selectable printing between A/B
cursors, screen hard copy, list print, report print, list/gauge,
comment print
60 V DC (maximum voltage between input terminals that does not cause
Max. allowable input damage)
Max. rated voltage
to earth
■ Model 9653 can be used with Models 8420-51, 8421-51,
8420-01 or 8421-01.
Alarm outputs
■ Screw-type terminal block, 16 channels (common GND between all input
channels to instrument chassis, and between each input)■ Input signal condition:
No-voltage 'a' contact (normally open contact), open collector or voltage
input, ■ Detection level: HIGH = at least 2.5 V, LOW = 0 to 1.5 V,
■ Maximum input voltage: 50 V DC, ■ Input resistance: 1.1 MΩ
■ 16 isolated channels: from any of 32 analog input channels
and 4 pulse input channels, 16 digital input bits (= 1 channel) can
be output for any of 16 channels (all output channels isolated from the
chassis and from each other), ■ Output latch settings: latch/no latch,
■ alarm sound: enabled/disabled, ■ Max. rated voltage to earth:
60 V DC, ■ Output type: open collector (active low), ■ Maximum
switching capability: 5 to 60 V DC @10 mA*5
*5 Mechanical contact outputs are available by modification for users who want
to control sequencers using relays or photocouplers that require drive current
exceeding 10 mA. Please contact your distributor or HIOKI for details.
■ Output refresh: at each recording interval
■ Appearance/Dimension Illustration
RS-232C connector
(9-pin mini-DIN)
With printer attached
LAN connection terminal (10Base-T)
Pulse input terminals
With Digital I/O Unit attached
Type II PC Card slot
170 mm
(6.69 in)
170 mm
(6.69 in)
Terminal Cover
(5.7-inch color STN LCD)
170 mm
(6.69 in)
Waveform Monitor
302.5 mm (11.91 in)
310.5 mm (12.22 in)
52 mm
(2.05 in)
52 mm
(2.05 in)
Main unit
234 mm
(9.21 in)
Analog input section
9329 TERMINAL UNIT (option)
This photo shows the optional 9329 TERMINAL
UNIT installed. Remove the supplied terminal
block to install the optional unit. M3 screw
terminal input connections are available.
52 mm
(2.05 in)
(screw-on terminal block)
Screen contrast adjustment
External trigger I/O terminals
Options in Detail
Rear battery compartment
(for 9447 BATTERY PACK)
Note: Product names in this publication are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
Peripherals and
Cases and Stand
(includes space for
Includes storage for options,
simple water-resistant type with
rubber grommets for cables to
permit measuring while the case
is closed
Enables installation in standard
DIN rails, other features
include belt attachment, wall
hanging and slanted bench
9612 RS-232C CABLE
9-pin mini DIN to 9-pin Dsub, Straight-through cable with
crossover cable for PC, 1.5m crossover adapter, cable
(4.92 ft) length
length 5m (16.41 ft)
Use Model 9681 only with Models
8420-51/8421-51, cable length: 3m,
and if in combination with Models
8420-01/8421-01, the main unit must be
installed with firmware version 2.00.
(for pulse inputs) cable length
1.5m (4.92 ft)
With the PC
Data collection application
card adapter.
software required for LAN
connection on Windows 95/98/Me,
Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP
Alarm Output and
Logic Input
Note: The 8993 is
required for dual-battery
HiLOGGER operation.
Input type: No-voltage 'a' contact (normally open
contact), open collector, or voltage common with
16 channels/GND, Output type: 16 channels, open
collector isolated, used in combination with the
HiLOGGER instrument
9721 RS-232C CABLE
9-pin mini DIN to 9-pin Dsub,
straight-through cable for
modem, 1.5m (4.92 ft) length
9726 PC CARD 128M PC Card Precaution
(PCMCIA adapter, 128 MB) HIOKI-supplied
PC Cards are
9727 PC CARD 256M recommended.
(PCMCIA adapter, 256 MB) Operation with other
PC Cards cannot be
9728 PC CARD 512M guaranteed.
(PCMCIA adapter, 512 MB)
Power Supplies
By using the AC adapter provided with
the HiLOGGER, the 9447 BATTERY
Supplied Accessories:
9418-15 AC ADAPTER
(100 to 240 V AC, 2.5 A/12 V)
7.2 V, 2400 mAh
Charges one 9447, works in
combination with the 9418-15
AC ADAPTER attached to the
PACK can be charged without the 9643
CHARGE STAND. If the charging
stand, AC adapter, and battery pack are
purchased separately, standalone battery
charging is possible.
Note: Thermocouples are not
provided by HIOKI, and must
be purchased from a separate
(Prints 100 mm, 3.94" wide,
attaches to the HiLOGGER)
8420 -51 MEMORY HiLOGGER (8ch)
8421-51 MEMORY HiLOGGER (16ch)
8422-51 MEMORY HiLOGGER (32ch)
(Set of ten 18m, 59.06 ft
(70 to 220 mm, 2.76" to 8.66"
paper width, 100 V AC)
M3 (mm) screw terminals. The
recommended wire diameter for the
instrument's terminal block is 0.32
mm (0.0126 inch). Use this unit to
secure smaller-diameter wire.
Supplied Accessories: 9418 -15 AC ADAPTER ×1, Application Disk ×1 (Wave
Viewer Wv, Communication Commands Operating Manual), Flat-blade Screwdriver
(×1, for terminal block), Detailed Operating Manual ×1, Communication Function/
Waveform Viewer Operating Manual ×1, Quick Start Manual ×1
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