® Plus
Connector Inspection and Cleaning
Rugged dual video microscope for the field
The eye-safe ViewConn® Plus is a portable video
microscope for inspecting fiber optic connector
endface contamination. Its dual microscope
design is not only convenient, but also
significantly reduces inspection time. Patchcords
slip into the top mounted scope and with the flip
of a switch you can inspect in-adapter connectors
with the handheld probe. In seconds, both male
and female pairs can be inspected without
changing tips.
A built-in patchcord cleaner helps keep hands
free, and the USB output enables you to capture
and store images on your PC.
A variety of tips, both PC and APC, are available
for ViewConn. Standard, extended reach, 60°
angled and ribbon fiber (MPO) tips are also
available for the probe.
 Rugged case protects against equipment
damage in uncontrolled environments.
 Portable unit with a built-in display for ease
of use in the field.
 Inspect and clean with one device.
 Dual optical modules cut installation and
maintenance time by allowing you to inspect
both patchcords and bulkhead adapters with
the flip of a switch.
Field of View
~425µm x 320µm
0.5µm detectable
LCD Display
3.5” LCD-TFT, Pixel 960 x 240
Adjustable brightness
Adjustable contrast
Power Supply
4 AA rechargeable batteries or
6V DC adapter
Automatic power saving
Low power indicator
Electrical Ports
DC adapter plug-in port
USB2.0 image capture port
Lightel probe access port
2 Fiber Optic Connector Ports
Interchangeable tips for various types of
connector ferrules
170mm x 95mm x 30.4mm
Operating Temperature
0ºC to 50ºC
Storage Temperature
-20ºC to 70ºC
Cleaner Cassette
Attaches to ViewConn body
50 sheets per cassette
Wet or dry cleaning options
VC-6200-PL Package Includes
 ViewConn with CleanConn (CC-1)
 Tip for 2.5mm PC connectors
 Tips for PC-type SC, FC and LC inbulkhead connectors
 Tip for 1.25mm PC connectors
 Tip Box
 4x AA battery set
 AA battery charger
 6V DC power adapter
 Spare CC-1
 USB2.0 mini-B cable
 Ruggedized cover
 CI-1100 Probe
 Soft carrying case
 CD for USB video driver &
display/capture software
 Neck strap
Ordering Options
ViewConn Plus with US plugs
ViewConn Plus with EU plugs
ViewConn Plus with UK plugs
ViewConn Plus with Australian plugs
Add Pass/Fail analysis
and reporting with our
optional ConnectorView
Plus software.
Add optional VC6OPM or VC6-OPM-H
power meter
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